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Episode 5

Its complicated



the plan


”Richard, you bastard. Why did you hit him, ” Lucas yelled as he moved closer to Richard

” I just teach him some manners, and as for you… Lucas ” I would have given you your share but am just in a good mood today, next time you call me names. I Will remind you that I am still the king, ” he said as he walked towards Jason who was now standing

”I am the king here, no one dares me, ” he said and left

Surprisingly, none of the security was able to touch him, they all just stood and watched

”And what are you all looking at, instead of you stop him you just stand and watch… Is that what you are being paid for? ” Jason yelled

”Am Sorry sir, but we don want the brooks to trouble his….

”Get Lost, all of you ” Jason yelled

its recorded that anyone who touches, fights, insults or does anything that offends any members of the brooks, the person has less than a week to die, no one knows what happens to them, and the cops haven found any evidence against them

”Are you alright dude, ” Lucas asked with concern

”Yeah am good, lets get out of here, ” Jason replied

”Who the f*CK is that guy, ” Jason asked as they were already driving on the highway

”Ooh, him ” hes someone you shouldn bother about, ” Lucas replied calmly, he didn want Jason to become scared

”You think, am scared of him, ” Jason asked as if he reads his mind

”Not at all, I just…

”Never mind, lets forget him, is that your house? ” Jason asked, pointing at a house nearby

”Yeah, ” you can stop here, Lucas replied as Jason stopped and he stepped out of the car and went inside, then Jason reversed and headed home




Its already Sunday morning, Jason has been making preparations for his new school, and his mother insists that he goes to college for just Three weeks

”Whats the need of going to college if its just for three weeks ” he always thought

”His mother wouldn say why she wanted it that way, but he agreed after all…


Sandra and Steve have been drawing plans on how to bring down Richard

They use the whole day thinking of a perfect plan, and after so many trials they finally come up with an ideal



Richard could be seen giving instructions to the new Maids when his father called him

”Young master, master seeks for your presence, ” one of the old maids said as she bowled before him

”Where is him, ” He asked as he walked out signifying his assistant to take over

”At his study…

”Tell him I will be there, you can live and you, ” he said pointing at one of the new Maids, clean my room before I get there he said and left, going in to meet his father… getting to the study he saw his father working on his laptop

”You called me father, ” Richard asked

”Take a seat…..

”I heard that the richest man in Japan is here with his daughter, according to a report, he came back today and we still have enough time, ” His father said looking up to him

I also heard that the youngest billionaire in Paris is also here, its all in our favor, I arranged a meeting with him but with the things I have at hand I can make it there, so I want you to go in my place, ”His father said

”Is that all, what about the man from Japan? Did you also have an appointment with him, ” He asked trying to know his fathers reaction but his face seemed motionless

”Ooh, that! Not at all, I have plans for him. I want us to become partners, but I want to go for the younger ones first before him, ” Mr. Brooks said

”When is the meeting scheduled…

”At 5 in the evening which means 20 minutes from now, ” Mr brooks replied

”What about the location and details, ” Richard asked getting pissed off by his dad

”Just call Julia she will give you all the information you need, and don think of doing anything funny there, you can live, ” Mr brooks said as Richard left without saying another word


”Julia where the f*ck is the guy am supposed to meet, ” Richard asked as he walked towards his secretary

”He on his way here sir, ” Julia replied

”Bring him to me when he finally comes here, and tell that waiter to get me a drink, ” Richard said rudely

”On it sir, ” his secretary replied and left

Within some minutes she came back with the drinks and poured out a little for him in a cup, then handed it over to him, he collected it without sparing her a glance


A car pulled over in front of the restaurant and a lady stepped out from it, she looked around before walking inside, Julia rushed to her and ushered her in

”This way my lady, ” Julia said

They walked a few steps before getting to where Richard was, he looked up a little to see a lady standing in front of him, he wondered if his dad mistook a lady as a man, ” he thought

”Am sorry for coming too late Mr. Richard, something came up, my apologies, ” she said

”And you are, ” Richard asked waiting for her response

”Lucy, Mr. Jasons secretary, so where do we start, ” she asked with a smile as Richard chuckled a little

”Is this a kind of joke or what? ” Richard asked looking from Julia to Lucy

”Am here to see Jason not some secretary, have you lost it, Julia, how dare you to bring me before a secretary and even asked me to wait? ” Richard asked looking at Julia

”But sir…

”Oh save it, you want to embarrass me in front of her, have you lost it, Julia, ” He asked as he glares hard at Julia, if only stares can kill, Julia would have been dead


”Have you suddenly lost your tongue that you can speak, ” he added

”Mr. Richard, can you hear me out first, let me explain why my boss didn make it here…..

”Hold it right there, am still talking to my secretary, not you, the next time you call me by my name again am going to show you what I do to secretaries especially those like you since you don know your place….. Did you think I am here for jokes

”But Mr. Richard… I mean sir…

”How dare you, ” Richard asked as he grabbed her hand and pinned her to the wall

”Sir you are hurting me ” Lucy screamed

”Thats for disobeying me, I just need to teach you some manners, ” Richard said with so much anger as he grabbed her neck choking her

She struggles to break free from his grip but he was too strong for her

”Oh no, He gonna kill her, somebody help…….


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