Sensuous Erotic

Dom and Skirt

The council was dreadful the last thing I wanted to do but this is where I present my case and even if it means sitting in a room filled with old men making old decisions on new problems. The corset tightened around my waist and pitched my back which prohibits me from slouching but this smuggish brute paced the fall pleading his case on why women could wear pants especially, according to him, in the workplace; after long grueling year to get women who wanted to work into the workplace, now they had to suffer under frilly dress, uncomfortable corset and high heels so they are deemed professional.

He was a man of great height, gorgeous charming blonde hair and the smuggest face that was forever in a smirk ”so in conclusion, do we listen to our gracious Queen or the facts that our moral fiber or safe of fellow gender is too precious to risk of so-called comfortably ” he bowed before walking off to his seat.

I raised to my feet, my royal cape almost made me fall back but I steady myself turned to the chairperson ”with all due respect, chairman, our moral fiber should not be dictated by whats between a mans legs ” the council gasped as my abruptness, the attitude they blame on me being husbandless ”if we want to sit here and debate whether pants will raise the **** rate but then we have to sit through a conversation of how **** happens anyway ” I presented as the chairman stood, a balding old man ”I have not quite said my piece, chairman, all they want is comfort in their workplace, can we give them that ” I sat down as the smug man stood up from his seat and began to approach the chairman.

He gave me that horrid smirk ”shall I take part in such idiocy, the words of a woman, with no emperor by her side, emotionally spoken. ” he crossed his fingers and lay them on his crotch area, waiting for reaction from me but I didn give him the satisfaction.

The chairman hit his gavel ”the council will continue with discussion tomorrow, dismissed ” they all stood and bowed while I turned and left.

My anger was fusing, my heart was beating in my ear and breath was harsh as my heel clicked down the golden glazed hallway were guards stood at attention at each pillar as I past, I knew I should not let this man get to me but his arrogance always crawled up my back and nest n my mind for days, he had no shame. I busted through the doors of my royal chambers, my handmaids sprung to action to release my body from the confines of the corset but I shooed them away.

When Ira my lady-in-waiting dismissed the other who ran deeper into my chambers, Ira stood with her long black hair flowing down her head like ink, her curved nose and almond eyes gave her face that flow like a river which gave her slim tone body the posture of grace and elegance, she stood in a waist and suit pants, only thing she felt comfortable in but could only wear in my chambers.

She stepped forward ”do you wish to talk about it? ” I gave her a death glare which only made her oval lip form in a sweet smile.

I lifted my hands and crunch the air ”he is just so aggravating, he slams in front of the council and I can say a works in defense ” I hushed as Ira hummed and began to loose my mane of curls while her fingers danced of my dark skin with contrasts with hers.

”well you sure let him get under your skin ” she massaged my scalp ”may I even say, he moved you to emotion ” I knew what she was getting at ”might I even add a sense of affection in his pursuit ” she raised her eyebrow at me, to sense my reaction but my turned with disgust, she let out an giggled I didn recognize ”then what do you wish from him? His approval? ” she moved to take off my shoes.

I shook my head with my hand on my stomach ”I wish for his removal ” I sneered as she pulled off my thigh-highs, her fingers fluttered against my inner thigh and I shivered, pressing my thighs together as soon as her fingers left and my stomach made an unwelcome flip.

She stared up at me with those dark eyes ”then call for his removal ” this time she kept her eyes on mine as she slow slip down my pantyhose, the gesture caused a whimper to escape my lips but I disguise it with a cough.

I shook my head ”then be labeled the Empress who couldn take a fair opponent ” she folded the pieces of fabric.

She moved me to a seat but I didn fall into it ”it was never fair ” she played with ribbons on my dress before taking off my royal carpet.

I looked into I know ”I know ” I sighed defended ”I am just frustrated ” I whispered as Ira stood still for a moment, she bite her lip before getting on her knees, she lifted my dress and disappeared under it ”Ira? ” I called out but she was silent until I felt my under garments side down my legs and pool at my feet ”what are you- ” I was quieted by a warm air against my pussy.

Her hands slide up my wide hips ”sshh let me ” she whispered as she parted my legs, moved in between them and lick a long stripe from bottom to top.

This new sensation moved through my body like shock waves, my mind went blank as Ira tongue moved between my thighs against my clit, a feeling I have imagined most of my life, her long finger grabbed my hips and offered herself the rolling movement onto her tongue, her moan vibrated against my pussy lips and only made my legs shake in response. With my lip between my teeth, I tried to be quiet but her flatten and came into contact with inner lip, my legs almost fell to jelly while hard tightness in the pit of my stomach; before I knew what was happening, hee tongue pinned up and began to slowly ** my inner walls until my chamber doors swung open.

The arrogant smug council man walked in ad if it was his own chambers to walk into ”your highness ” he pleaded as I straightened my posture and place my hand on my stomach while Ira came her pace.

In a whimper I announced ”council, what brings you to my private chambers? ” he stared as my flushed toffee skin, he moved closer to acquire but I raised my hand ”speak, I wish not to dwell on pleasantries ” I gasped as Ira began to lap up my juice that I felt climbing down my thigh.

He stood straight ”I wish to apologize for my rash and inappropriate behave in the council today, I should have kept my personal feelings out of it, I should have been professional, I hope you can forgive me ” he bowed but his words fell on dull ears.

All I was doing is trying to keep my balance and prohibit my moans because decided rolling my clit between her lips was appropriate at this time ”you have been forgive, Councilman ” he nodded before removing his hat and placing it to his heart.

He formed his face into an uncomfortable sincerity ”and if it would be appropriate, I would love to accompany you on one of your midday walks in the garden ” the took me off guard and I stared at the smug councilman in shock.

Ira bit down on my clit and I let out a loud whimper which covered with a graceful sigh ”I feel it would be inappropriate, Councilman ” he nodded sadly but did not move ”you are dismissed ” I announced in the most authoritative voice and he quickly made his exit.

I fell into the nearest chair as Ira face emenched from my layer of fabric my full skirt contains, she removed the hoop skirt and raised my legs onto her shoulders, her eyes found mine as she trusted her tongue into my depths as my back arched at firmness, I let out whimpers and moans as my body jerked wildly, she pulled down my corset letting my big breast hang low on my stomach, she placed a finger on my clit and knuckle in my pussy, fingers just the outter, careful not to break my hymen and my hips rolled to her paced, my body was frantically trying to comprehend these new sensation and feelings; making my lung gasp for air as one last roll and my body melted.

My skin sprung with goosebumps, my mind filled with tingles and my breath was lost, my body jerk as my pelvis had a mind of its own and Ira tongue kisses on my pussy were not helping the sensitivity that shifted around my lower region, she moved higher kissing my breast and caressing my nipples as they jerked back and forth, a content smile laid on her face; as I tried to pull myself together but she leaned down gave my lips as soft kiss.

Her lips captured mine in a kiss so soft, it almost felt non-existent, her tongue flowed through my mouth and caressed the roof of it. I fell back exhausted while Ira effortlessly removed all my clothing and carried me to bed, with a kiss on the forehead, I was out like a light.


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