| Genesis |

| Volume 1 |

Ch. 9 Saiyan


”Gh-ghh-gh ” I hear

”Nghk* ” I sit up to some chick bobbing her head on my crotch

”Mgh* ” I groan

”Man, I drank this much again, huh? ” I sigh

”Hmm? ” She looks up at me

”Uh nothing hehe* ” I giggle

Its been over thousand years since I came down to Gaia

I decided it was about time I rested so I thought itd be a good idea to relax and drink for once

At least she wasn ugly

I mean not that I got anything against that

”Fuckk* ” I groan pushing down on her head

”Ghkk* ” she chokes

”Ahha ” she gasps before I shove myself down her throat

”Gah* f-** yes ” I huff finally busting a fat one

Her eyes get teary as she slaps my thigh desperately trying to get some air

”Mgh* ” I grunt finally letting her breath

”Gah-haa ” she gasps as she rolls aside

”Ah god ” I huff

I sit up to Beast still snoring on my lap in his dog form

”Cmon wake up lazy bum ” I pat his tummy

”Mmm ” he groans

”Oh shut up ” I say

From the 1000 years Ive been here Ive only ran into 48 of his half breed children. Only 14 of those became gods and every single one of them was rotten to the core so I think I should be able to pull this off on him

”Alright cmon boy ” I tap my thigh after getting ready

”Mgh ” he whines before joining me at the door

We make our way up the mountain after crossing the entire kingdom in search for the strange burst of magic power

”Man look at that thing ” we look up at Andromeda, named after the galaxy. It was basically the moons moon and it was visible from Gaia for the first time in 2000 years

It was pretty small the size of a more natural moon with a radius of 1000 miles and it looked beautiful standing between us and the moon

”Hehe* ” I giggle ”Awesome, don you think? ” ” I ask Beast

”Mmgh* ” he whines

”Oh stop your whining, Beast. I already told you I know I felt an a sudden burst of essence around here ” I tell him

Essence is basically magic power mixed with Ki, chakra and even more unheard of life forces

Its the combination of all life energy in existence and the only ones capable of producing it are the original four founding Titans, their female counterparts like my mother Isis her brother Aether, father and his sister Asura and four other siblings of theirs that Ive never met

”Arrmff ” he yawns

”S-stop it ” I hear

I look over to a kid about 5 years old Id say he had the same spiked hair as my father so Im assuming hes another child of his

And judging by the amount of essence in him hes immortal without a doubt

”Nghk* ” I step back

He had a tail ?

It was monkey like one just like fathers and Chaos had

That means he has enough S-cells to be a full fledged saiyan in itself

I just had enough s-cells to be able to turn rosé

Damn this can get ugly ”get back Beast ” I whisper

Its the first of his half human bread offspring that is a full fledged saiyan like father they have enough of those special S-Cells that grants them abnormal fighting abilities its truly amazing

Only the ones with enough of those cells are granted a tail and are born with the special Zenkai boost

This Zenkai boost multiplies their power every time they recover from the brink of death

Its so rare not even I was born with such power

”G-get away ” he says as the sinister purple colored aura spewed from his body

It was identical to fathers

I watch as his essence slowly formed a second tail apart from his original monkey like one and I could feel his power rising after a third popped up

”Please g-get away m-mister ” he falls to his knees with his face buried in his hands

His forehead was bleeding uncontrollably from how hard he was digging his claws into them

”N-no b-be quiet ” he cries ”I-I won ” he growls

I watch as he fights what Id think is my fathers will

I remember way back when the same thing happened to… Acnologia

The same thing happened to my son before disappeared

As the boy struggled the clouds began swirling above us completely blocking out the sun for miles

I could hear all the towns people below gasp and shout in confusion as all light was drowned out leaving us all in complete darkness

The boy had finally lost his sanity

There isn a single being that could beat my fathers will

The poor thing had it coming

I slowly try making my way to the kid as the 10th tail appeared

”Grrrr ” he growls

I watch carefully as his monkey tail began growing as his skin began turning into scales

He was turning into a dragon somehow

It was like all the tails that had grown before were being gathered into his original monkey like one and all that power was forcing his little body to transform into a body capable of withstanding such demonic essence

”Nghk* ” I felt a sudden burst of pure fear hate and resentment when our eyes met


Is this… father?

