Salvation from a Stranger

Chapter 1/ Part Two

Salvation from a Stranger; Chapter One

Words are crippling even if we don want to acknowledge the effect. It was a life-changing thing for me to learn a little too late in life. While its true Im just barely starting my life and the relationship ended after three years its hard not to be affected. She wanted the impossible when we could no longer ignore our problems or even fix them. If I could have given her every second she wasted on me back I would without a second thought. Even though its hard to blame just one person in a relationship it will always be true that some people feel too much. I wanted to be that person and accept everything she needed me to if it made things better. When I came to realize we couldn get better and could only keep trying I took everything she threw at me simply accepting the truth. If she deserves better than me that is okay and Ill let her go when she asks me to.

Perhaps being pierced repeatedly would hurt less than being told to give back the time wasted. Filled with sorrow deeper than the ocean I gave her the next closest thing to forget I existed. When she left for work everything that was mine or connected us I removed and set everything on fire. I couldn erase myself from her memories but she had nothing to remind her I existed here outside of those memories. With everything burned away in a deserted old parking lot, I walked away. Letting my feet carry me to the furthest city away from here was a long and painful journey. My legs filled with a burning sensation as I continued walking forward through roads and highways. At least three days of walking and three nights of roadside sleeping contributed to my poor condition. Food was scarce as was water because Sam and I Combined our money which I left for her.

When the fourth day arrived my legs moved as they had sunken into a deep thick sludge. Luckily a truck pulled over stopping me from walking any further forward. I should have been happy to stop walking but my body was fighting the urge to collapse while standing still. I know Im not far enough away yet so I can stop here.

”Hey, you okay I travel this highway a lot and youve been here just walking. ”

”Granting a wish, so I have to reach the other side of the world… ”

The look this woman gave me was one of complete shock which made sense. Its not possible for a sane person to calmly say they decided to walk to the other side of the world because someone wants it. But she didn understand the situation not fully at least.

”Are you crazy?… You look terrible when was the last time you ate or even slept properly. What the hells wrong with you? ”

She was attacking me with a force filled with concern and worry, even though Im just a stranger. Someone she could just ignore and go on with life.

”How else… Do you give someone time wasted on you, this is the closest thing I could do. ”

Was it the weight of shame forcing my head to lower before this stranger or my own realization. This is excessive but what else can I do?

”Get in or Im going to forcibly abduct you. ”

It was crazy how someone could so seriously state they would forcibly abduct someone. I had perhaps a look of being completely dumbstruck on my face which forced me to be silent as I tried processing this entire thing. Yet she did just as she said without hesitating and just like that I was now sitting in her truck. Was this okay or am I causing problems again for someone else.

”May need to have a brain scan or something because something is clearly loose… I still have work to do so you will be going with me today. After I finish we will figure out whats going on and what to do. ”

”I feel like Im causing problems again, sorry about this. ”

”Its a bigger problem ignoring you besides Im sure you have reasons, I hope they are better than whatever this was. ”

She wasn angry but I couldn help feeling like a child for the first time in so long. It is strange being happy about a scolding but it feels nice so I can complain. She drove to places for her work but it didn take very long to finish up or maybe it went faster than normal. Before long she pulled us into a dinner for some food which my stomach growled hungrily. The embarrassment I felt from this betrayal only made me sink my head lower.

”So let us start at the beginning and figure out what the hell happened to make you choose this. ”

”A relationship of three years that lost its future and then I choose to take everything on myself. But it wasn enough to help us… I often will say how I could give her anything if she just asked. What was I supposed to do when she wanted all our time together back?… So I erased myself as best I could and well… ”

”So you decided the other side of the world is how you give her that, erasing yourself to that extreme.?… That seems unreasonable. ”

”I collected everything that tied us together and burnt it and my physical self was all that was left, so I had to go. Dying would have done much worse right.? ”

”Do you hear yourself?… How can you be so… You?I have never met anyone like you. ”

She was struggling to understand me which made sense but I didn know how to word it better. Perhaps if I had someone to talk with that could have told me a better choice I had available. Would that have changed my own decisions?

