| Genesis |

| Volume 1 |

Ch. 4 King


After the coronation the festival lasted a full week the entire kingdom partied day and night without rest

Not once have I ever seen the kingdom this full of life


”Nghk* ” I sit up

”Good morning my lord ” I hear Shira my brother Cronoss eldest daughter

”Shira? baby, what you doing here? ” I ask nervously

”Aw don act like you don remember a thing, Uncle ” I hear Utsuku the middle child Aphrodite had with Oceanus

”Nghk* I uhh… ” I try remembering but I guess I was wasted last night

I sigh ”wheres your mother at? ” I ask nervously

”Err* she scratches her head ”w-well actually ” she says before someone sits up on my lap

”Hello brother, ” Aphrodite smiles slowly moving her hips on my crotch

”Nghk* y-you too? ” I lay back as she forced my meat inside herself

”Mmh* oh shut up big bro ” she whines painfully

”damn whats with you females ” I groan ”whos idea even was this ” I say painfully as Aphrodites pussy strangles my cock

”Hehe* well you seee ” I hear Tora

I look up

”Hehe* ” Tora giggles ”helloo, ” she smiles widely

”Well that explains it ” I say as I move Aphrodites hips back and forth

”We had like the best family orgy you could ever ask for ” she says happily

”That doesn sound too great, Tora ” I say awkwardly

”You know you
e already supposed to be up ” she raises a finger ”Cronos and Oceanus been waiting for you ” Tora says

”Nghk* ” I sit back up ”damn it your not serious ” I look around for my shirt

”Mmh* Dang it, whyd you tell him, Tora?! ” Aphrodite wraps her arms around me ”I wanted to have him for a bit longer ” she puffs her cheeks

”Ignia whats taking so long ” the door opens

”Hello mamaaa ” Aphrodite waves

”Sorry Im on my way ” I say getting to my feet

”Whoa ” Aphrodite wraps her legs tightly around my waist

”Nghk* lemme just deal with this one ” I say before I start pound Aphrodites tiny ass

”Ah-ha-ha-haa ” she moans

”Ah* ” she gasps ”ouchy Ignia ” she moans painfully trying to move my hands from her ass

”Nghk* ” I grunt as I slowly lean forward

”Mmh* ” she falls back almost hitting her head on the floor

”A-almost ” I stand up right letting go of her waist

”Whaa* ” she falls onto the floor before I blow my fat load all over her naked body

”Mmh* ” she moans as some of it lands in her mouth

”Gosh, its so much ” she licks her fingers

”Alright now, cmon girls ” mom points at the door as I sit down on the edge of the bed

”Yeah yeah, ” Aphrodite says still bathed in my semen ”hmph* cmon Utsu ” she says after getting into her robe

”Bye Ignia, ” Shira blows me a kiss before following Tora

”Heh* bye ” I say as the door closes behind her

”You know you got a knack for always walking in at the wrong time ” I sigh as she hands me my clothes

”Oh hush Im still queen so technically I should be staying in here with you ” she says as I stand up beside her

”Oh you shut up ” I say playfully

”You know your going to catch a disease if you keep it up with all these girls ” she says as she helps buttoning up my shirt while I pull up my pants

”Oh shut up mama, you know immortals can get no disease ” I say

”Heh* ” she smiles ”yeah I know but it wouldn hurt to be careful you know ” she says

”Heh* yeah I guess ” I return the little smile ”Umm* Listen ma ” I set my hands on her waist

”Mgh* ” she blushes ”wh-what is it? ” she asks

”Are you pregnant? ” I ask

”Oh ” she sighs ”y-yeah ” she says shamefully

”Really?! Since when? ” I ask

”W-well it was conceived not long after Coeus was born ” she says

”So 4 months ago? ” I ask

She nods

”Is it dads? ” I ask

She nods shamefully ”its why Ive decided to halt its growth and just hold on to it ” she sets a hand on her belly

