She is….My Secret…

Protecting Sarah... (Uni days) and Now..

Meg had called and told Sarahs parents about my visit. I specifically told her not to tell Sarah because she was feeling hurt. And I just wanted to let her know I am there for her.

As usual, Markus didn want me to go alone, as the paparazzi would follow. Father created a buzz about me attending a social event in some other city to divert their attention. The worse part of being well known is losing your own privacy.

On the way, I bought some fruits and wine for her parents. As for Sarah, I got her a few cute soft plushies and some chocolates with the help of Meg and Alex the day before. Secretly to them, I got the newest rose gold Samsung Tab, so she can secretly write her novels anywhere she wants.

Sarah lived a bit far from the city. The surroundings changed and took a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Her parents house was a single-story modern home with a big garden filled with flowers and a mini vegetable garden. AS soon as they heard the car, Sarahs parents came in front.

”Hello, Mr. and Mrs.White, ” I said entering the home. They looked exactly like her.

”Come in, son, ” said Mr.White and looked at Markus.

”Sorry, this is Markus, my father won let me go anywhere without him, ” I explained.

”Nice to meet, sir. Sir, when you are ready to leave give me a ring, ” he said as he was about to leave.

”Why don you also stay, we could have lunch together, ” said Mrs. White invitingly.

”Thank you, Mama. My cousin lives nearby so I will go visit him as I hardly get such a chance, ” he said and I wondered how many cousins he had. If I count right this must be his fiftieth cousin.

The home looked so cozy and friendly. As we chatted for a while,

”Mr.White, I heard you went to school with my father, ”

”AHA… good old days, we both used to be the craziest duo in school, ” He said remembering some fun memories.

”This is news. I thought he was a pretty good boy at that time, well thats how he told me, ” I said hoping he will spill the beans so I can joke about them with my father.

Sarahs Mom came back from her room with a bowl of soup,

”Didn she have any? ” asked her dad.

”No, but her fever has gone down a bit, ” she said a bit worried.

”She had a fever? ” Now I was so worried.

”Yes, son. She had been a bit disturbed after the incident. And she was worried that she might not be able to draw, ” he explained.

”I am sorry uncle for what happened. Please forgive me. All this happened because of my status and being well-known. Sometimes others try to take advantage of it ” I said explaining.

”We understand son. I found out a bit about you and you seem like a gentleman, so I don mind you being friends with her. But be careful not to let anything happen to her, ” said her mom.

”Son, don think we are like those people who try to take advantage of you. We value being genuine and being honest, ” said her dad.

I felt as if a weight lift off. ”Mr. White, ” I said.

”You can call us uncle and aunty, technically you are a sone of my old friend, ” said Mr.White.

”Thank you, sir.. I mean uncle. Aunty is it ok if I go and see Sarah, ”

”Hmm.. there is something you need to know about her, ” said Aunt White.

I looked at both of them hoping for worse news.

”Sarah loved her big brother, Dave. But he passed away a few years ago, ” said Aunty unable to continue further.

”That was a huge blow for her. Apart from family and a few friends, she didn let any guy come close to her until you did, ” said uncle.

I looked at them. SO in her eyes, I am special and she accepted me as a friend.

”You can go see her, but with one condition, ” said Aunt.

”Hmm ” I agreed even without knowing the condition.

”Try to get her to have some soup. So she can have her medicine, ” she said.

”Ok, ” I accepted the challenge.

Her room was filled with books and some artwork she had done. Theres a photo hanging on the wall, with a boy. He seems about ten years older than her. They seem pretty close. I placed the soft plushies and the gift here and there in her room.

”Brother, ” I heard a faint voice, she was having a dream.

”Sarah, ” I tried to wake her but it didn work, so I hugged her tight till she calmed down.

After a few minutes, she opened her eyes and look at me.

”Hi, ” I sat beside her. ”How are you? ”

”Ahm… what are you doing here? ” she asked softly and winched at the same time.

”I was worried about you? ”

She looked at her hand with a worried face.

”HI, don worry. Will you let me help you? ” I asked looking into her eyes.

She just nodded as to say yes.

”Then first, will you please let me feed your soup? Your mom and dad are worried about you. ”

She started to eat it without a fuss while hugging one of the soft pulses I got her. It was another task to make her have the medicine to relieve the pain.

Meg called me at the same time,

”Hi, Miss Tomboy, ”

”Where are you? Can you have your best friend back, ”

”Why whats wrong? ”

”Hes like velcro, ”

”Sorry I cannot help you today. Im with your best friend, ” and I video called Meg and Alex.

We had a cheerful chat for a while and I persuade Sarah to go to the garden with me for some fresh air. Aunt gave a little Thank you nod to me as we went past the pantry which was filled with heavenly aromas.

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