She is….My Secret…

Jonathan and his surprise

”Sarah, ”

”Hmm.. ”

”Can you tell me about your brother? ” I looked at her, as she kept on looking at her injured wrist.

”Dave was ten years older than me. He was like my role model, ”

”What happened to him? ”

”I don know exactly, because I was about ten when he left. ” She took some time and said,

”They say it was caused by a drunk driver, ”

”Are you sure it was just an accident? ” I asked as I felt there was more to the story.

”I remember at that time, he was working in my dads company as an intern, but apart from that I really don know anything else, ” she said looking at me.

”Its ok, Sarah. When are you hoping to come back? ”

”Oh, my, I almost forgot, our project. I am so sorry because of what happened I have also let you down, ” she said being worried.

But we are already three days behind the handover date. I went and talked with our department head and got us an extra week, which he granted happily reasoning with the issue that happened.

”We can give it next week, ”

”What!! how come? ”

”I talked to the dean and the lecturer and they agreed. And it was unfair for you with what happened because of me, ”

”So lets go in and start off from where we finished, ” she said standing up ready to go in.

”WOW…. stop right there. First, you get better and come back to uni, ”

”Ok boss, ” she said with a cute look on her face.

After that, I had a little talk with her parents and promised to find a way for her live, close to my place instead of in the dorms. As I felt the more I interact with her, there may be situations where she will come into harm. Not physically but I cannot be sure of what the paparazzi will come out from nowhere. So her safety comes first.


”BENNNNN!!!! ” Alex screamed in my ear.

”HI… are you trying to make me go deaf, ” I asked him hitting him playfully.

”Your mind was not in the office, ”

”Hmm, no I remembered the one time Sarah talked about Dave, ”

”Her brother. Why? ”

”I don know but I feel his death and everything that is happening seems to be connected, ”

Alex looked at me with concern.

”Aha, just forget it, you are just overthinking, Ben, ” said Alex bringing out the new ideas for the project with Mr.Alexander.

We discussed the final changes and I ask Sarahs assistant to collect our feedback, so they can start to work on it.

About Liam Alexander, we agreed to keep our finding a secret for the time being and see how the project progressed. Because we have to figure out what they were up to then as well as now.

A sudden knock came on my door.

”Come in, ”

”Hi, Ben, ” said Jonathan, Alexs big brother who had come to the country after a few years abroad.

”Jonathan, what a surprise. HI, you didn tell me he was back? ” I hugged him and hit Alex at the same time.

”How could he, when he didn know, ” he said with a laugh.

”Good surprise, bro. SO what did you bring me? ” asked Alex like a little kid.

”When we get home I will give you, kiddo, ” he said fussing Alexs hair as usual.

”I hear you got married, Ben, ”

”Yes, and hes still dating that best friend, ” I said pointing at Alex.

”Ben I am sorry about what happened to Little Bud. How is she now? ”

”She doesn remember anything that happened. And still doesn like to mingle with the crowd, ” I said while looking at the two photos of Liam.

”What are you looking at? ” asked Jonathan taking the photos from me.

”Hmm, we suspect this guy caused the accident three years, ” I said.

”And this guy is the son of our new client. For some reason, they both have the same name, but look different, ” said Alex.

”Brother you are too quiet, ” said Alex.

”I feel like I have met this guy in Paris, ”

”WHAT!!! WHEN? ” we both asked together.

”I think about three years go. Hmm…. around June or July. I am not so sure, ” he said.

”Thats the same time Little Bud had her accident, ” exclaimed Alex.

”You mean this guy?! ” Jonathan asked us with a surprised look.

”Yes. Did you see if he was injured or not? ” I asked looking for clues.

After thinking for a while Jonathan said, ”When I first met him, he had the right side of his face plastered. ”

”Did you ask him what happened? ” asked Alex all ready imagining beating up Liam.

”He said he met with an accident and he has a scheduled surgery. But when I met him after a few months he was already in a bandage, ”

”So you didn see his face after that? ” I asked feeling disappointed.

”No, I didn meet him as the deal didn go through, ”

”Jonathan, can you find out the details and help me gather more details about him? ” I almost pleaded with him.

Putting a hand on my shoulder he said, ”You don have to ask Ben. I will get to it right away. Just give me a week as I have to contact the office in Paris, ”

Even though we had a clue about what might have happened, we need evidence and a reason why he hit Sarah that day. Day by day all these discoveries are making me worry so much about her safety.

”Alex, you need to help Ben with the safety procedures, ” said Jonathan.

”Yes, I know bro. From what I see they are targeting Sarah again. Is this time about that foreign project? ”

”What do you mean again? ” asked Jonathan.

I explained to him the real reason why we gave up the Riverston project, and now we have a higher chance of winning the foreign design project. After listening to us he said, this time their approach is straightforward. And we need to be on our toes to look out for any incidents or situations that might damage our reputations.

”Ben since no one knows about the real connection between you and Sarah, they might try to approach her. ”

”Yes, I figured it out so Either me or Alex or Meg will be with Sarah all the time, ”

”I asked Markus to have security in civil clothes rather than uniforms, so she won doubt us, ”

”So I think I will get going and keep you guys informed on what I find, ” said Jonathan.

”Jonathan, come to my place this weekend to spend a day with us, ” I invited him.

”Thank you, Ben. Hmm… in that case, I will give all of you a surprise when we meet on that day, ” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

”Brother, can you at least give us a hint? ” asked Alex.

”Don want to spoil the fun of seeing you guys surprised. Bye guys, ”

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