each other as they watched the interaction between the two children.

”Im sorry, Leyon, ” Evelyn said to him after a while. ”You must be confused. My Hikari, well, she can speak… but I hope you can become her friend. I think she really likes you. ”

Seeing her mothers warm and friendly nature towards Leyon, Hikari took it as approval and quickly scribbled something down on her notebook again.

”Will yu be my frend? ” it stated.

Leyon stared at Hikari, completely dumbfounded for a few seconds before replying, ”Yes… My name is Leyon. Its nice to meet you. ” He extended his hand, waiting for her to do the same.

Pausing a bit, as if contemplating whether or not to do it, Hikari slowly raised her hand to shake his.

”Isn your grandson such a gentleman? ” Evelyn said to Claire.

”Yup. My grandson is the best, ” Claire exclaimed in glee. ”Now get along well, you two. ”

Hikari felt her heart brimming with happiness. She even forgot the problems of her family for a moment. This was the first time that anyone had ever agreed to be her friend. Most of the children in her neighbourhood would only bully her or not want to be friends with her at all. They would not even play with her since she couldn speak. She was always the pitiful, mute girl that nobody cared about, that nobody paid any attention to. But Leyon was willing to be her friend. How could she not be happy?

”Its getting late. Hikari, lets go home, ” Evelyn said to her daughter.

”Is it really okay for you both to go back now? You
e welcome to stay the night here, Evelyn, ” Claire said, but Evelyn shook her head, denying the offer.

”Its really fine, mama Claire. Well be okay now, ” Evelyn firmly replied.

”I can help but worry. Your husband… ” Claire sighed, but she let it go after seeing the apologetic look on Evelyns face. ”Anyways, have a good night, my dear. ” Claire smiled sweetly.

”You too, mama Claire. ” Evelyn softly smiled back. ”Hikari, wave goodbye to Leyon. Lets go home. ” She motioned to her daughter.

Hikari reluctantly lifted her hand and waved goodbye to Leyon.

Standing in the doorway of their home, Claire and Leyon watched them go, their eyes fixed on their backs until they saw them finally disappear into the corner of the road.

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