Sensuous Erotic

Hit The Back

My back leaned against the wall of a pumping party, a piña in my cup as I gave some guy who only came to these types of parties to score some sweet weed, he cringes smiled and had lustful eyes which made me regret wearing the crocheted two-piece skirt outfits that show off my skin in purple and pink wrapped around my golden toffee, my chunky heels were a perking up my hips and ass, made my boobs bounce with each step I took that was probably what attracts the cis man.

In his golf shirt and tracksuit pants, he smelled of a frat boy with a hint of a man-child, I watched his perfectly gelled hair and tall stature with disdain while my eyes wandered the room looking for any friends to help signal at while Scarlett, a short, plump woman stood on my couch with a glass of champagne between her fingers:

She fanned her free hand to get everyones attention ”ok, ok ” she smiled at me ”to our guest of honor, not only did she take the freakin Franken writers world by storm but she represented the LGBTQ+ community and the POC community in her books while being a POC pansexual herself ” she raised her glass towards me and smile ”you been through hell and back even though your coattails are still burning, you did it, babe, I wish you prosperous, love and god please get some rest ” she expression before raising her glass again ”to Lena, give the hell ” everyone cheered to me which I took the opportunity to get away from the frat guy creep.

I moved to Scarlett to hug her ”thank you so much for the party ” I smiled but she read me too well.

She held the glass against her chest ”you hate it ” she said with a blank face.

I laugh but grabbed her hand ”yea, I do but I appreciate the gesture ” I watched her eyes flicker behind me, I turned to look but she stopped me by engaging me in conversation.

She grabbed a strand of her hair ”so, you never told me what happened between you and Cody ” the question was weird but not out of pocket, Cody and I had split six months ago.

”thats so random, ” I said but she just smiled ”its mutual, really, more on my part than his, I wanted a relationship because commit slut and he wanted freedom, I thought it was for the best ” I slipped my drink trying to swallow down the still raw emotions that simmer in my throat ”so we decided on a time packed because we were really good friends, I said two months of nonverbal communication and he agreed but I haven heard from him since ” I downed the rest as this conversation was getting worse and worse for me ”why do you ask? ” I watched her over my glass.

She shook her head ”oh, nothing ” before turning me around and pointing him out ”just that he walked through the door is coming this way ” I moved behind her to shield myself but she grabbed my arm ”no freakin way you are facing him ” she pointed at me.

As I nodded with full dignity ”yea, I should ” she smiled, proud of herself but as she turned away so did I.

Shifting through the crowd for once I was happy having many people around, it made a great way to escape and avoid him, Cody has been on my mind since I left him and now he was here looking better than I could imagine, his tall figure stood out in the crowded room along with his goth style and eye makeup, his jawline was sharper and I don remember his eyes being so clouded with gray, his skin was still pale and bled with tattoos and piercing, some old, some new, he wore a skirt that flared around his thighs and made my knee weak; all this was covered in black netting, a band tee, and chunky combat boots.

Settling into my reading nook which was a weird useless space in my apartment as the raged on and the moon crept behind a cloud, my knees against my breast and a bottle of rum swaying in my hand, I felt safe from the expectation of a confrontation between Cody and me but my head was still filled with what ifs:

I leaned my head against the wall as I took another swing of my drink ”I forget… ” that familiar deep vibrating voice bounced against the small confined space ”you hate parties ” I turned to face him as he leaned against the wall ”or rather, you didn want to see me ” he moved closer as I stood and moved to the furthest corner.

I crossed my arms as his eyes lingered on my breast which I quickly released ”what did you except, I haven heard from you in six months ” I argued as he nodded his head.

He moved a bit closer ”Congratulations, Lena, you done it ” I started at my heels.

”thank you, Cody ” I gesured towards him ”congratulations on your stuff ” I added as he shook his head taking a step forward.

”Don do that ” his husky voice murmured ”don minimize your accomplishments ” I shot my head to look into his eyes.

I raised my finger ”don talk to me like we are still together ” I said firmly which he took like a shot against his chest, I know it was harsh but his voice, his support brought me back to the days where he would hold me when my aniexty grabbed my throat and made it hard to breath or the time when he stay up all night with me when I couldn finished my writing.

He nodded ”I deserve that ” he whispered as he took a step closer.

As we settled into a comfortable silent, a silent I knew too well from our past, we were so content with each other presences that we didn feel the need to fill it unnecessary conversation, it too comfortable in this space ”why are you here? Cody ” I exhaled rubbing my forehead as he moved to stand opposite me with his back leaning against the wall.

He smiled but it didn reach those gorgeous gray eyes ”I learn a lot from our time apart ” he murmured with his eyes glued to my face and suddenly my felt absent from my body itself ”I learned that Kumo and Thando together are literally children, that Chestco is dumb genius, that Aluwani has a massive crush on you since high school ” he grabbed my fingers caressing them and suddenly goosebumps moved up my arms ”and I also found out that I am miserable without you, that I miss you ridiculously and I am horrible grump without you ” he pulled my fingers to his lips and kissed it one, flips folded in my stomach at the action.

