| Genesis |

| Volume 1 |

Ch. 5 Asura


”Mgh* ” I open my eyes

It was dark


Did I get stuck into some kind of genjutsu ?

No way my fathers dead, his sharingan shouldn even been active much less trap me into a genjutsu

I struggle trying to bring my hands together to try and release the genjutsu when I hear a little giggle

”Nghk* ” I take a step back

”Hello big bro ” I hear a child

”Look what daddy gave me ” she giggles

”Oh h-hey Asura ” a little boy who was in the middle of training by himself says

Is that ?

My father?

He has the same white hair only he looks nothing like he did last time I seen him but Im sure that was him

H-he was only about 3,000 years old and his little sister Asura whom Ive never seen till now was just about 2,000 years old

”So is this what hes calling a homo-sapien? ” A man asks behind my dad

”Huh? ” My father turns around

”Daddy says we
e saiyans and we
e going to protect everyone ” Asura says excitedly

”Hmm* is that so?? ” The man leans into father

”So whats your name then ” he asks father

”Im Akuma Amateratsu Kara ” father says as his aura dies out

”Wow thats a pretty long name ” the man says ” so you
e the kid he used my essence for huh? ” The man examines my father ”and whats your name little beauty ” he asks Asura

”Oh Im Amaterasu Asura ” Asura says happily offering to shake his hand ”Sir. Archangel Gabriel gave daddy his essence to create me ” Asura says happily

”Ouu really? ” the man asks

”I-is something bothering you again big brother? ” Asura asks

”I- ” my father thinks ”I don know ” he says

”W-well daddy said well be having another brother soon ” she says ”a-and another sister too ” she says excitedly but notices he was still looking a bit off

”Sure you okay big bro? ” She asks

”y-yeah ” he says

Asura frowns before turning back to the man

”So then whats your name mister ” Asura asks

”Me? ” The man asks ”why Im the great Archangel Lucifer of course ” he says with a long grin on his face

”Oh… ” Asura thinks for a second ”well its nice to meet you sir ” she bows her head in respects

”So would you two want to do something fun? ” Lucifer asks

”Hmm I don know mister ” Asura backs up

”Cmon while you wait for Micheal ” Lucifer says

”H-howd you know big brother Kara was waiting for him? ” Asura asks

”Yeah ” Kara stands up beside Asura ”besides us only father and Micheal himself are aware of this training ” he says putting a hand on his little sisters shoulder

Lucifer sighs ”relax kid ” Lucifer taps my dad on his head ”since you were based off of my own essence we are basically the same being ” he raises a finger ”but I guess technically you are my son ” he says

”Hmm* ” my dad hesitates ”whatever ” he sighs before laying back down for a little nap

”Listen little cutie ” Lucifer crouches down in front of Asura ”imagine how exhausted your brother must feel after every single training session with Micheal ” he whispers

”don you think he might be delighted if his cute little sister helps him relax ” he raises her little dress ”and maybe help him get his mind off things for once ” he says pinching her little nose

”Oh ” she looks at my father napping behind her ”Okay ” she smiles innocently

”Yesss ” he hisses under his breath

”Cmon big brother ” Asura sits on my fathers lap

”Mgh* ” my father wakes up ”what is it Asura? ” he sits up

”Cmon lets go with Mr. Lucifer ” she says standing up

”F-for what? ” he asks still half asleep as his sister pulled him by his hand

”Cmon big brother ” she giggles

Dad sighs ”alright ” he says before they disappear along with Lucifer

I thought the genjutsu mightve been over

But I suddenly heard a blade slowly being sharpened again and again

”Wh-why are you doing this to us? ” I hear my dads voice as a light flickers on slightly brightening up the room


It was my father again only about 500 years older than last I seen him with his sister

God why the hell is he in such an awful state

I clench my fists

He was naked bathed in blood and had chains that pierced right through the palm of his hands holding him up facing his little sister who was chained up the same way

”Stop it why
e you doing that to her?! ” my father cries out at Lucifer who was standing right behind his little sisters Asuras naked body

”Just give in Kara my boy ” Lucifer giggles as he grabs Asuras waist

”Remember your true nature my boy ” he giggles

”n-no s-stop !! ” He shouts

”Ahh !!* ” Asura screams painfully

”You pig, Ill kill you !! ” Kara growls tugging on the chains

He was desperately trying to rip his hands to pieces

He was doing whatever it took for him to get to his sisters aid

”Wh-why is he doing this b-big broth-ther ” Asura cries with every painful thrust

”Gyahaha yes hate me, Kara my boy ” Lucifer laughs

”P-please m-mister ”Asura cries as he ravaged her infront of her brother

”Shut up ” Lucifer growls as he yanked her hair back ”this is for his own good ” he tells her

”B-but it h-hurtss ” she cries ”a-and my b-big b-brothers crying ” she manages to say over the loud clapping of their bodys echoing around them

”Good ” he giggles under his breath

He seemed to be getting off of my father reaction

God this was sick

I felt like I was going to puke

The man had no remorse

It was disgustingAsuras blood mixed with his semen poured out of her poor little body with every stroke

God I just wanted to rip this man to bits

I couldn move a single muscle in my body though

But that wasn stopping me from trying

I could feel flames seeping out my mouth from how much I wanted to put this man in his place

But all I could do is watch as tears filled her eyes

”Gah* finally ” the piece of shit finally pulls out from poor Asura

The chains on Asuras hands finally disappear before her body collapses from exhaustion

