| Genesis |

Volume 1

Ch. 2 Tsukuyomi



After I finished showering I find Isis curled up in the middle of the bed

The beds legs were broken

The bed itself absorbed my semen and her blood like a sponge

So much of it that it was oozing from the sides and it was ready to explode

The floor was cracked and the pillars that held the room up looked like they were ready to fall apart any second now

It was unfortunate

The bed is capable of withstanding even a supernova

I figured itd be fine

Guess I got carried away

After taking a single step the roof finally collapsed

Without having to bat an eye I revert everything back to its original form

Everything was clean and spotless except Isis

I let her drenched in blood piss and semen like the pitiful creature she is

I step over to the bedside

I lay down beside Isis before I sit up at the bed frame

She was still trembling

From the looks of it, even I was too much for her healing abilities to handle

I pat my lap

After a few seconds she crawls up to me like an obedient dog

”What is it? ” I ask as she wraps her arms around my waist

”N-nothing ” her voice trembles ”it just hurts ” she sniffs

Her body was still healing

A lot slower than it normally does but she should be back to her normal self in a couple of minutes

”Everything hurts ” she tears up

”Tch* ” I smack my lips

”Why are you like that? ” She asks

”Like what? ” I ask

”Don you think you might find interest in things that don include taking someones life o-or hurting someone? ” She asks

I don answer

”Try holding Coeus.. or take Odin out on a walk ” she says

”Ignia already took Odin out on a walk and Coeus.. well I don feel like touching such a pitiful creature that can even defend itself ” I sit up

”He is a child, your child ” she says ”love him just like you loved.. ” before she could finish I grab her throat with my tail and I pull her over the edge of the bed

”Kgk* ” she chokes

”Say it ” my eyes widen ”finish what you got to say, so that I can kill you ” I loosen my grip on her throat so that she could speak for herself

”Agk* ” she gasps

”Y-you won kill me ” she manages ”you always say that but you never do ” she says

”Im ended your life more times than I can count, are you stupid? ” I ask

”No.. you know what I mean… ” she croaks


She knows…

”Yes, youve may have murdered me more times than even I can count ” her eyes tear up in ”but you still refuse to actually kill me ”

e right… Now why do you think that is? ” I ask

”W-well if you ask me.. you
e a coward ” she says

”Is that what you think? ” I ask

”Your biggest fear is being alone for an eternity ” she adds

”Fear? You really think so? ” I ask

”I-I know s-so ” she chokes

”I am the very essence of evil, I can not experience fear, ” I give her an evil smirk

”But you my dear, ” I raise her chin

”Wh-what? ” She asks

e special aren you? ” I wrap my arms around her waist

”L-let go ” she mutters

”No, ” my nose grazed hers as she shook her head from side to side refusing to look me in the eye ”look at me ”

”I-I can ” she whimpers

”Isisss ” I hiss in her ear, carefully slipping memories into her head through the sound of my voice ”everythings going to be alright ” I whisper

She slowly began opening her eyes

And she finally made the fatal mistake of looking me in the eye

Her eyes widen before she is trapped in my Tsukuyomi, a genjutsu I created to cause an eternity of torment in only a fraction of a second

How long is an eternity?

I do not know

But its enough to make a God of the highest caliber like herself drop dead

”Agk-ah* ” her eyes roll back

I let go of her throat letting her dead corpse fall onto the ground

After putting on my Gi I was ready to head out

But there was a sudden little whimper

I turn around surprised to see her pulling herself up

”S-See? Y-you
e weak ” she huffs

”Hey, since when can you do that? ” I ask

Ive ended her life with that simple genjutsu so many times, so to see her still breathing was not what Id expect from a weakling like her

The stress from the countless years of torment would make a mere mortal grow old in an instant before their heart gives out and their physical bodies age to the point where they
e turned to dust

Hold on..