I pulled my fingers away from those sweet lips, I looked to the window where another apartment building could be seen across the street ”I don want you to change your ways, it will only cause you to resent me and this relationship ” I whispered as he shook his head and leaned back on his side of the wall ”you will, and this missing me, missing us is just a phase in a break up, you miss the idea of us, it was comfortable but it wasn you ” I watched him cross his arms and stare out the window.

My eyes moved over his sharp nose formed into little ball at the end, his eyes that always seemed to be too tired to open wide and those lips that was always in a smirk ”you have no idea how much of a hold you have on me ” he moved his boots between my heels, pushing them apart.

I let my head fall back ”I don want to have a hold on you ” his raised between my legs before settling against the wall as leverage.

His tongue darted out his mouth causing uncontrollable images to filled my mind, his hands moved up my legs, grabbing the of my maxi crochet skirt as his eyes scammed my shapely legs before releasing it, his fingertips graced along my wide hips as I shifted in my skirt as the need for frection settled against my core and caused curls to swirl around my clit. He finally came to my waist which was bare and my skin scattered with goosebumps at his coarse hands, he found the piece of string that held my skirt up and let his fingers play along side it.

A bratty expression fell on his face enticing me to give into his seduction, watching his suddenly dark eyes behind his hair, darting tongue and sweet expression, I couldn help myself anymore:

I pushed his leg down with mine, grabbing his arms and pinning them to the world, replacing my legs between his ”I like it ” he whispered the limited space between up, I raised my knee in between his legs as he let out a gasp.

”sshh…sshh ” I instructed as my knee touch bare sack ”oh, baby boy, are you naked under your skirt? ” he didn give me answer, just a soft whimper and knowing look.

I reached my hand down his knee up his legs and between his thighs until I felt the sweet warmth of his dick and I bit my lips at the feeling, his growled in my ear at he contacted so I spin him around in one quick action as he whimpered with his forehead against the wall. My hands moved up his ass this time, I pulled the fabric of his neting stocking and ripped them in one quick snatch, his hands reached out to grab something but couldn find anything which made him let out a frustrated moan; I let my nails run along side his hips, down towards his inner thigh then up again, just when I was suppose to grab his sack I moved away, earning another groan from him.

My hand grabbed his massive dick between my hands, he began to thrust into them but I let out, digging my nails into his pelvic ”no, no, only I decide when you get to move ” I whispered into his back ”now stand still ” he shook in my hands as I slowly peeled back the head on his dick.

He banged his fist against the wall ”shit ” he growled as I smiled.

I released his dick and opened my palm from his ”spit ” I demanded which he did. I began to work his spit all over his dick as he whimpered and moaned in my hand.

My hand jerked him up and down in slow movement, I knew he wanted it fast but I was going just give into it even as he shook in my hand, I love teasing him, bringing him to the edge before taking away again but if he even trying to thrust into my hand, I would grab the base to stop him but soon after I would place my thumb at his tip and slowly massage his head which made him throw his head back against my shoulder and like our throaty exhale into the air while the party continue a few rooms down; at some moment I moved away from him, raising my hands as he frustratingly humped the wall at my absence, watching his ass desperately thrust made my pussy wet and legs almost turn to jelly.

My hand found their way to my breast which I squeezed and pulled at my nipples while my other hand settled between my legs as franticion while I rolled hip and squeezed my thighs, Cody turned around and fell to his knees before crawling towards me and grabbed the hemp of my skirt, I leaned against the walls as he pulled my legs on his shoulders:

Grabbed his hair between my finger ”wait ” I gasped as he still in his movements, I placed a finger in between my teeth.

He holst me up a little before diving my pussy, rubbing his nose against my clit as shutters of moan left my mouth, tongue lapped up my juice as my shook in chills as I thought of how long it has been since I had a man between my legs, Cody tongue swirled around my hole which felt he has stuck a stick in my core mixed it around. He suddenly stuck his long middle finger as the sounds of squashing as he **ing my hole, his mouth captured my clit and rolled it between his lips while biting down on it ever so slightly; my fingers trusted into his head while my others squeezed my nipples.

Another finger was added and his fingers moved into a scissroring motion before I knew it my body became undone, I shook over his tongue as I felt his moan into my holes before biting onto my clit while I rode my climax on his tongue. He cleaned me off as my cum flowed down my lips onto my asshole before he tongue could claim it, he slowly moved from underneath me as I sunk the wooden floor, I placed my hand pussy trying to stop my insides from shaking and quivering; he sat across from me, his hard dick full display in shades of angry reds and his eyes were hooded.

I stood to my feet, pulling his up with me, we faced each as if we sizing each other up, I grabbed his dick from under his skirt and pulled towards my bedroom which further down the hallway, his let out soft whimpers of pleasure and pain which only brought a smile to my face. Pushing open my bedroom door while I pulled him in and pushed him onto the bed, he bounced giving me a sneak peak of his wonderful dick, hanging stocking and those hard combat boots:

I raised my finger ”stay ” I moved around my room lighting candles, I watched him reach for his dick to relief some tension ”no, no ” I drop hot wax on his finger and pelvis as he hissed with in pai, I turned to move away

But he let out a whimper ”please, again ” I shook my head, leaving the candle on my writing table.