”But why ma? ” I ask

”its pure evil ” she sniffs ”I can give birth to something like this, we just got rid of your father I can let something like him back into this world ”

”B-but storing a child inside you for too long will eventually kill even you mama. You can risk that ” I say

”So?! Ill die along with it ” she clenches her fist

”No, you can ” I say as she steps away from me

”You don understand th-this feeling Ignia i-its just too much ” she cries ”if I let it into this world who knows what it might bring ” she says

”I do understand ma, you know I do ” I grab her shoulders ”what do you think I felt when Acnologia was born huh? ” I ask ”he was born with so much hatred we thought he might end up killing Irene before he was even 10 ” I say

”Thats exactly what I feel ” she says ”I can even tell if its a boy or a girl because its little body is boiling with so much hate ” she says

”I… ” I didn know what to say but I know there has to be a way to maybe extract all that negative energy from her baby ”look mom well find a way ” I raise her chin

She sighs ”I know you will ” she gives me a weak little smile

No matter what it takes Ill save mother from this burden

She closes her eyes as I press my lips against her forehead ”alright mama, I have to go now, okay? ” I say

She nods ”bye now, my son ” she smiles as I head out

I made my way up to the throne room where I was supposed to meet up with Cronus and Oceanus the oldest and strongest of my brothers

”Hello, brother ” I hear Oceanus greet me as the doors closed behind me

”Oceanus ” I nod ”I see you have healed rather quickly ” I say ”can say the same for you though Cronus my dear brother ” I chuckle

The three of us fought real hard against father Oceanus joined the fight after seeing us struggling against dad

But after Oceanus got taken down Cronus and I were forced to fuse using the fusion technique I learned down on Gaia

”Tch* ” he looks away ”you
e one to talk ” he says under his breath

”Please take your seat so we may begin Ignia ” Oceanus says

I smile widely ”Yeah yeah ” I say putting my hands behind my head as I walk over to the throne

”To start things off everything will remain the same only now that fathers gone Oceanus will be in charge of the Beta section of Othrys and I of the Alpha section ” I say

”What?! You
e dropping me to Delta?! ” Kronos angrily gets to his feet ”you can do that ” he grabs my shirt

”I am king I can do as I please ” I say keeping a straight tone

”Im stronger than him, ” he points at Oceanus ”and I am second born, so I should get Beta ” Cronus clenches his fist

”Though that may be true you aren nearly as level headed as our younger brother ” I say

”Nghk* you little ” he says under his breath

”Besides that, you are no different than father ” I say ”we can risk letting you in charge of the Beta division ” I add

”Is that what you think? ” He asks ”than maybe I should kill you right now ” he says

”Enough ” Oceanus steps up ”Ignia you shouldn have said that, ” he says ”and Cronus you should be threatening, your king like that ” he adds

”Shut up!! ” Kronos growls

I raise my hand catching his fist completely canceling out his punch before it did damage to anything around us

”That was a cheap shot I thought I taught you better Cronus ” I say shamefully

”Nghk* ” he grits his teeth

”Whatever, ” he backs up

”So are the two of you done? ” Oceanus asks

”Yeah ” Cronus says angrily slamming the door behind himself

Oceanus sighs ”well that didn last very long ”

”Its fine ” I say ”let him be ” he was probably angry of how helpless he felt during the battle with father

After the fusion wore out he couldn keep going thats when I tapped into divine providence

But I wonder, if there is a way to extract that negative energy from mothers child than I might be able to extract it from father as well

”Ignia? ” I hear Oceanus

”S-sorry ” I stand up

”Is there something on your mind? ” He asks

”Well ” I think ”mother… shes pregnant ”

”Y-you already got mother pregnant? ” He asks

”Nghk* n-no you idiot ” I grit my teeth ”its fathers ” I say

”Oh… ” he says awkwardly ”you sure? ” He asks ”I haven sensed anything inside her ” he says

I sigh ”yeah I didn sense the baby at first either ” I say ”but its there and it could be as full of hate as my son ” I say shamefully

