Rise of the Arcane Lord

Chapter 3: Arcane mage class

I love spring, as much as the peace that this place brings me, the peasants work the land with a smile on their faces while one can hear the children of the temple playing in the courtyard behind the oak tree near which I have settled to read a book on the history of the continent, a classic of several volumes that I read again every spring at this time of the year. It is in this environment that I was able to make peace with myself and my old life under the wise advice of lady Estelle, one of the novice priestesses of the temple with whom I get along wonderfully well.

Of course I did not reveal my secrets to anyone, I simply searched for a while what I would do with this new existence and why I was reincarnated. Of course, as with any vague question I didn get a complete answer but who cares. My life now has as a guideline the understanding of the mysteries of the universe including magic, while enjoying my loved ones and this new world.

”Hey, how long are you going to stay under this old tree Aldwin? Come play with us! Marvin thinks he can finally beat you at dodge ball. ”

”Hmpf, of course Im going to beat him, don you dare doubt my word Anthony! ”

”Hahaha, in the meantime its me, the great Elizabeth, who wins against all of you single handedly. ”

*tsk* Marvin ended up losing his false self-confidence in front of this harsh truth known to all

”Aye aye, here I come my dear rival, ready to give you your 42nd beating of the month ”

”its not even true! it will be just the 37th time, now come if you dare! ”

The rest was without surprise and I could gloriously declare my 38th victory against Marvin but also my umpteenth defeat against Elizabeth who was moving in all directions with extreme ease during the far too short game.

. . .

We all finally dozed off in the grass after our athletic feats until Lady Estelle called us for dinner. Before joining her and my friends, I took a look at my stats which were as follows:

[Aldwin, 8 years old, class: none, status: healthy, species:Human

Title: Child Genius (accelerated learning)

Blessing: MP Meditation (Fast restoration of MP, god of order and pattern)

HP: 85/85, MP: 0/0 no class

Strength: 7

Dexterity: 7

Constitution: 7

Intelligence: 19

Wisdom: 16

Charisma: 14

World Scholarship: B-

Natural scholarship: B-

Level 0 (0/0) no class

Exp: 120

Skill point: 0

Skill: Meditation (lvl.0), Common Language (lvl.8), Fireball (lvl.0), stealth (lvl.4), Channeling (off), Blinding light (lvl.0), ice spear (lvl.0) . . . ]

Not much has changed except for my base stats, my improved common language as well as my stealth, which I perfected by sneaking into the temples library in which i learned a lot about the known world and magic.

”You surely knew it already but 8 years have passed since the youngest of you were rescued from the temple of the god of shadows and it is therefore time to announce that a test to know more precisely your aptitude will take place very soon at the arrival of the class masters recognized by the order. Give the best of yourself because you will then begin your corresponding training to receive your class. You will then have the opportunity to join our ranks by passing a final test at the temple of the capital to join the royal academy all free of charge and then be affected at a position who will suit you the best. Of course remember that we won force anyone and that you will be able to stay in the temple until you are 15 years old. ”

(*sigh* ”time sure flies fast, i wonder what class i will get, if i look at my stats and skills it should be related to magic. As for Marvin and Anthony it should be a fighter/warrior related type and Elisabeth should get something based on dexterity. well see what happens soon enough anyway ”)

. . .

One week later, the night before the test.

”From what my research has brought, the god of order is not known to this world and the closest thing i found about him would be the concept of order associated with the concept of chaos, it is said that order has emerged from chaos and that the first two gods such as the nature and the magic gods where created from this same order. The god of nature gave existence to the god of life and death, the god of the elven (who created the elf species), the god of shadow and light (who ended up divided in two after acting too much in the mortal plane) and many more. As for the god of magic… well he stopped after his first creation, the god of dark magic and necromancy who greatly disappointed him because of his attempt to overthrow all the gods and take their divinity. ”

”The continent of Azure is more or less polytheistic except for the elven realm of the great southern forest which worships only the elven god and the nature god, as well as the great holy empire of kaldonia in the central plain who only worship the gods of light and magic. ”

”The Kingdom of Gordia of the east peninsula, which is where I reside, is known for its prevalence of the cult of magic but is tolerant toward the others. ”

( ”However one point still bothers me, why did I reincarnate in the past of the planet of origin of these fanatical murderers who destroyed my civilization? Their language and traditions have way too striking similarities. what happened in the meantime for this civilization to become so warlike? Anyway I won have an answer for the moment, its time to sleep for tomorrows test ”)

. . .

”In line everyone, follow the instructions of the man behind the magic orb and do not hang around ”

The noisy bunch of children where talking with each others until it was their time to be tested by placing their hand on the orb who slightly brightened at each passage. When it was my turn i was surprised to noticed that i had gained the inspect skill at the price of the orb who had to be replaced, I wiped the sweat from my brow when I noticed that no one was paying attention to the situation, we then all get to the place designated by the wizard-like old men and started our test.

it was quite simple to understand, read, memorize and explain as much data as possible from a given text in 20 minutes, run as fast as you can can for a given time, dodge ball (no need to say that Elisabeth was quite happy with this test), lift weight and some others test.

At the end of the day we were all tired and sweaty and got back to our room after meal to sleep as much as possible to be the first to see the results that would be announced the day after.

. . .

”Aldwin! Marvin! Anthony! Get up you bunch of sloth! the results are out for everyone ”

”Please let me sleep you demon! ” said Anthony in a pleading voice.

**sigh** Marvin and I sighed and shook knowingly our heads at the same time before pulling Anthony out of bed by force before Elisabeth does it herself with a bucket of cold water. We followed her down the stairs then joined the others outside the temple in front of the panel where our possible assigned classes were displayed.

I was surprised to see that Anthony got the paladin class requirement and even more when i saw the class of Elisabeth, magic blade master, a rare class where one usually wear light armor and fight with two short sword while improving its body capacity with magic.

Marvin got the swordsman class and as for me…

”I knew that you would become one of them! Always with a books on the face, but still, what is arcane exactly? ” said Elisabeth

I frowned at the class that was recommended to me. Arcane mage, a jack of all trades master of none class more oriented toward scholarship. Whatever, its hard to get a class without a mentor in this world so Ill take it anyways.

”Alright everyone, gather around the designated master of your attributed classes. Aldwin follow me please ” said the head priest before going back inside the temple.

While following him, i couldn restrain myself from using inspect (lvl.1) on the priest.

[Class: Light Priest, Status: Healthy

Strength: 13

Dexterity: 14

Constitution: 13

Intelligence: 24

Wisdom: 20

Charisma: 13]

It seem that the skill inspect (lvl.1) only show basic information for the moment but it will still be useful later on.

*tock* *tock* *tock*

”esteemed mage, I have brought the boy named Aldwin for you to begin his training. Good luck my child. Ill go back to my occupation. ”

”Get in and make yourself at home, oh, wait, its already your home. My name is Robert. So anyways can you tell me what you know about your class? other than its versatility of course. ”

( ”Straight to the topic, if i remember well enough, this class is tricky to use in the begging due to its lack of specialization but the most important information is that… ”)

”… It use magic directly from the order of the universe and is not dependent of the magic pool created by the magic god. ”

”Well, you
e half right, we do use a bit of the magic pool as a medium to use what we call the essence of magic from the order of the universe but we only achieve through this mean what others mages can do when they become legendary beings. taking magic at its foundation. Arcane mage only got the slight advantage of having an affinity with order but not with the magic pool itself. So it will be our first course!how to open your access to the magic pool! ”

And so begin my path toward applied basic magic.

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