Surviving as the Vampire Lord’s Omega

Chapter II Within the Vampire\'s Castle

” Father, mother no! ” The voice of a young man resonated within the Throne room, he cried as he kneeled in front of the corpses of his parents, the late king of the Andes, and her queen consort. In front there stood an old-looking man, whose sword still dripped the blood of the two royals, proving his identity as the assassin of the young princess parents.

”Why… Why did you do this, monster?! ” Spatted the young man, one of the soldiers that accompanied the old man was about to unsheathe their sword when she was stopped by her commander. Then the old man proceeds to get closer to the young princess and kneeled to be at the same eye level.

” My pretty princess, Im the Vampire Lord and Im known for taking everything I want. I wanted to have the rich country of the Andes and is mine now. And, like that I can make you mine too ” He smirked after delivering this sentence, making the princess feel repulsion. So many things had happened today, his country was annihilated and his parents dead, and the man in front of him was the one behind this.

Suddenly, The princess couldn stand anymore the smell of blood and the gruesome scene of his parents corpses, making him lose consciousness. The vampire lord got up and got close to the unconscious body of the young man and lifted him in his arms, carrying him princess-style.

The old man noticed how small was the princess and his ”sleeping ” face looked like a Sleeping Beauty. He felt lucky of finding such a beautiful sample, a petite omega boy, with dark skin that contrasted really well with his lavender eyes and dark red lips. He wouldn wait for the time he made him his omega and feed

on his virginal blood, is said that a virgin omegas blood is so sweet that it can be addictive for a vampire and more, for a vampire alpha, a sensation that the old man wanted to feel again after a long time.

With a turn, the vampire faced his men and with a victorious smile, he proclaimed ” soldiers! we managed to conquest another territory, let us return victorious to our homeland and have a feast to congratulate our victory! ”

The soldiers answered with acclamations and the troop proceed to exit the now besieged castle following their commander. Outside stood a group of survivors, the few remaining citizens of Andes. When they saw their dear princess unconscious in the arms of the one who ruined their country, they revolted.

” What did you do to our princess, monster?! ” Exclaimed one of the survivors, who launched toward the vampire with a silver dagger she had hidden. But before being able to touch the vampire, she was stabbed by one of the soldiers. This death scene left the citizens astonished and more terrified than before.

”Dear Andes citizens, your little princess is okay he is just unconscious. But I have something more important to announce, as you see your king is dead so Ill be your new leader, and you will be under my command and those who defy me will meet a painful end, take the death of that woman as a warning. ” And with that, the citizens were dismissed, scared of what their new life will be like.

Then, the old man mounted his loyal steed, holding the unconscious princess with one hand and the other hand holding the horses reins, and with a little kick, the vampire lord with his army started their journey back to the snowy kingdom of Crimson. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The princess opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was that he lied on a pink big bed with a pastel canopy that covered the bed, and saw the pink, flowery tapestry that decorated the walls of the bedroom. A dream bedroom for any feminine person. Then He noticed that he no longer wore his blood-stained dress, but a pastel pink, long nightgown was in its place, a blush appeared on his cheek at the thought of who changed his clothes, he hoped it wasn that perverted old man.

” I see that you
e awake, my pretty princess ” that voice brought shivers to the body of the princess, he slowly moved his head to the source of the voice. He saw the man, the one who took everything he loved from him. He was sitting on an armchair, his crimson eyes looking straight at him. The young man got so scared to see him that he clings to the blankets and started to back up, trying to create distance between himself and the vampire.

”Now, now my dear. I won hurt you, sorry for my manners, I haven revealed my name to you. Im Stephan Crimson, the Vampire Lord of the Crimson Kingdom, I welcome you to my castle at the Kingdom of Crimson. so what is your name my pretty princess? ” Said the old man while holding the delicate hand of the youth in his rough, big hand.

”Its Orquídea de Los Andes, my lord ” Answered the princess, quietly and obediently, shivering due to the cold touch of the Vampire.

” Such a pretty name for a pretty man like you. I see why you
e called Orquídea, your eyes look like two beautiful orchid flowers. ” Stephan placed his other hand on the cheek of the princess, looking straight at the lavender eyes that stared at him with fear, a reaction that was delightful for the old man because it asserted his domination over the petite man.

” Your majesty, the court is waiting for your presence. ” said a woman bowing before the presence of her lord.

” Ill go now Camilla thank you for informing me, you have been dismissed ” And with a last bow the woman disappeared into the hallway. ” It seems that I have to go now, but there is nothing to worry my little flower, Ill be back soon. For the time being, Ill send you one of my servants with dinner, I guess you are hungry after being unconscious for a whole day ” at the end of his sentence, Stephan gave Orquídea a kiss on the forehead, causing a trail of tears to fall from the princess eyes, something that the older man noticed and wiped the tears.

” It has been a rough day for you, be free to relax and stay in this room. When I come back from my meeting, I will tour you around my castle. ” Said Stephan with a warm smile, and after kissing the princess hand and letting it free, Orquídea retracted his hand and hold it onto his torso, whimpering. The vampire loved how fearful the young man acted in his presence. Making him his wouldn be a hard job.

Stephan stood up and walked towards the door, ” I welcome you once again to my humble castle which will be your new home, my precious Orquídea, ” He welcomed the young princess one more time with reverence before leaving and closing the door.

Orquídea was left alone and broke down crying, hiding his face in his hands. why these bad things had to happen to him? What did he do to deserve this? days ago he was living a happy life with his family, and suddenly he was left alone in the world. And that man, why was he being so gentle and sympathetic with him? He was the assassin of his parents, he hated it to have him so close, being able for him to touch him, and kiss him. The young prince was scared of his fate, he understood that the old Vampire Lord wants him as his omega, but he didn want

that. He wouldn like to offer his body and life to the alpha who took everything he loved the most in a frame of just one day.

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