l thought she could hide while looking like that, she was either really stupid or trying to be funny.

”Who are you? ” Leyon managed to ask, looking down at her crouched form.

Surprised, the little girl stared up at him, and then abruptly stood up. She continued staring at him as if waiting for him to speak again.

Leyon moved his eyes up and down the odd-looking girl. He was a little taller than her, but she seemed to be around his age. A notebook that was attached to a thin string hung from her neck, dangling over her stomach. The more Leyon looked at the girl, the more he was weirded out by her strange appearance.

After a few seconds of continuously staring back and forth at each other without saying a word, Leyon, still maintaining his cool composure, slightly opened his mouth. And with an impassive face, he said to the quiet girl, ”You smell like raw fish. ”

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