Rosy library

Episode 2


( Revenge was the plan)


Losing your family in a day is the worst thing no one can ever imagine

hunting your brother without knowing that he is your brother

F*cking your brother without knowing

what will you do when you later find out that his family?

Killing your blood thinking he is the enemy

Meet Sandra Smith a 20 years old girl who vows to avenge her familys death at all costs, she is determined to eliminate her family killers only hair, without knowing that he is her lost brother

Meet Richard brooks, a 23 years college-best footballer, who gets anything he wants without saying it twice, his father is very rich and dangerous and people fear saying no to them.

Meet Lucas Michael, 23 years orphan who believes that his family is still alive, he vows to kill them all anytime he finally meets them because they abandon him to die

Meet Jason Smith, a 23 years old billionaire, who lives with his mother in Paris but decided to study in Canada, he has to move in with his mother in Canada, being a young billionaire made him proud, rude and arrogant


What happens when these three find themselves in the same college, without knowing that they are related, will they be friends or enemies?

What happens when they fall in love with the same person, without knowing that she is their baby sister







Are involved

Will they ever find out that they are family?

Why were they separated?

I thought they were dead how come they survive?

Who is behind all their problems?

You don wanna miss this mind-blowing story

Who is ready for it?

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