That just gave me a wonderful idea

”What is it? ” Isis asks after seeing the evil smile on my face

”Im gonna give Ignia a little visit ” I smile

”Wh-what? w-wait please don - ” before she could finish I use KaiKai to take myself out of there

In in instant I was standing before Ignia

He was on his knees healing some nasty creature

I raise my foot

Before he reacts to my presence I stomp the creatures head into the ground

Only he continued to hold it as if it still were alive

After smearing its brains into the dirt I take a step back to see what hed do

But he didn do a thing

After a few seconds the creatures head began growing back

It was Ignias doing

That soft brat

After the creatures head was fully formed again it only took a couple of seconds before it sprung back to life

It was an anteater

Don know why he let it evolve into such a pitiful creature

”I transferred his consciousness into his nervous system ” he says

”Yeah, I figured ” I say in disgust

”What is it you want? ” He asks as he carries the creature to the little pond behind him

”Fight me ” I say

”No ” he says without a second thought

”Why not? ” I ask

”Im not a battle hungry dog like yourself ” he says

”Tell you what ” I hold my hand out ”Fight me and Ill give you the title of Omni King ” I say ”you don even have to win, the title is all yours ” I smile

”That title means nothing to me ” he says ”a fight between us will surely destroy reality as we know it ” he says

”Do you not want to see what its like? Go all out. Test the limits of your body? ”

He doesn answer

”Well I do, Ive waited long enough to test the limits of this body of mine, now fight me Ignia ”

”Why is it you keep asking ? ” He asks

”I want to hear you say it ”

”The countless lives that will be lost because of your selfish desire ” he says ”is why I can not fight you ”

I set a hand on my face trying to hide my excitement

”To bad for you I can not wait any longer, Ignia ” I smile widely ”I will do what has to be done to hear you say it ”

The ground began trembling ”Ill give you ten seconds ” I say

”What is it you are going to do? ” He asks

”One ”

He doesn say a word

”Two ” I close my eyes


I can wait any longer

Without a warning the ground explodes and I create a mountain that grew over 10 thousand miles into the sky

”You will fight me ” I open my arms ”whether you want to or not ”

I open my eyes

I cast the rinne-sharingan eye onto the moon creating the ultimate genjutsu

The infinite Tsukuyomi

In less than a second the genjutsu traps every creature on this side of the planet inside my illusion

I feel Ignias presence right behind me

”What is the meaning of th- ” he stops

Every creature that was exposed to my Tsukuyomi drops dead in an instant after suffering an eternity in the same hell I trapped Isis inside of earlier

”You son of a- ” his eyes widen

I let an evil grin stretch across my face ”fight me ” I say once more

”Kgh* ” he grits his teeth

He takes a deep breath…

This is it..

Ive waited far too long for this moment

”F-fin- ” before he could finish I found myself already on the offensive

I was right above him

I pull my arm back and he does the same

”DIEEEE!!!! ” I roar

The mountain I had grown from my feet is obliterated creating a crater about 50 thousand miles in radius and 20 thousand miles in depth the moment our fists met

After losing his footing Ignia extends his arms just barely managing to keep himself from slamming onto the ground and taking the planet out with him

He takes a few steps back as I land right in front of him

”W-we can keep going ” he says

”Stop being so soft and fight me! ” I growl

”Many lives have already been lost, quite being so selfish! ” He growls

”Selfish you say? ” Me? ”SELFISH?! ” I ask ”HAHAHAHA* ” I laugh ”I ALLOWED THOSE PATHETIC MAGGOTS TO ROAM FREELY FOR LONG ENOUGH ” I pull my arms into my side ”NOW IT IS TIME I SHOW THE HEAVENS THE WRATH OF A TRUE GOD ” I roar with such might that the earths atmosphere gets blown away

My aura grows and grows larger and larger until it finally engulfs the entirety of the planet

The heat was so immense that the oceans evaporated and the rocky surface melted turning the very planet itself into a endless ocean of magma in an instant

Only I could tell Ignia warped us into a separate dimension where I sensed only 12 universes none of which had a drop of life for me to destroy

