Secret Past


It was the last day of school and I was running down the halls, trying to get to my locker before my best friend. As I get close, I see her already standing there, tapping her foot to the music blasting in her ears. She was popular, unlike me. But not the Im better than you Barbie type. She has platinum blonde hair (all natural), tall, yet perfectly filled out with her white turtle neck and ripped purple jeans. Me, on the other hand, I am a redhead with long hair that falls in unmanageable waves. Don get me wrong, I had a nice body but I always hid under baggy sweaters and loose pants. Ive always hated drawing attention.

She sees me approaching and waves at me. Taking off her headphones.

”Hey, you
e late. ” she said and raised an eyebrow.

”I know, August. ” I wheezed out, trying to catch my breath. I walked over and opened my locker, grabbed my backpack, then slammed my locker shut. I smiled at her as we started walking to our classroom.

”Okay, so, I heard that Jared is with Cassie now. ” August said, looking at me cocking one of her perfect eyebrows. I rolled my eyes.

”A, you know I don care about who he dates or about school drama. ” She laughed and stopped in front of our history class.

”Honey, we both know you
e a real hot-head. Which I will never understand, considering your parents are the most level-headed people I know. ” I laughed and nodded my head.

”Yeah, yeah. Don get started. ” Her eyes scanned me head to toe and I already know she is going to criticize my outfit choices. And, to my prediction, she wrinkled her nose in distaste.

”Angel, why must you wear those horrid-looking clothes all the time? You look like a hobo. I know you got a body under there. Why not show it off? Youd get so much more attention from the boys, you know. ” I laughed and shook my head.

” Maybe I don want their attention. I just want to get through school and go to college for my art and stories. You know that. ”

”I know. I just- ” The bell cuts her off mid-sentence.

We looked at each other and giggled, as I pulled open the door and we walked into the crowded classroom.

”Nice of you to finally join us girls. ” Mr. Peaty stated as we walked in.

I blushed, not used to the attention of so many staring eyes at once. I rushed over to a seat in the back and plop down, dropping my pencil bag on the floor and spilling it. I heard a few snickers as I leaned over to pick them up. Someone walked by, kicking my pencils around and stepping on my finger as she passed me.

”Move bitch. ” she whispered, just for me to hear. I can feel my face and ears heat up and I started feeling off. Id normally calssify it as anger, but it felt more intense than that. I looked up at the girl and noticed she was looking at me, a smirk on her face. Which made me even angrier. I locked eyes with her and stare at her for a moment before her smile faded and a look of fear replaced it.

”….Angel! ” I blinked, breaking out of my trance-like state. Looking

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