Hes the only one that had been capable of releasing such hateful presence

But he couldn be father if he were Im sure hed only be a year old at the most

I could hear his limbs snapping like twigs as he was forced to take on this transformation

When finally he began growing and growing taking the form of a dragon with every second as his essence killed all the plants and animals within a 10 mile radius

I could hear the townspeople shouting and crying in terror as some of them dropped dead and the ground began shaking beneath

”Beast, get the hell outta here ” I say

”Mmm? ” He looks up at me

”NOW !! ” I growl as the dragon reached its full size

He whines before turning back into a griffin and flying off

”GRRRAHHHH ” the dragon shoots a beam into the sky

”Nghk* ” I grit my teeth

The thing, is easily a thousand meters tall

”Alright then kid ” I chuckle

”Lets see what you got ”

I get into a defensive stance

”Hehe* ” I giggle a bit nervously as I realize there really is only one person this could be…

”GRRR ” it growls, slashing its claws at me

I jump into the air before Id got hit

It had such destructive force it blew the entire half of the mountain to bits

I look back worried for the towns people but I see Beast blowing away the huge chunks of rocks with his fire breath

Hes completely berserk

He was somehow born with the same exact strength and essence as his past life but since his little body can control so much power at once he finally snapped and it transformed into a fitting size

If he shoots a blast like that onto the planet itll be history

”Damn it !! ” I clench my fist

I was just strong enough to beat him before

What the ** do I do now??

I jump from side to side just barely evading his attacks by a hair

Im surprised he even sees me

I take a deep breath

Super fire god dragon ”ROARRRR !!! ” I launch my biggest attack on him

He opens his mouth

”GGRAHHH ” he roars sending an attack of his own right back

I continue growing my attack till it finally matched his making it so that they completely canceled each other out so that it wouldn harm the planet

”Fuck ” I brace myself after realizing he launched himself right through the blast at me

His enormous fist smashes onto my body

It felt like every single bone in my body popped before I was sent flying across the sky thousands of miles from the town

”Ngghh* ” I open my arms trying to stop myself in mid air

But when I finally managed he was gone

I look up just barely managing to cover my face as his tail smashes me into the ground in a mere second

”FUCKKK ” I lay in the massive crater the size of Andromeda, which I had the nicest view of from here actually..

I slowly get to my feet as the dragon scratches itself

I close my eyes taking a second to gather enough energy

”Alright ” I open my eyes finally reaching Super Saiyan Rosé

”GRRRR… ROAARRRR ” it roars as I slice through the air finally landing an attack of my own

It stumbles back a bit before shaking it off

”Fuck not Rose ” I mutter to myself

Hes so massive my attacks barely stun him

I circle around his fist running up his arm as he tried swatting me away

”At least Im faster now ” I talk to myself

If only he gave me a few seconds I could turn into a dragon myself

”Hehe* ” I giggle to myself ”Got it ”

”I, Inu, Tori, Saru, Hitsuji ” I mutter as I watch his fist coming at me

”Come forth Dragon God Shenron ” I shout slamming my hand on his fist

There was a massive flash of lightning striking the dragon directly, managing to stun him once more

”Whatt is thiss?! ” Shenron demands

”Ill explain later ” I jump back as Shenron wrapped himself around his arms and legs

”Finally ” I huff

I look up as Shenron gets thrown aside

”Fuck man ” I jump back doing my best to evade his attacks as Shenron tried restraining him down with his snake like body but he still came at me as if Shenron wasn even there