I shovel his legs apart ”no, not tonight ” I kissed his lips, pulling his bottom lip on into my mouth and sucking on his piercing, he gasped as I let go but catches my head and forced me into a deep hard kiss.

Our tongue fought from dominance but I won and decide to suck his tongue into my mouth then licking the roof of his month, his head fell against the bed with a awe smile, I pulled off his band tee and net top off leave him in black chains, his flare skirt, tore fish net stockings and those combat boot. Kissing down his chest, curling my tongue over each tattoos while occasionally sucking on his sensitive nipple that made him jerk each time I past by them:

”legs on the bed ” I instructed him as he obey ”good boy ” I purred as I moved to my draw, pulling out some lube, a strap-on and my dildo which had a vibrator at the strap, I stripped by clothes and moved to he man who eyes darkened at my new outfit.

I watch his squirm as he tried to find some frection without touching himself, I walked towards him as I rubbed the dildo up and down as I lubed it up, I leaned down licking his the tip of his dick before sucking it into my mouth and rolling between my lips, his arched his back and thrusted into my mouth but I back up so he couldn , with him so distracted by my teeth running over his tip, I took the opportunity to lube up my fingers and slip them into his asshole; he let out a deep animalistic growl as precum poured down his dick which I quickly lapped up.

”please ” he hissed as I fingered his asshole, looking for that one spot ”more ” he thrusted dick into my mouth and I added another finger, **ing him soundly while whimpered, hissed, growl and groaned. His eyes were closed shut and his hands were over his head grabbing the sheet which gave him leverage to roll his hips into my fingers ”Oh god, please ** ” he pleaded as he tried to make my finger move fast into ass.

I shook my head ”not yet ” he growled his frustration while I added another finger still looking for that spot and when I found it, he mewl and cussed under his breath ”there ” I pulled out my finger, licking them with his eyes glued to mine and I aimed the dildo at his ass ”the safeword is taste ” I winked before thrusting the whole thing into his ass.

He laid there still for the longest moment into while I waited for him to adjust before carry on, he nodded as I started thrusting, pulling it out and pushing it back in, rolling my hips and placing my hand in his pelvis. He hips began to roll with mine as we developed a good pace, I turn on the vibrator at the base of the dildo that connect to my clit and I jerk forward with my head now against his stomach, he had stopped to with the dick deep in his ass as he hummed at he vibrations; I lifted his legs onto my shoulders as he whimpered, letting out soft yelps, I trusted into him again.

Grabbing his dick as he bounced on the dildo and the deep, slowly pace was replaced with clapping of flesh, I moaned into the air while jerking his dick, he groaned and moaned as I trusted into him, my legs were jelly at the constant vibrating on my clit and thrust didn help the pleasure quivering at my cilt nor the sounds he was making that encouraged them, he grabbed my hands which had been violently jerking him off and held them still, he hissed and lifted his legs off my shoulder:

He wrapped his legs around my waist and whimpered ”deeper, please, i… ” I grabbed both his arm and began thrusting maniaclly into his ass, pulling his arms down and thrusting up. His eyes were closed tight and he could get any words out, his hissed and wheezing until my legs shook, I accidentally tripped into him but thats all it took to push over the edge ”shit ” he whimpered as strings of cum burst from his dick and roped my breast in white.

His trusted hips into the air as rope after rope kept spraying up and I opened my mouth to catch some of it, he let out a soft strain whimper before pasting out on the bed, I slowly slipped out his ass and throwing the strap on to the ground, I straddled his lap and leaned down to lick all his cum off while rubbing my pussy onto his semi hard dick.

I kissed his lips softly ”you are not done yet ” I whispered, kissing down his chest, taking dick into my mouth and sucking it down to the base, up again, he shook his head at the sensitivity ”you did fill me up ” I kissed my way back up to his mouth ”but don worry, Ill do all the work ” I lifted myself on his semi hard dick and sat down while he whimpered, it tried to stay in but it slipped out, I lifted up again and down as he dick sprung up hard ”ah, ** ” expressed already shaking.

”wait ” he moaned but I rolled my hips with such sensitivity that my quivered around his dick causing us both to moan, I placed my hand on his chest as I rolled my hips again and I lowered my head at the reaction of my body, it was non stop jerking and trembling but I kept moving until my body could stop.

My breath become harsh and I hear my heart beat in my ear but I still moved until the bubble popped in my core and I let out a very softly gasped while he grabbed my hips and held me down as he filled the deepest part of my core in ropes of cum, the motion alone got goibg again and cum all over his dick, milking his dry while drainaging his lap.

”** ” I expressed before falling onto his chest, he let out a breathy and tried to roll us to the side but I shook my head ”I want to feel this ” the connect, our juices trapped between us but oozing down our legs and thighs. I wanted this.



Love and peace

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