Salvation from a stranger synopsis


When does the word betrayal become valid and what does that mean to validate betrayal. Everyone has heard the story of Lucifer but who betrayed who, when we have never witnessed it and who was validated for their actions. Many people throughout time have faced assassination from once loyal people, so how do I confirm betrayal when my feelings have always betrayed me. Words I wanted to scream till my voice could no longer release a sound and instead, my feelings told me otherwise. Each time only continued the same patterns which brought me depression.

If the person you loved for years never considered pushing away another persons advances, is that betrayal. Maybe its the moment you decided to try and mend whats broken even though every other time was a catastrophe, only to see the one you love not refuse the lips of another. Do you then accept that as a betrayal or am I just petty and unable to confront things. Was it me who betrayed the expectations placed on me, maybe it was my betrayal when I walked away. Maybe I was the one betraying when I set fire to everything we collected and walked away.

Maybe Im just a bad person that made wrong choices with limited information. However how many times has that happened in our relationship. Maybe if I disappear all the bad will disappear as well and I can just be free from this life, a life unwanted. Thats what I believed and yet, how does a stranger offer a hand while the one you love ignores you. The words from a stranger seemed much warmer than every conversation we ever had, is that how she made you feel Paige.

I wonder about that but for how long will you hold a place inside my mind causing such confusion.

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