”Nghk* As much as Acnologia? ” He asks

I nod ”if not more ” I say

”Then what will you do, Ignia? ” He asks

”Im not sure ” I admit ”but there should be a way to somehow extract all that negative energy ”

”Hmm* if there is a way you think we can do the same for father? ” He asks

”Heh* ” I put a hand on his shoulder ”thats why your my second in command kid ” I smile after seeing he thinks just as I do

”Heh* ” he smiles ”then thats it then huh ” he asks

”Yeah thats the plan ” I say in a serious tone ”since we can really kill him we should at least try to rid of that hateful energy ”

”Thatll be impossible since his body naturally produces that kind of energy ” he says

”Yeah I know but sealing away most of it can make it possible to tame him ” I say

”You want to tame our father? ” He asks

”And if I succeed I will teach him to control that kind of energy ” I say ”so hell be a threat no more ”

”hmm* ” he smiles ”I see brother ” he looks up at me ”and thats why your our king ” he says

I smile ”Ill set off to find him at once ” I say

”W-wait you
e going? ” He asks

”Of course ” I say ”Ill probably be able to find him much faster than even the two of you ” I say ”no offense ” I add

”Heh* none taken brother ” he chuckles ”but you
e king now, you can recklessly go down to Gaia by yourself ”

I sigh ”listen kid Ill be alright ” I set a hand on his shoulder ”this is something I, myself must do ”

He sighs

”I understand ” he says

”I want you to be in charge while Im gone ” I say

”You sure? ” He asks ”you know Cronus will be against this ”

”yeah I know ” I sigh ”but as he is, I can not entrust him with everything ”

”Right ” he sighs knowing I was right

”When are you planning on heading out then? ” He asks

”As soon as possible ” I say ”tomorrow morning Ill head off ”

”Understood ” he says

”Alright then rest now my brother youll have to take my place for quite a while ” I say

”Yes my lord ” he says

”Heh* go on kid ” I say as he bows in respect before he finally leaves

I walk out finding Aphrodite sitting on a bench with Coeus in her arms

”Ouu bebe ” I lean in squeezing the babys cheek

”Leave us alone, hmph* ” Aphrodite turns around

”Whaaa?! ” I try getting a look at the baby ”whatt do you meann?! ”

”I stole him from mother, since you don wanna be with me ” she pouts swatting away my hands as I try taking Coeus

”Aw cmon don be like that ” I frown ”hes my little brother too you know ” I try taking him away but fail again

”Fine ” she turns around ”only iff you go to the beach with us ” she says

”You know what I think I got some I don know.. King stuff to do.. you know? ” I turn around

”Ohh cmon ” she jumps in front of me ”cmon don be like that big bro ” she leans against my chest trying to use her charm to get me to go

I sigh ”alright give me the baby then ” I open my arms

”Yay ” she says happily handing the baby over

”Ima go get ready then ” she says skipping away

”Aw your sisters a headache huh Coeus baby? ” I ask the kid ”yes she is ” I nod his head forcing him to agree with me

You know sometimes I wish father held me like this

”Want to go see papa? ” I ask

”Aba ” he claps his hands

”Hehe* don worry he shouldn look dead ” I giggle

I stand up straight taking a deep breath before

”Kai Kai ” I say teleporting right to the moon

I look around

The moon used to be full of wild life just like the Earth below, but after bringing the fight with father up here everything ended up dying and the whole thing was about to blow if mother hadn manage to control its core

”Ahhbba ” I hear Coeus

”Oh yeah here he is I crouch down beside my fathers corpse

His body was slowly turning to ash as mother said it would

I wonder how the hell I actually managed to defeat a being like him

”This is papa ” I say trying to make it so that he doesn see the hole in his chest

”P-pa-papa ” Coeus says

”Nghk* what did you say? ” I ask Coeus

He giggles innocently slowly raising dads chin

”W-wait.. ”

These eyes..

It felt as if something slammed into my chest before everything went blank

-to be continued-

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