”So you have no clothes or money?… Did you seriously burn everything? ”

”Aside from the clothes Im wearing, I couldn walk around naked so I didn burn them. ”

”That is how you reason this absurd thinking, you couldn be naked so you didn burn those clothes.? ”

She recommended food that tasted great which I didn honestly care about with how hungry I was. Yet when the food arrived it became a different story when the smell invaded my body making me even hungrier.

”Alright lets do the introductions then, Im Adriana. ”

It was a strange conflict inside of me when she extended her hand to me. I didn wanna put my fork down to shake her hand, how silly can I be.

”Sorry, Im Taylor. Nice to meet you and thanks for everything. ”

”No need to apologize for wanting to eat and feed a starved body. Aren we women supposed to care how we look after all? ”

”I don know… Should I or at least have an interest in how my body looks? ”

”Umm… Well, you have a good figure but the lack of food is showing. So Im sure you took care of yourself before. ”

”I guess it was because of my job at the time… Moving a lot and using fist with your legs makes the body active enough. ”

”So you used to be a boxer or something? ”

”Uhh… Sort of but it was more like a competitive sport where people fight. Get points when you land a hit depending on where that hit was. ”

”Oh, fancy, were you any good? ”

”Uhh… I was a champion twice so maybe. ”

I didn wanna be short but those memories were unpleasant. Perhaps the worst of my life if I didn count the break up of course.

”Ill be right back, gonna use the bathroom before we head out. So eat whatever you want. ”

This food was finally able to receive my full attention which I couldn wait any longer. Each bite seemed so small or maybe my mouth wasn big enough but the food was disappearing. Before I could even savor the taste it was gone which made me a little sad. Perhaps it showed a little too much because I felt her finger tap my nose.

”I got us some snacks we can eat, ready to go? ”

After using the bathroom we once more headed off to the unknown and slowly I was forgetting things. She played music and got goofy which was infectious to the point I was joining in. Having unexpected fun forgetting even more what even started this journey nearly. While she continued driving us forward I started feeding her pieces of the cookies she purchased earlier. Every so often my finger was caught because the pieces had been so small which wasn intentional, I don think.

”Im sure your finger isn a cookie but if this continues on I may think otherwise. Are you trying to tease me with small pieces of the cookies or something. ”

This made the truck fill up with laughter another infectious thing that spread to me. So I fed her a full cookie as a retaliation which caused her to be surprised. With half the cookie in, she was trying to desperately eat the cookie so it didn fall.

”If I was feeding you my fingers with bites you wouldn have a mouth full. ”

I must have been leaning closer than I thought or she was quicker than I could follow. My laughter was cut off by a cookie taste. However, once I opened my eyes I could see her still holding her part and watching the road. She remained perfectly still as my eyes drifted to her lips which became so much closer yet before I knew it the cookie broke in half. This was to my disappointment so I looked up at her noticing she was smiling while looking at me, the vehicle had slowed down without me noticing.

”Careful with those tricks or Ill get you back for sure. ”

What did she mean exactly and how would she retaliate against me but I didn have much time to think about it when the truck pulled into a driveway. Wherever she took me was a two-story house which I could only assume was hers.

”This place looks beautiful. ”

”Yeah it is but it has a roommate and he can ruin beautiful things quickly. But he is my best friend so don mind him too much. ”

After driving for so long it was nice to use my legs again and soon I was given a tour outside. Which had a nice yard and a medium-sized barn not far from the house itself, a handcrafted piece for sure. Soon we began walking through the house which was in chaos and Adriana was not looking too happy about it.

”Eric you better get your ass upstairs and clean this mess up, or Ill be getting my stick. ”

Her voice wasn shouting but it was loud and firm. Whatever the stick was must have been magic. The way he flew up the stairs made it seem like a stampede was rushing through the house. He didn even notice me or speak to us, instead he was rushing to pick up the mess Im guessing he made.

”Hey, Adriana… Whats the stick. ”

I couldn understand why she started laughing out loud but I was eagerly curious. Which perhaps showed in the form of a pout.

”Don worry if you wish to see my stick Ill be sure to let you see it. ”

The way she worded it made everything connect and my face became a tomato. I didn even realize how embarrassing those words were since my curiosity was sparked. Perhaps I should have thought about them more before speaking.

” Don think too much about it, the stick keeps him in line if he goes overboard. Like trashing my house because he brought people over without monitoring them. ”

She spoke those last few words loud enough so he could hear but Im sure he could hear her whisper. It didn take long for the house to be cleaned up and I got introduced to the roommate.

