In a traditional Japanese house, there is a 12 year old boy who sits in the seiza position, the child has long black hair tied into a ponytail that leaves a few strands of hair on the left side of his face, despite his young, sharp facial features and serenity. in his pitch-black eyes made it impossible to ignore.

In front of him were a man and a woman sitting in seiza position, the man looked to be in his 30s with black hair and eyes and some gray hair showing, beside him, was a woman in her 30s with beautiful facial features and her long black hair that flowed beautifully. , hehad an aura of elegance around her and dazzling red eyes.

”Have you prepared everything? asked the man in a majestic voice.

”Yes, Father, ” the boy answered curtly.

”This is a card for you, it contains 500,000 yen for 1 month, in the future you will get 100,000 yen per month, use it properly. said the man calmly as he handed over the card.

The boy accepted it with both hands and bowed slightly to thank him.

”For school fees, you don have to worry, because our family is one of the donors in the school. ” Beside the man, the elegant woman, no, the childs mother said with a gentle smile on her face.

The boy only nodded politely in response, but deep in his eyes were some faint disdain that neither of his parents could see, he quickly hid those emotions with his usual polite smile.


After a brief talk about moving to Tokyo to study there, as well as some advice while staying at his aunt and uncles residence, mom and dad ended our conversation and I allowed myself to go out for an early break because tomorrow was the day I would be moving.

After politely closing the sliding door, I turned around and walked to my room, met a few maids, I passed them with my gentle smile without dropping my dignity as the young master of the Ryunosuke family.

Arriving in the room, I lay on the futoon while reminiscing about 12 years of my life in this new world, it may sound strange, because Im only 12 years old, why am I reminiscing about 12 years of my life? Do I remember my infancy too? Yeah, thats not wrong, because Im what people call a reincarnator, so as a baby, I already had adult consciousness in my 20s which was a pretty tough time to adapt, at that time I was probably a bit panicked because I didn know what was going on and just accept the factthat what has happened let it happen, until now there is nothing special about me like the system or the golden finger in the novels I read in a past life, but I developed my own ability where I train my brain to be able to remember more easily where it isdeveloped into a photographic memory which made my life easier, so I made the best use of that ability where I showed my private tutor that I could easily cope with all the subjects given by him, not satisfied with just that, I askedmy parents to ask other tutors to teach me subjects in middle and high school, maybe to some, it sounds redundant, but the Ryunosuke family is an upper class family that follows old traditions, and has strict rules, so, sometimes, if someone doesn show his worth(talent) in this family, then, even if it was me, Shinra Ryunosuke, the young master of the Ryunosuke family, there would be no exception for this family to ignore, and be left to start a life of his own after entering adulthood.

”Yeah… This might be interesting ” I said quietly while looking at my raised right hand.

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