Orquídea whimpered, his body trembling under the embrace of the vampire lord. With the limited light, the princess could see the big vampire fang, and the glance petrified the young man. Stephan got close to the princesss trapezius muscle and enjoyed his sweet smell, and opening his mouth, the vampire injected his fangs into the tender skin.

” Ahhh… ” gasped Orquídea, this is the first time he felt such agonizing pain, it was so bad that he put his arms around Stephans neck, clinging onto him as a reaction to the excruciating pain he felt, it was like his life was being sucked from him.

What for Orquídea was hell, for Stephan was paradise. The moment he got to taste the blood he felt like drinking some sweet elixir, instead of the metallic taste of a regular person this one tasted like honey. Truly, virgin omega blood is one of a kind.

Stephan brought the princesss body closer to him, Orquídea didn feel the floor and started to feel dizzy, losing his strength and dropping his limbs to the sides, he didn lose consciousness but he was weak, giving up himself to the vampiric embrace.

Stephan noticed this, he felt the princess body heavier than it should be and no longer felt his arms on his neck. Stephan decided to retract from the tender skin with the last lick to clean the remained blood and saw that Orquídea was weak, to the point of falling unconscious. The blood was addictive, yes. But for the princess well-being, it was time to stop, besides this omega is his and his blood is available to him wherever he needed.

He lifted the petite body and carried it in his arms, he saw how his pretty princess placed his head on his chest, and weakly hold onto the vampires garment with one of his small hands. Stephan got close to the pink bed and delicately placed the princess on it, and then he lay beside Orquídea. The princess saw him with weak, purple eyes that the moonlight along the subtle light of the candle lighted, his purple eyes looked like something from a fairytale and were something he saw just once before meeting Orquídea.

Then Stephan placed his hand on Orquídeas cheeks, he noticed that instead of shivering or retracting from his touch, he was accepting it, nuzzling his head into the old mans hand. The young princess was so weak, is true that he hated the vampire but he didn want to fight, he just wants love and being spoiled for now and would accept any form of it, even from the one that took everything from him.

Stephan smiled, his orchid looked so adorable accepting his touch. So he brought him to his embrace, the princess buried his head on his chest and placed his arms on his torso, the vampire passed his hand through the dark hair of the princess, letting his hand feel the soft curls of his hair combing it with his fingers. Orquídea found this relaxing, and it was a matter of minutes before he fell asleep, letting himself drift within the safe embrace.

The old man looked at the young princess sleeping on his chest, his respiration followed a slow, relaxed pattern. It was true, his dear little princess looked like a Sleeping Beauty, and more with the ambient light that reflected on his face, making him look like a scene from that same fairytale, a beautiful princess waiting for his princess to kiss him and being saved. He knew it won be like that, in this story there wasn any prince that will save the princess, because that same prince was the same one that kidnapped the princess and cursed him, so he can be with the princess for eternity.

Stephan laughed at this little story he made on his head, holding the princess close to his chest, he buried his face in Orquídeas hair breathing in his sweet aroma. Yes, this princess will always be his, in blood and body, and no one will take him away, he won permit that.


The princess opened his eyes, he saw through the window the sun rays penetrating the room, he turned and noticed that there wasn anyone on the other side of the bed, but there were wrinkles that proved someone has lied there recently. Orquídea came to the conclusion that the vampire had to go to his bedroom to shield himself from the sun. Then he felt pain near his neck and passed his hand over the bite mark from last night, he couldn believe that this will be his life from now on, a feeding bag for the vampire lord.

But, he remembered his actions towards the old man, how he leaned into his touch and accept his embrace. He loathed his desire for love and attention, he even would accept it from his enemy if he shows some kind of affection. He was spoiled, his parents always would give him loads of love and attention but now that they aren with him, the only one whom he would seek that absence of love is that man.

Orquídea sighed and called the young maid by using the rope, after some time a knock was heard on the door.

” You can come in ” Replied Orquídea.

The door opened and the young maid entered into the room, his freckled face expressed a smile to the princess, a gesture he returned happily.

” What did my lady call me for? ” Asked Rose bowing.

” Remember, you don have to call me my lady with just Orquídea is okay, ” said the princess kindly, the teen felt quite uncomfortable hearing this so Orquídea opts for not to continue pressing the young boy ” I called you because I would like for you to fix me a bath please, I have more of one day without bathing and I would love a warm bath. I would be thankful if you made that possible. ”

” Yes my lady, Ill fix you a bath right away ” Responded Rose, then he proceeds to the bathroom. Obviously, being careful with the sun to not burn himself. The princess noticed this and closed the curtains. Now the room was a little bit darker, so Orquídea turned on the lamp on the nightstand beside the bed.

” your bath is ready my lady, you can enter and Ill prepare your clothes, ” Said Rose exiting the bathroom, he noticed that the curtains were closed and instead a lamp illuminated the room. Rose noticed that his lady did this so he can be more comfortable in the bedroom, Rose blushed a little and smiled because his lady was considerate of him.

” Thank you, Rose ” Thanked the princess and proceeded to the bathroom, being there he noticed a luxurious bathtub filled with warm water and bubbles that smelled like roses. the princess breathed the aroma and smiled, then he discarded his night dress and slippers and entered the bathtub.

Letting the water cover his body and letting the dulce aroma take control of him, not letting anything outside or thoughts affect him, and just having this time for himself to relax.

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