”Hello, Im Eric, the better half of the roommate. ”

”Im Taylor.. ”

”Good you have been introduced so off you go back to that cave. Im sure you have company waiting still. ”

With a strange smirk, he gave a slight head now as he made his way back into the basement. Leaving me and Adriana Alone to finish the tour which I was oddly excited for.

”Don worry he is harmless, but come on Ill show you the stick. That way you will understand its power. ”

A smirk that seemed suggestive at first that turned innocent should have been a warning. Yet I followed her upstairs first where she guided me into a room in the back that was locked.

”Welcome to my second room of… Fun. ”

I had seen these things before but her taste was perhaps a little tamer. Mainly things for binding or blinding someone but I wasn sure if she was into full bdsm or not.

”So you are into personal bdsm play ”

As I spoke my body shifted to where she was which perhaps wasn a good idea. I was now starting at a stick as she called it but it was mind-blowing on all accounts.

”So this is the famous stick… The umm, well masterpiece if I had ever seen one. ”

”Exactly proper use is required to experience its power. However, its name has brought many people to their knees. ”

”Im certain it has. ”

I couldn help giggling at her posing with her stick that was clearly used for something much more intimate. Once everything was settled she escorted me out and into the last bedroom which was hers I assumed.

” We will be sharing this room tonight, hope thats okay? ”

” Are you sure… I don wanna intrude or anything. I can sleep on the couch or floor. ”

”This is fine and besides you need a good sleep, can handle sleeping in the bed with me? ”

” Im sure Ill be just fine handling… I mean sharing a bed with you. ”

Once more I was repeatedly stepping into something Im certainly not capable of handling. But she was smiling with that hint of mischief I seem to be drawn to but once again shes become infectious to me.

” I don have much that you could use but my large sleeping shirts should work just fine. You can borrow some underwear as well and I will wash what you are wearing. Unless you prefer to just be naked while I burn them ”

A joke from earlier today that made me smile while trying not to look silly in front of her. She escorted me into the bathroom with the clothes I chose and showed me everything I could use. The water felt nice and my body appreciated the heat most as every muscle began to relax after so long. The shampoo I used smelled likelier and the body wash gave a similar aroma to how she smelled as well. This just makes me seem weird but the scents are so relaxing I can help myself after all. With a decent shower over it was time to get dressed and head back into the room. The moment I opened the door my eyes landed on her sitting in the bed as if waiting for me, but she was smiling rather larger than normal.

”Is something wrong? ”

”You did look amazing before but a shower brings out a much more vibrant side of you. The water clings to you could make someone feel like they live in a desert… But when my eyes go south Im seeing something inviting ”

She was snickering and trying not to laugh so I followed her eyes and realized what she was staring at. This shirt was torn a little bit on one side but my nipples had been rather alert for whatever reason. The amount of embarrassment was strangling me.

”I honestly thought I threw that shirt out but Im also glad I didn for this moment alone. You could be dangerous to anyones health thats for certain. ”

I lost confidence in my body at some point im sure so these words were making me feel happy. Even though I stood here exposed I couldn help but smile at her for the compliment.

” Well at least someone got an eye full of the goods. Its almost a crime. ”

I wasn good at this back and forth banter filled with flirting and desire-filled comments. However, she didn mind but perhaps I wasn aware of what my comment meant to her. She closed the distance between us just like what happened in the truck and it was so quick I almost lost my breath. But then she pulled her shirt off leaving me helpless since I couldn resist following each inch of her skin being revealed. It made my body burn up without restraint and I became dehydrated.

”Sorry, Im honestly a good girl. Never committed a… Crime

She spoke in such a way to taunt me that matched her hands pulling the shirt. It almost felt like when she tugged the shirt purposefully to make her breast jiggle my head was following. It was embarrassing but it was enticing beyond words. Once her shirt left her body it was like I could finally breathe just a little more. The sound of her bra-snapping pulled me from whatever trance I was stuck in before her breast became revealed. Luckily she was just teasing and walked off into the bathroom before I could see them.

