The next day, at the gate in the Ryunosuke family, all the residents of Ryunosukes house, lined up neatly to watch their young master leave for Tokyo, some of the young maids had a look of sadness in their eyes, some even had their eyes swollen and red, as if they had been crying. overnight.

At the Ryunosuke family residence, although most of the family members were formal, even the maids and guards were the same, but, due to the memories of her past life, Shinra took advantage of her still ”cute ” appearance to get most of the people in the clan on her side, though,with the passage of time, and her strict family education, made Shinra have to behave more maturely than most children, it did not make Shinras relationship with some workers, especially female workers, distant, in fact, as Shinra grew older, it made thefemale workers at home become closer to him. Especially, when Shinra always worked out to improve her physical abilities in the morning and evening, where she would chat briefly with the maids who took turns watching her practice and preparing necessities such as energy drinks and towels.

In front of the gate, Shinra hugged an old woman in her 50s who is the grandmother of her fathers surviving family, after a while, the grandmother let go of Shinra with some tears showing on her old face…

”Take care of yourself there, if you need anything, call the house, and tell grandma what you want, Grandma will take care of everything from here… ” said the grandmother while kissing Shinras cheek.

Shinra, who heard that, nodded obediently while wiping her grandmothers tears.

”Don spoil her too much, ” said Shinras father, trying to remind the grandmother not to spoil her grandson too much.

”Shut up Fuji! This is my only grandson! How could I not spoil him! ” said the grandmother angrily because her disobedient son was too strict on his sweet grandson…

”Never mind… Never mind… pampering her isn good for her, but you too dear, don be too strict with Shinra ” said Shinras mother, trying to calm the situation with a gentle smile on her face.

Shinra, who saw her mother trying to resolve the situation with her usual gentle smile, couldn help but smile wryly before remembering her childhood which made her nauseous seeing her mothers face, however, She quickly covered it well so that no one else could see it.


”Okay, Moms right, Grandma don need to worry, Ill call Grandma even when I don need anything, because I might miss Grandma ” I said with a soft smile on my face which made Grandma smile happily and hugged me once again before parting because of a voice. Fatherwhich reminds me of Grandma once again.

”Before that, apart from you, I also ordered a maid to follow you, to take care of your daily needs, since your aunt and uncle don have any maids there, Ive also reminded your aunt and uncle that this maid is especially for you so you don get too excited. trouble themwhile you are there, Aiko, come here! My father said in a loud voice, and in the line of maids, I saw an acquaintance there who came out and headed towards us, where there was a woman in her 20s with brown hair and eyes, wearing the standard black and white maid outfit, which couldn hide her curvaceous body. captivating.

I saw that Aiko reached our place gracefully while bowing respectfully to Father, Mother, Me, and Grandma, whereupon she finished and stood respectfully behind me in silence.

”Thank you, Father ” I said softly while smiling at my father, and glanced at my Grandma, because I knew, with Fathers nature, there was no way he would give me a maid, moreover it was Aiko, who was very close to Grandma and I.

And when I saw Dad nodded formally to thank me, I saw Grandma also nodded while saying ”Umu umu… ”

I just smiled at his behavior and once again, my Mom and Dad reminded me of a few things where I nodded slowly to let them know I heard it, and after a while, I got into the family car with the R sign on the entrance, and I saw Aikowent in to drive it, which I didn really care because maybe this car was reserved for me going to Tokyo and would be one of my vehicles in Tokyo later when I went to school, which of course, I would just hitch a ride, and Aiko was the one driving because I haven enoughage…

Tokyo, in a certain simple house, there is a man with a face 70-80% similar to Shinras father, his name is Futake Ryunosuke, the younger brother of Fuuhi Ryunosuke, who is Shinras uncle, while there is a beautiful mature woman with purple hair and purple eyes. seductive, as well as a mole onUnder her sexy lips, wearing a tight black home dress that couldn hide her curvaceous figure and big E-cup breasts, She was Saeko Ryunosuke, the wife of Futake, who was Shinras aunt.

”I can wait to meet Shinra, its been a long time since she came here, do you know the reason, dear? asked Saeko while looking at her husband.

”Yeah, you know that my brother and sister-in-law are always strict in everything, so, Shinra is probably studying hard at her place, for ethics and so on… ” Futake replied casually because he knew how strict his main familys education was.

”Ohh, after you mention it, Im a bit sad for Shinra, maybe, while shes here, we can pamper her? He he .. ” Saeko said with a sweet smile while looking at her husband expectantly.

”Whatever, for sure, its not necessary, because he has to be the next family heir, its a responsibility that must be borne by him. Futake replied after a moment of thinking while remembering his past, he woke up when he heard the doorbell ring.

”Come on, honey, hurry up, its probably Shinra whos coming ” said Saeko, who was already ahead of her. Fuji followed his wife while shaking his head.

The trip to Tokyo wasn too long, along the way, I looked around while seeing some things that had changed from the past, the last time I went to Tokyo was at the wedding of my uncle and aunt 2 years ago, at that time, I, Grandma and several maids from Ryunosuke familycame a week before the wedding, the Ryunosuke familys helpers helped with the wedding preparations while my grandmother and I met my future aunt who turned out to be very beautiful and sexy, which made me think that my uncle was a very lucky person…

Yeah, even though Im excited on the inside, my outer appearance is always calm without letting anyone know what Im thinking as if even if the end of the world comes, my face might also be calm, its the combination of talent and hard work that keeps me calm in any situation. because of family education in providing some unexpected experiences in front of me…

”Shinra sama, we have arrived ” Aiko said with a hint of gentleness in her monotonous voice.

”Alright, lets go inside, uncle and aunt may be waiting for us ” I replied as I got out of the car, and walked towards the door of the house followed by Aiko behind me. When I rang the bell, moments later I saw a beautiful mature woman with purple hair and seductive purple eyes, and a mole under her sexy lips, wearing a tight black home dress that couldn hide her wavy figure, a mature woman. It instantly embraced me between its two majestic twin peaks, and thats when I truly realized how lucky my uncle…

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