Knock knock.

”within the vampire castle ”

” My lady, Im Rose and his majesty sent you dinner ” Orquídea heard a young, high-pitched voice from the other side of the door. ”Probably the servant that man told me about. ” Thought the young man, ”You can come inside ” he replied.

The door opened, and a teen-looking boy entered, his ginger hair was in a braid and wore a standard, black maid dress. In his hands, there was a food tray, with a plate and a cup. Rose got close to the big bed in the middle of the bedroom and placed it over the lap of the princess.

” Hope you enjoy the food, my lady. If there is anything you need you can call me using the rope that its hanging in the right corner of the bedroom, by the curtains. ” Said Rose before walking to the door.

” Thank you ” responded Orquídea with a small smile, the teen maid returned the smile and after a small bow, he left the room.

Orquídea looked at the food tray on his lap, in the plate there was a grilled chicken steak with a small portion of rice and vegetables, and in the cup there was wine. The young man started to eat slowly and felt how his hunger dissipated every time he took a bite. After he was done, he placed the food tray away and went to the rope that the young servant indicated to him, he grabbed it and pulled it, hearing the sound of a bell.

knock knock

In a matter of minutes, someone knocked on the door, and Orquídea went to open it. He saw that it was the same maid from before. He came inside and picked up the tray that was neatly placed over the bed, ” Did you like the food, my lady? ” Asked Rose smiling.

” Yes, thank you. Rose, you don have to refer to me as my lady, you can just call me Orquídea ” Inquired the princess, the teen maid got surprised to hear this.

”Im sorry my lady, But I can treat you so casually, his majesty would be so angry with me. ” Said nervously the young boy, shaking his head to the sides.

”I see, but you know we can treat each other as friends wherever he isn around. Im not fond of being treated with honorifics. ” Assured the princess, warmly smiling at the young maid. The maid smiled back and left the room with the food tray.

Orquídea laughed because of the boys behavior, he was really cute. He was told that all vampires and the creatures of the night were cold and ruthless, but with this maid it was different, he looked like a good boy, and hope to see more of him during his stay at the castle. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Orquídea looks out at the window, it was a starry night, the fool moon illuminated the town and the reflection of the moonlight that decorated the snow made it look like a painting. Looking at this landscape made Orquídea remember his motherland, a place where during winter, the city was decorated with snow and the snowy mountains framed the landscape, having a similar, picturesque effect to that city. A little tear called on his cheek upon remembering his hometown.

Then the door suddenly opened and the young princess felt a presence enter the room.

” My precious Orquídea, I am back from my court meeting. I hope you enjoyed the dinner I sent you ” the voice of the conqueror of his kingdom was the only sound in the room. Orquídea turned around and faced the vampire. His long, white hair was illuminated by the moon, and his bloody eyes seemed that glow in the dark. He saw as he smiled and made his way toward him, his fear growing with every step the vampire took.

staying within some centimeters away from the young man, Stephan proceed to touch his face, the princess still shivered under his touch and looked down. ” Why aren saying anything, my dear? did the food displease you? ” Asked Stephan, the princess wasn able to speak and just shocked negatively his head, keeping his eyes down so he couldn see those bright eyes, something that displeased the vampire.

” Look at me, you know its bad manners to not look at the eyes of the person you
e talking to. ” Stephan grabbed Orquídeas chin and made him look into his eyes.

” Im sorry your majesty… it won happen again. ” Orquídea apologized, hating the fact that he was made to look at those eyes but didn want to defy the old man.

” Good, I love obedient omegas ” Replied Stephan with a wicked snicker, scaring Orquídea even more. ” Now my dear, I promised you to tour you around the castle so I came to pick you up and show you around. ” He offered his arm which Orquídea didn have any other option than accept it. Orquídea noticed how small was he in comparison to the vampire lord, almost reaching his shoulder.

And so the couple walked together around the castle, the vampire lord showing his castle with such pride that made Orquídea question how many conquest and deaths took to make this castle so impressive. they walked through different

places: the courtyard, throne room, ballroom, dining hall, library, and came back to the hall where the bedrooms were. All of them were luxuriously decorated with artifacts that he recognized from other destroyed kingdoms even some of his own, something that made Orquídea sick. Then they returned to the bedroom hall, where Stephans room and studio were out of reach.

” Why? Are there any secrets you want to hide from me? Why would you prohibit the place where you would ** me?! ” Questioned the young princess due to the limitations, he usually didn use vulgar words but the situation made him react.

” You don need to know none of that, you are just prohibited from entering and thats it. Try to defy my orders, and you would be punished. ” Answered Stephan with a deep voice which made the young princess stop questioning the old man, and just accept the prohibitions.

Returning to Orquídeas new bedroom, the couple entered and the young princess was scared of what would happen after. He felt the red eyes of the vampire on his neck and the big hands touching his waist, making the silk stick more to the body of the young princess, emphasizing his petite, slender body.

” I see you know the reason why I took you with me. Yes, I want to claim your body and make it mine, placing my mark upon your neck. ” Spoke Stephan, nuzzling the neck of the princess and pushing the petite body toward his body, Orquídea wanted to puke and tried to get him off him but the vampire was by far stronger than him. ” As well I want to get a taste of your sweet virginal blood ” The vampire finished with a lick on the tender neck, causing whimpers from the petite princess in his embrace.

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