Strength of Heart

The lives we give!

2 months pass while Kasai and his family are living a normal life in the village. One thing thats different is that Jins parents have been gone and Jin has been staying with Kasai until they return. Kasai has been worried because they left within saying, and when he went to visit he found jin in the middle of the floor crying. No one knows when theyll hear from Sasori again, all Kasai can hope is that wherever they are and whatever they
e doing that they
e fine.

Jin is only 2 years old and for him to be away from his family; its too much for a child to handle. Ziku loves Jin , hes always wanting to play with him and having fun. Ziku smiles and laughs the most when hes with Jin, bus hes only 2 months so theres only so much fun a baby could have. Jin loved being around Ziku as well , but you could tell that hes depressed about not having his parents around. What hurts the most is that he can figure out why they left.

Sasori and his wife are seen running and Sasori is holding her hand as they hide behind a tree. He tries to look back , but he almost gets hit by an arrow. He grabs his wifes hand and begin to run again. Behind them is multiple people chasing them with weapons. They run for awhile before they finally arrive at the village and go in easily. The people behind them get stopped by the barrier made by the Core. Kasai comes to the front of the barrier where the entrance is to talk. When he gets there a man walks up and begins to say,

” Mayonaka ” you dare have your people infiltrate our village and kill our villagers. ”

Kasai ” what are you talking about I didn order anything like that. ”

”Mayonaka ” I have no obligation to believe you, what I plan to do is go to war with this shit hole you call a village. ”

”Kasai ” I refuse , weve been at peace why would you want to end it! ”


”Kasai ” If its a war you want , its a war youll get! As I am prepared to do whatever it takes to protect my family. ”

”Mayonaka ” *starts laughing* war doesn lie, remember that, I suggest you prepare yourselves as we will attack without warning. ”

Kasai just watched them walk away. When he turns around his clan members ask if hes alright, he wipes his tears and just walks back through the village. Kasai just goes all the way home. When he gets home he just falls to his knees with his hands dragged against the floor. Natsumi comes to him, she doesn even ask whats wrong she just goes to sit in front of him and hugs him pulling him close. Kasai looks up and sees her smiling, as she wipes his tears then says : ” I know you hate war , but I smile because I trust you with my life and I trust you will make the right decisions for our family. ” Kasai stands up, puts his forehead against Natsumis and says : ” thank you , you truly are the reason I am strong. I will put an end to this war fast, to ensure our peace of not only our family , but the village. Eventually the world! ” Kasai grabs his sword and picks up Ziku. He kisses him on the forehead and tells him hes going to be back. Hes about leave but when he steps out the door Natsumi pulls him back, when he turns he sees her crying and she looks at him to say: ” Be careful , please! Come back to us! ” Kasai just smiles and nods his head. Kasai heads to the front entrance of the village with his Nakamura clan and a few members of the Core. Until someone asks if it was all they had to fight. Kasai tells them that the village really only has the Nakamura clan and the Core that are strong enough to fight, everyone else isn warrior material.

One of the members of the Core tells Kasai that he knows someone really strong, but they isolate themselves from the world.

Kasai : ” what is his name? ”

Hugo: ” Kai. ”

Kasai decides to go find Kai and see if he can get him to help them fight in the war. He arrives in the small town where Kai resides. Kai comes outside and walks straight to Kasai and he towers him. Kasai looks up, and then gets surrounded by a bunch of other men who are way bigger than him in comparison. Kasai gets on one knee to show he means no harm.

Kasai : ” Ive come to ask if you would assist in an upcoming war? ”

Kai : ” you expect me, to help you fight a war we are not apart of, a war that would inevitably destroy our town, a war that goes against what I believe in as an individual, a war that could kill hundreds of my clan members and a war that would only bring more hatred giving rise to more evil! ”

Kasai: ” … ”

Kai walks away telling Kasai to get lost.

Kasai : ” if we lose this war, they will no doubt come for you. I say this because if they win against a powerful village m, what is going to stop them from wanting to be in control of the entire world? ”

Kai : ” you make a good point, but I think we can take care of ourselves if things do escalate that far. ”

Kasai : ” my whole life Ive always hated war, I don like the idea of fighting. It starts with pain, followed by hate, I don believe men are born to be killers. I don believe the world can be saved. But sadly this is the kind of world we live in, when love is divided by hate, where we lose control of our feelings, and everything becomes a fight for power. Innocent people become victims of this worlds hatred, but I honestly feel like I can change all of that. I dream this life away and want perfect harmony, but I can do it alone! ”

Kai : ” your ideology is strong, like mine. I will help you, but we fight this war to change not destroy. ”

Kasai and Kai shake hands, when they do they feel a certain power that makes both of them feel some type of essence. Kai introduces Kasai to his family and clan and Kasai meets two year old Kame and it reminds him of Ziku. Kai then leaves his family to go with Kasai as the Chikara clan offer their assistance in the war. Before the war starts Kasai apologizes to everyone for bringing them into a war like this. Everyone then tells him how much they respect him for fighting what he believes in. Kasai looks down and sees the Nakamura clan and the Chikara clan fighting together as it makes him smile to see that the world isn all bad since people can come together and fight as one.