” Jesus don kill me. ”

I couldn control the words from being said so freely which I was sure she heard perfectly. Once she was gone I could sink and bury myself into the beds covers hoping it was enough. My body needed to calm down but my heart rate wasn helping and everything was amplified. I didn hear the bathroom door open or when she walked towards the bed over my heartbeat. The blanket being moved didn even affect me but when her skin brushed mine it was like electricity shooting through me which sent me neatly jumping in my skin.

”Its not good to be lost inside your head, whats got you so lost in thought…also why is your body so warm. ”

She was now rubbing herself against me, taking warmth that was burning me alive. For some reason, my desire often makes my body heat up uncontrollably which is often a problem. Yet she was here clinging to me for more of this warmth which was making it worse.

e driving me crazy. ”

As if I couldn control my words any longer they just spoke so directly but it was hard multi-tasking. My desire was burning me up and I was trying to control it.

”Well I wasn expecting to flirt so much but now I am happy I did. Personal heater under my covers since I get cold easily. ”

It was harder to control everything with her breath now brushing against my neck. A weakness that made me purr in pleasure which I haven done in so long. This made her giggle softly before curling herself even more against my body.

”Personal heater and a personal Vibrator. You may replace my stick at this rate. ”

”My neck is sensitive and it makes me do that… But your breath is so hot its driving me crazy. ”

Her lips nuzzled into my neck after I said that which she seemed to take as an invitation. My body was responding just as she expected Im sure. Her leg was soon sliding upwards and I could feel something damp pressing into my skin. Her knee was pushing my shirt up slowly exposing even more skin leaving a trail behind making me purr even more while arching as if I was doing yoga.

” You are a perfect bed companion, did you know that? ”

Her flirting and teasing were driving me wild and it was impossible to keep my desire in check. So I did what she was doing but the only things I was confident in at getting a response were my tongue and lips. Yet I was at her mercy and couldn react or even give her payback.

” Im gonna get the stick if you keep this up. ”

” Oh. ”

My comment only encouraged her and soon she let out a playful growl as if daring me. My hands were rough so I didn like using them but something had to be done before I exploded. My left hand was like a volunteer moving quickly to get the proper justice. Two fingers found themselves sliding down the crack burying themselves between her legs. Pushing rough fingertips roughly into her core pulling her upwards a good bit causing her to yelp loudly which transitioned into a long moan.

” Thats dangerous territory, but I don mind if only we had time. We should get some sleep now that I do have work tomorrow. ”

She separated herself from me rolling over hoping it would be enough to end this. It seems neither of us paid attention to how far we had gone. Its like my body was fully awake and in need of something, a primal awakening was taking over. Desperately I tried to resist but it wasn a simple thing to ignore anymore. My body just moved till she was on her stomach and I had her pinned. A squeak came from her which Im sure caught her by surprise and soon had her legs separated letting fingers find her core once more. My lips claimed her ear nibbling while lifting empty whispers to blow warm air down her neck and chest. She was panting heavily while her hands stretched up the wall trying to grip anything for leverage.

Once her hands came down to the headboard she held on like the world would fall away from her if she let go. I was in control of her body and when my fingers found themselves buried deep within her dripping core a moan shifted in volume. Her body was moving like she was trying to move her head closer to me which I decided to help her with. My free hand tangled into her hair pulling roughly which seemed to ignite her lust. It didn take long to push her over the edge for the first orgasm and with that, I slowly lowered myself down till I could kiss bare flesh. Loosening my grip on her hair a bit soon my mouth devoured her core protected by the thin fabric of her drenched underwear. At this rate, she was going to lose her voice with how much it rises high nearly into a scream before falling like shes desperate for air.

My teeth managed to tear the fabric enough to force my tongue deep inside. She had a crazily intoxicating scent that made me wish to be even closer. Pushing my face even more into her no matter how rough I got my tongue was thankful as it drove itself against her walls licking up the release of her last orgasm. It was evident she was still sensitive but I couldn resist claiming the intoxicating scent that came from her cum. Her moans became screams of pleasure and the sound of nails scratching wood became more clear but I couldn stop. Not until she let a second and far more powerful orgasm release which I accepted every drop without complaint till she was dry. Her body went completely limp and the sounds became quiet leaving me to guess she had passed out.

After regaining control of myself I was torn between panic and satisfaction. Whatever happens, I can say I regret that taste but Im sure she doesn regret it either. After helping her body move to a more comfortable position I was also claimed to sleep finally.

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