He made sure not to give me a second to even catch my breath

”IGNIA !! ” Shenron roars

I stumble back as Rose finally wore off

”M-man ” I take a deep breath

And just as his fist reached me my body reacts launching me into the air

Its ridiculous that I have to go as far as ultra instinct

But I know even this won be enough

”GRAHHHHH! ” I hear behind me before a massive sun like sphere half the size of Andromeda slams into the dragon

I look up

”Igneel ” I smile

He was in his dragon form

That kid

”The hell are you doing here, kid?! ” I shout over the explosion

”Don you think we should talk later? ” he asks ”just focus on your transformation! ”

”Hehe ” I giggle jumping further back as Igneel kept feeding his attack

If we want to beat him it has to be before he figures out how to go Rosé in this dragon form of his

I know I can probably take him on in ultra instinct but if he figures out how to mix super saiyan into this form we
e all done

”FUCK MAN! ” I shout angrily as I gather energy

hes hasn even tapped into super saiyan himself and here I am ”At ” I grunt ”FULL POWER ” I roar

The aurora around me changes into a sinister purple almost identical to fathers

”Now ” I open my eyes as Shenron and Igneel began coordinating attacks

”GRAHHHH! ” I roar as my body gets covered in scales

”AAHHHHHH! ” I shout as wings shot right out my back

”AHHHH! ” I continue

The entire planet began shaking as I tapped into my Divine Dragon form

”ITS OVER, YOU HEAR ME KARA?!! ” I roar finally reaching my monstrous state

”GRROAAARRR! ” he roars, shooting a massive beam from his mouth

My body reacts instantly getting right behind the Dragon that was still twice my size

It turns around just as I set a hand on his chest

”Begone now ” I smile before shooting a beam of my own straight through his chest

It didn have a second to even react it just gave me a menacing glare as its body flew back

”Y-you idiot ” Igneel grunts beside me in his human form

He was missing his arm, but itll grow back later

”What? ” I ask as I turn back into my human state

”Nghk* ” I look up

The whole moon had massive hole in the middle

The attack was so strong and had such speed it disintegrated its entire core and didn give it a chance to even explode

And then there was andromeda.. poor andromeda was obliterated

”A-Aw man ” I sigh

We watch as the dragon slowly turns back into the child it was before

We both descend meeting Shenron at the bottom

”So this is him, huh ” Shenron asks

”Yeah ” I sigh ”this is…father ” I crouch down beside the kid with a hole in his chest

”Hes still alive ? ” Igneel asks

I nod

”Hell probably make it too ” I say

”Then wouldn it be wise to finish him off right now? ” Shenron asks

”Maybe… ” I say ”but hell be back in a five hundred years ”

”I thought you defeated him a thousand years ago ” Igneel says

”I did ” I get back up

”Then why is he already over 2500 years old? ” Shenron asks

I was as clueless as they were ”maybe its the age hes reincarnated as ” I say

”Hmm* ” Shenron thinks ”it could be ” he says

”So, what are you planning on doing? ” I hear a familiar voice


”So youve been down here all along, huh ” I smile

”Hello darling ” She waves sarcastically

”You forget I am still human, my love ” she stands before me

She achieved immortality after messing with some dragon slayer magic that cursed her forever

It cursed her into a dragon which I later managed to turn her back

Then one thing led to the other and we made Igneel his sister Selene and their youngest brother Acnologia

”I thought I told you to wait back there ma ” Igneel sighs

”Im just curious, don be mad, baby ” she tries to intimidating me with those eyes of her

”Whatever ma ” Igneel grumbles

”So does that mean you are planning on letting him heal? ” Shenron asks

”Well if I strip him of his essence right now itll kill him ” I say ”so yeah, we have to wait for him to heal ” I say

”Does that mean I am no longer needed? ” Shenron asks

”For now ” I say ”just take us back to this kids house ”

”Hmm* ” Shenron thinks ”very well ” he says before he transports the four of us back to the mountain just over the town where we first fought

”I have restored the mountain and his little home ” he says ”Bye now ” he adds before finally vanishing

-to be continued

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