Suddenly without a warning the war begins as There are multiple explosions and few people already dead. Kasai makes a strategy to where he makes 6 groups of 10 people, 5 from each clan and he distinguishes them based on strength. Kasai goes by himself, he feels he can handle himself, but doesn think about his impact with the others on the battlefield. Kai stays with some of his members from his clan as they fight against 1500 warriors, its 11 vs 1500. Kasai gets ambushed as its 2000 warriors surrounding him, but every single one is afraid to attack because they know how strong he is. They all rush at him attacking as one, but Kasai fights them all defeating 2000 warriors, not a single one dead just unconscious. This feat went to frighten the everyone and the entire enemy gave order that if they were to see Kasai, they were to retreat. On the other hand Kai defeated all 1500 by himself, losing 2 people in the process, but again not a single enemy was killed. Kais feat went unnoticed as if it didn even happen, but they people who witnessed it knew. Kasai was still alone, fighting alone trying to keep advancing so he could eventually find the leader and put an to the war. Until he stumbles upon 11 of his clan members dead and blood everywhere. Upon those 11 he sees Natsumis younger brother. When he sees this he falls to his knees grabs her younger brother holding him in his hands just crying, as he apologizes for not being there. He starts to blame himself because its his fault for fighting alone , leaving everyone alone and vulnerable to death. At that point war has been going on for 2 years non stop, so it was non stop fighting and no stop killing. After awhile Kasai and Kai started to kill because they came to the conclusion that if they wanted to protect people they would have to, as much as it hurt both of them. They both realized that they killed innocent people fighting a war they didn want to be apart of. They tried sparing some, tried to change their motives, but they were too loyal to their village and wanted to die fighting. During this war Totsuki has been alive and has been manipulating people, placing seals on certain people.

It goes on to the third year as the only people alive are: Kasai, Sasori, Kai, Core members, and Kento which is Kais younger brother. In total thats 10 people left to fight against thousands. Kai starts to talk to Kasai.

Kai : ” the people who died during this 3 year span did not deserve to die! ”

Kasai : ” I understand that, our clan members laid down their lives for their families, it sucks to see people die then step over their body, but thats the cruel thing about war. It changes you. ”

Kai : ” hopefully when this is all over, we could live our lives the way we intended, then eventually work together to create ever-lasting peace. ”

Kasai : ” yeah, hopefully. I just want to see my family. ”

3 years of war and there is no sign of it ending. one day as the group is discussing their next strategy, Sasori gets into an argument with Kento, they never really liked each other, but things started to heat up when Sasori gets blamed for everything and gets called the reason for the lives that were lost. Kasai grabs Sasori trying to calm him down, as Kai does the same thing to Kento, but Kento brushes him off and walks away.

Kai: ” we can get torn apart now , I don know how much longer it will take, but we
e all we got and we
e all we need! ”

Kento: ” I never wanted to fight this war, this war was they
e problem they dragged us into and killed off most of our clan, my best friend is dead! I watched him bleed out just standing there not being able to do anything. Not for long, Im gonna end this war, Im gonna avenge Oto and our clan will be restored.

Kai gets worried as he sees something in Kentos eyes hes never seen before. He can truly tell hes hurting inside and that he has to fix it before it turns into something much worse.

This begins as the last stand , as its the 10 final warriors standing against almost 1,000 enemies. Mayonaka is by far the strongest opponent but he isn seen and Kasai knows now that Totsuki is alive. Kai and Kasai stand together as mayonaka and Totsuki show themselves.

Mayonaka: ” Kai! ”

Kasai : ” Mayonaka? I thought…. I thought you were dead?! ”

Mayonaka: ” I assure you I am very well alive and you will be the first person to feel my HATRED! ”

Mayonaka fights Kai, and takes him far from everyone else. And leaves Totsuki to fight Kasai.

Totsuki: ” Ive been itching to get my revenge on you! ”

Kasai: ” it will end the same way. I will make your defeat an inevitable goal. ”

Kasai and Totsuki begin to fight as Totsuki takes Kasai through the ground as they both are underground fighting. Sasori and Kento are back to back fighting with each other, working as a team. Just then two alone are able to defeat almost 200 warriors in 1 minute. Totsuki sees this a a problem and makes a clone that goes to fight Sasori.

Totsuki : ” I wonder, is your older brother even half as strong as you are? ”

Kasai : ” Sasori! ”

When Totsukis clone gets to Sasori he doesn waste time, he immediately grabs him and cinches on to him, just squeezing him to death. Sasori starts to cough up blood, Kento tries to get to him, but he has to fight his way towards him. Just when it seems like Sasori is losing consciousness Kento kicks Totsuki away. They
e surrounded ; Totsuki in front with about 400 warriors gathering. Kasai notices and gets mad, when he does his eyes are sparked by lightning with aura around his body as he headbutts Totsuki away then rushes towards Sasori. When he gets there he uses his lightning drill attack to defeat and kill nearly all the warriors surrounding them. Kasai looks at Totsuki and just stares at him. Making him combine bodies with his counterpart.

