”Alex, ”

”Hi Ben, did you see this? ” he showed me an article on a gossip site.

As usual, they portray me as the heartless bachelor in town. Well, I cannot deny it, I have to be heartless and ruthless sometimes, if not how can I get rid of all those women who try to come after me. Its really tough being born to a well-known family, your every move is captured like a hawk.

”Did you have time to check out the new drafts for the hotel project? ” I asked Alex, who was still going through that gossip site.

Alex, who is this you may ask. We have both been like brothers since our younger days. There is no secret between us and our fathers are best friends since college. While I am the CEO of my fathers architectural firm, Alex became my right-hand man and CFO. He is an accounts major while I became an architect and…

”Hmm… I did.. Overall they do look ok, but you are the one with the eye for those. Oh!! where is Sarah? ” he asked looking around.

”She is with the team, getting ready for the meeting, ” I said looking at the time, ”I will see you there at ten, ” and I left for my cabin. But first I peeped into her office to see her busy getting ready for the meeting in an hour.


Mr.Alexander is one of the wealthiest men in the town. An entrepreneur, who wants us to design his newest venture a hotel by the beach. The team has worked hard on the design for the past few weeks. But on the other hand, hes also known as a ruthless dealer when it comes to planning new ventures. A knock on the door made me alert,

”Come in, ”

”Sir, the meeting will start soon and Mr.Alexander and his son Liam are here, ” said my PA – Jason.

I went in and greeted Mr.Alexander, while the team got ready and Alex had a little chat with Liam.

”Dude, are you ok? ” Alex whispered into my ear.

”Did you see Sarah? ” I asked.

”Hmm … no she was not with the team when they came in, ” he had a pat on my shoulder and sat next to me.

I just notified my security team to keep an eye on her and let me know as soon as they find her.

”Is everything alright Mr.Ben? ” asked Mr.Alexander.

”No nothing to worry about, lets start the meeting, ” I said and gave knowing look at Alex.

Sarahs team went on to explain the design for his hotel. The more I looked at the design I could see Sarahs calm and peaceful look through it. She has really emphasized the design to be a family-friendly place. I saw a little smile appear on Mr.Alexanders face.

”Ben, your team has done a wonderful job. I really love how you have thought of families relaxing and enjoying time together. They have really captured my idea. Liam, what do you think, son? ”

I looked at Alex, who was kind of pouting as Liam started to explain, what he

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