”Fine, ” he finally opens his eyes revealing that rinnegan of his ”LETS FIGHT! ” He roars

His aura almost outshines my own in the instant he tapped into his Super Saiyan Rosé

He launches at me

We exchange blows for a couple of seconds before he managed to get the drop on me

I was barely able to keep up

I could have never of guessed hed ever reach this level of speed

His fist slammed into my jaw with such force that the shockwave completely annihilates the entirety of the twelve cosmos leaving us in an empty void of nothingness

I could feel my brain get rocked back and forth as my body crashes through the fabric of time and space over and over again till I broke into another realm

”AGH! ” I gasp after my body finally came to a halt onto a planet the size of the sun from back home

”HAHAHA FUCK, ” I gasp

”A-Ah-Ahhaha ” I grunt as the pain overwhelms me with pleasure and I nut inside my pants

”Haha, I just bust a fat one ” I chuckle as I force myself back to my feet

My mind was flooded with ecstasy

Getting hit so hard really threw me over the edge

I dig my claws into my forehead

”HAHAHAHA* GOD, I NEED MORE ” I slash my face ”MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE ” I slash my face over and over and over and over, again and again and again

I couldn help myself

I couldn stop

It felt so damn good I just couldn stop



-couple of minutes prior-

Damn it..

Hes actually gonna do it..

I hurry to the door putting my robe on as I did

”CRONUS! ” I shout hoping hed hear me as I hurry to his room

”CRONUS! ” I shout banging on his door as I did

After a few seconds he finally answers ”what is it?! ” He growls

”C-Cronus, Ignia a-a-and your father ” I say as I take my Potara earrings off ”h-hurry before its late- ”

”M-mom? Wait, whatd you say? ” He asks

”Just hurry it up! ” I shout

”Whats going on, mother? You aren making any sense ” I hear Oceanus behind me ”Oceanus?! ” I jerk my body around ”you have to make sure everyones ready ”

”Wh-what? ” He asks

”L-look please slow down we can understand you ” he crouches down to meet my gaze

”Dad and Ignia, what? ” Cronus asks

”Wait.. you don mean.. ” Oceanus asks

I look up at Oceanus

”R-right ” he says under his breath

”Cmon ” Cronus says before taking us to the very edge of Othrys in an instant

”Guess its time then, huh ” Cronus stretches

”Kara isn one to be taken lightly! ” I put my foot down making sure he knows

”This isn the time, Cronus ” Oceanus says

”What? Ive been waiting ages for this moment ” he pops his knuckles

”Cronus! ” I shout ”just take these ” I set my potara earrings in his hand

”W-wait you want us to fuse? ” He asks

”Weve already gone over this ” Oceanus says ”going all out is our best shot, make sure Ignia doesn die ”

”Yeah, yeah ” Cronus puts one earring on one ear

”Hey! Look at me! ” Oceanus growls ”if it comes down to it, Ignia better be the one face I see showing up at our doorstep, you hear? you better guard him with your life! ”

”YEAH, I KNOW! ” Cronus growls

”You guys! ” I shout

”Go, ” Oceanus says

”Cronus ” I raise my arms asking him to crouch down for me

”What? ” He asks as he crouches down ”be careful.. ” I set my forehead onto his ”I can lose another one.. okay? ” I whisper

”R-right ” he says under his breath

”Take care of yourself, and your brother, make sure you both come back to me ” I kiss his forehead

”Ofcou- ” he gets going before he could finish what he was saying

”Oh God, please protect my babies, papa ” I drop on my knees

Everythings happening so fast

I never trethought this day would actually come

”Its going to be fine ” I feel Oceanus hand on my back ”even if Gaia and the Cosmos are eradicated as long as Ignia is around we can always start over ” he says

He was right

Besides Kara, Ignia is the only one that can recreate life from nothing

If everything is erased during this battle then we still have hope for the future, so long as he is around..

-to be continued

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