Secret Past



As soon as I had sat on my bed with my phone ready to call Angel, someone knocked on my door, causing me to groan in frustration.

”Come in! ” I yelled. The door opened to reveal my Beta, Jack.

”Hey man, everyones getting together for a BBQ tonight. Everyone is bugging me to get you to cook. ” He laughed and I rolled my eyes.

”Yeah, yeah. I got it. ” I hopped up and slid my phone in my packet.

Soon my little mate. Soon.


I finally walked back into my bedroom after what seemed like hours of cooking. I fell backwards onto my bed before pulling my phone out of my pocket and pulling up Angels number. I smiled as I hit the call button. It rang a couple times before I heard her answer.

”Hello? ” She said hesitantly.

”Hey Angel. Its Xander. ” I said. Smiling widely. She went quiet. I looked at my phone to make sure the call didn drop.

”Hey you still there? ” I asked. Seeming to bring her out of her thoughts.

”Yeah. Sorry. Whats up? ” She asked.

”Not much. Just got done eating dinner and was thinking about you. ” I said. I could just imagine her cute face blushing red.

”What did you eat? ” She asked.

”My family and some of our neighbors had a BBQ. ” When I mentioned that I faintly hear her stomach growl in response.

I heard her jump up and open a door. From the sound of it, Id assume it was the bathroom.

”Hey. You want anything to eat? ” She yelled over music and the shower.

”Nah. Im good! ” August replied before I heard her close the door and walk out of the room, heading downstairs.

”You didn eat did you? ” I asked.

”No. I got a little preoccupied talking to my parents that I forgot. ” She said as I wondered what they were talking about. I heard her open a cabinet, then some faint rustling.

”What you eating? ” I chuckled. Hearing her struggle with the wrapper.

”Pop tarts. If I can get this damn wrapper open! ” She squealed as it ripped open. I silently laughed at her cuteness.

”Well thats not healthy. ” I said, slightly concerned. She laughed.

”Hey Im not much of a cook so Ill take what I can. ” She laughed.

”Well then I could help with that. ” She seemed to swallow the bite before responding.

”How so? ” She asked.

”Let me take you out to dinner. ” She inhaled suddenly causing her to start coughing. I sat up quickly in concern.

”What?! ”

”I know some nice places around my neighborhood if you
e willing of course… ” I trailed off, waiting for her answer.

”SHE SAYS YES! ” August suddenly had yelled into the phone. I started laughing at their antics.

”Okay how about tomorrow night. 6pm. Sound good? ” I asked.

”Y-yes. Thats fine. ” She stuttered out.

”Great. Ill see you tomorrow beautiful. Good night. ” I smiled wide.

”Good night. ” She squeaked out and hung up.

I looked down on my phone with a huge grin on my face.


Yes we do. I can wait.

I looked up and saw my Beta grinning at me. I glared at him as I stood up.

”Bro. Ever heard of knocking? ” As I shoved his shoulder playfully.

”Dude your door was wide open! Not my fault you were too distracted to close it. ” He laughed and put his arm around my shoulders.

”So.. whats she like? Your dad told me you met your mate. Haven you brought her here yet? ” It was customary to bring your mate to live with you once you met.

”I don think she knows about the supernatural Jack. Im not sure how to tell her. But her best friend is a wolf. Probably from the pack closest to us. ” I said.

”Well you
e gonna need to figure something out man. ” He said as he patted my shoulder and walked out my room.

”I know… ” I whispered to no one in particular. Suddenly my phone dinged. I took it out of my pocket and looked at the screen. It was an unknown number. I opened it, seeing it was August.

HEY! I took your number from her phone. Sorry not sorry 🙂

Anyways. Just so you know, her birthday is tomorrow. Don tell her I told you! Nite! 😀

My eyes widened.

Her birthday? How old will she be? I replied.

18 was her reply.

My mate was a year younger than me. But that also meant I will have to tell her sooner than later about what I am. I sighed and put my phone in the charger, walked over to the closed to grab a towel and headed to the shower.

Time to get clean for our date with mate.

I can wait! He said. Jumping around in my head.

Neither can I I replied, closing the bathroom door behind me.

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