Totsuki : No! I will not be defeated by you anymore! This is the end for you and all of the Nakamura clan! ”

Totsuki ends up growing massive as his energy increases along with his power.

Kasai : ” Sasori. Get out of here. You can fight anymore, just leave Ill fight him. ”

Sasori : ” All alone? No. You
e my little brother Im not going to let you fight alone. ”

Kasai tells at Sasori : ”Theres no time for feelings right now , hurry up and go! ”

Sasori : ” No Im tired of being weak, Im tired of letting you down, Im———

Kasai punches Sasori in the stomach knocking him out. Before Sasori is unconscious he looks at Kasai and just says ”why? ” Kasai apologizes to him, telling him he understands his feelings, but some things are just not worth dying for. Kasai tells Kento to take Sasori far.

Kento : ” What about kai? ”

Kasai : ” Don worry hell be fine, Ill make sure of it. ”

Kento nods at Kasai then takes Sasori away. From those 10 warriors they had, only 4 survived.

It didn take long for Kai to start fighting seriously. It was the turning point of the fight as both Kasai and Kai were winning their fights. Although they
e winning, Kasai didn notice a shadowy figure following Kento. Totsuki gets angry cause he transformed and he still is no match for Kasai, then Mayonaka is pissed because of how much stronger Kai is. Mayonaka begins to smile since he has one final trump card, he closes his eyes then in an instant half his body is purple with a demon seal and when he is done with his transformation he tackles Kai and just starts punching him in the ground. Kasai turns around to check is hes alright and when he does it lets Totsuki transform again his final transformation as well.

Kasai is yet to be intimidated, Totsuki smiles as his power is enormous. All Kasai does is get in his fighting stance to get ready for a fearsome battle. Kasai and Totsuki are both evenly matched trading blows left and right. On the other hand its clear that Mayonaka is besting Kai, Kasai would try to help, but Totsuki wouldn let him. Mayonaka then makes a mistake while hes pounding Kai.

Mayonaka : ” When you
e dead, there will be no one to save the rest of your family and clan! Not only will I eradicate them, but those sons of yours will become my slaves! ” As he starts to laugh…

Kai ends up having a Vision, he can see a man walking with so much confidence and strength, but he doesn know who it is. Then there is someone next to him walking along side him.

Kai: ” You! You will not touch my family, you won touch my clan, you won even set foot in my town; I won even allow you to leave here alive! ”

Mayonaka starts to laugh, but when he punches Kai again it doesn do anything as Kai just starts rising up as Mayonaka keeps punching him nothing seems to be affecting him. Kai becomes strong, having a gold glow around his body. At this point Mayonaka is scared and can barely move his body, so Kai starts attacking him, hitting with a barrage of combos. Meanwhile Kasai and Totsuki are going at it, then it starts becoming evidently clear that Kasai and his speed are too much for anyone to handle. Totsuki loses all pride and just gets humiliated, he then tries to hold Kasai, at first he succeeds capturing him in his arms and trying to crush him, but Kasai just uses the lightning aura around his body to make a huge charge of energy that blasts Totsuki away. Mayonaka and Totsuki are against a wall, both unable to keep fighting. Kasai jumps in air.

Kasai: ” This ends now! ”

Both Mayonaka and Totsuki look up in the sky as they see nothing but lightning as Kasai has one final attack he unleashes that destroys everything in the area the size of 2 countries. When everything clears, there is no trace of anything as again Totsuki and Mayonaka are presumed dead.

Kento and Sasori are both stalked by the shadowy figure that was once chasing them. When it catches up it places a seal on both of them without them noticing and then vanishes. The seal on their bodies conceals itself hiding it away from them and anyone they encounter. It is now gone by the 4th year as the war finally came to an end. When Kasai finds Sasori he hugs him and tells him that they won, but Sasori says: ” it doesn feel like it. ” Kasai tells him its because of what they lost, it cost them a lot to win this war for their families and villages. Kasai and Sasori separate from Kai and Kento as they go different ways to get back home. Kai gets back to his small village as no one is excited to see him because of how much people he left with, just to return with only two. They inform everyone of the victory, but no one is grateful they just morn the deaths of those fallen later having a funeral. When Kasai returned it was the same no one excited to see them but their families, the Nakamura clan was only consisting of females and children all the men participated in the war and didn make it. The village was short a lot of people as they did the same. By morning the deaths of those who gave their life for the sake of the villages peace. When Kasai and Sasori got home their families greeted them with so much affection. Its just where was Ziku? Kasai saw his son for the first time in 4 years. He was all grown up and it was his birthday. Natsumi told Ziku to say hi to his father as she told him that its the greatest gift he could ever ask for. Ziku ran full speed and jumped in Kasais arms hugging him and crying.

Ziku just continues to cry.

Kasai tears up as well, but then says: ” Im so happy to see you Ziku, youve gotten so big. I truly missed you and your mother. I promised I would be back and I hope to never go back on that promise! ”

Natsumi tears up and smiles, along with Sasori and his family.

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