”P-please m-mister ” she begs

”Shut up you ” he pulls her head up by her hair as he shoved his meat covered in her own blood down her throat

”Ahh ” he sighs in relief as I hear him urinating down her throat

”Nghk* ” I thought Ive seen it all

I watch as she was forced to gulp everything down

”This **ing animal ” I found myself out of breath as I finally gave up on trying to move

”let her go ” my father begs as Asura falls unconscious after not getting sufficient air

It looked like my father was struggling to hold himself together

”What? You want me to let go of this thing ” he says as he pissed all over her naked body

”Ill kill you ” my father says under his breath

”Youll what? ” Lucifer smiles widely

”You piece of sh-it ” my father huffs ”Im going to kill you, you-you maggot ” my father says in a monsterous tone almost matching Lucifers growl

”Perfect ” Lucifer says under his breath

”Ill make you pay for everything ” my father says under his breath

”Asmodeus ” Lucifer says

A few moments later some kind of demon began crawling out of the ground

”Yesss? ” it hisses

”Make sure you don let her rest for a second ” he says walking over to my father

”Mmm you got it ” Asmodeus grabs Asuras little body

I watch helplessly as Asmodeus shoved himself back inside her

”G-god p-please ” my father cries ”d-dad please help us ” he sobs

”See now Kara ” Lucifer whispers in his ear ”he won help you ” he says raising my fathers chin with a blade forcing him to look at his sister

I close my eyes forced to listen to the horrible sound of Asuras insides getting smashed up by this monster

”God, I don want to see any of this ” I say to myself as I hear their voices getting further and further

I finally find the courage to open my eyes

It was pitch black again but as my eyes adjusted I could see my father laying down with Asuras naked body in his arms

They had aged around another 500 years

”Its okay Asura well get out of here okay? ” My father whispers in her ear

He was bathed in blood with nasty cuts and bruises all over his body

And the inside of his little sisters legs were covered in blood

She reeked of piss and semen despite that my father had her legs wrapped around his waist hugging her tightly trying to comfort her as she shook uncontrollably from the waist down

”He killed it Kara ” she whispers

”Wh-what? ” He asks

”Th-there was a baby inside me a-and it d-died ” she whimpers

”D-don worry Asura ” my dad pulls her head into his shoulder ”its better off someplace else ” he says

”Y-yeah ” she agrees

I watch as she sobbed in his arms I could tell she was trying to stop but she couldn keep it in

The pain of losing something so precious despite who its father wouldve been Im sure she still loved it with every ounce of strength she had left

”Ah g-god! ” the door swings open ”** did he mess me up ” Lucifer walks in

Only he looked disgusting

He finally looked like the monster he was

There wasn a thing that could compare to whatever the ** he turned into

”Luckily I imbedded every single move into my memory ” he giggles before noticing Kara hiding his sister behind himself

”It is time Kara ” he smiles widely

My father gets up making sure his little sister was right behind him as Lucifer walked over to the two

”Get away from her ” my father backs his sister into the corner covering her with his body

”Shut up ” Lucifer snatches Asura in an instant

”Give her back, you pig! ” my father tries getting his little sister back but Lucifer kicks him right in the gut knocking all the air out of him

”Now watch my boy ” he gives him a nasty grin as my father tried catching his breath

”Lea-eav h-her al-la-lone ” father barely manages

”K-Kara ” Asura coughs as Lucifer held her right above him

My father looks up at Lucifer holding his sister by the nape

A little tear rolls down Asuras cheek as a blade pierced right through her chest

Her blood poured onto my fathers face as he sat there motionless as if he was processing what had happened

”N-no ” I hear my father finally say

He couldn believe his eyes

He watch helplessly as her lifeless body fell onto the cold floor right in front of him

”A-Asura ” my father picks her up

”Wake up l-little sister ” he shakes her

”K-Kara? ” She puts a hand on his face

”Y-yes? ” He asks holding back the tears as he tries his best to stay strong for her

”I-I don feel any pain big brother ” she manages a smile

”I-its okay, y-youll be fine ” my father says putting a hand on her chest trying to stop the bleeding

”N-no big bro ” she grabs his hand ”s-sorry I have to leave you now ” she tears up

”I-its okay, ” he squeezes her hand tightly

”But at least its finally over ” she says

”Yes y-yes it is, ” my fathers tears drip onto her face as he pressed his lips onto her little forehead ”rest easy now baby sis ” he says ”I…I love you, ” my dad whispers

”I love you too, big…bro ” she smiles before her head rolls aside

I watch as my father sobs helplessly

”Why ” he huffs ”why are you doing this ” he puts his sister down

”He never came to save the two of you, did he? ” Lucifer smiles ”you must hate him for that huh ”

”Shut up ” Kara growls ”the hell with all of this ” he huffs

I watch as my father slowly lost his sanity

His breathing got heavier and heavier after every breath he took ”Im going to kill you ” my father says

His voice sounded monstrous almost as much as Lucifers

It began to sound much like the father I knew

I watch my father disappear as he launched at Lucifer

My father shoved his arm right through his chest

”Hehe* Kara, my little **ing angel ” Lucifer smiles widely ”oh how I wanted to see this side of you my child ” he leans into my fathers face

”Drop dead ” my father says before squeezing Lucifers heart

-to be continued-

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