Surviving as the Vampire Lord’s Omega

Chapter VII Heat And First-time Yearning

After dinner was done, the vampire lord got up from his seat and walked to where his princess seat was. There, he offered a hand and the princess accepted his hand and rose up, then the vampire placed a hand on his orchids tiny waist.

” Did you enjoy dinner, my dear? ” Asked Stephan, his eyes locked on the purple eyes he felt attracted to.

” Yes my lord, I found dinner rather exquisite ” affirmed Orquídea, trying to act natural, he smiled after he delivered his response bringing up an affirmative smile on Stephans lips ” And you, my lord, did you like dinner? ” Asked the young man, simulating the question the old man had asked him earlier.

he looked at him with a pleased expression and pushed the tiny body closer to his large body, ” yes, my dear princess. And I enjoyed it more by having you accompany me. ” replied Stephan, his arm still on the princess waist while the other hand traveled across his the rounded face, outlining the chubby cheek.

Orquídea just offered a shy smile and leaned into his touch, holding the vampires hand to his cheek with his small hands. He just wanted to feel the kindness the vampire expressed through his actions, if he continued accepting his kindness, would that mean he forgot about what happened and fell in love with his captor? He doesn know about falling in love with him, but he knows he won forget his family and what that man did to them.

” My princess, do you want to take a toll around the gardens? You will love all the flowers there? ” Stephans voice brought Orquídea to reality, he noticed he still leaned into his hand and let it go with an embarrassed face. The vampire thought that his actions were kind of cute, he knows that the princess accepts all of his caresses and doesn defy his commands, a doll for him to manipulate but with loathing for him in his human heart. He won be needing his love, as long he has his body and bears his heir, it was enough, isn it? Of course, he killed people and was known for his tyranny, but he wasn a monster who forced his way onto his partner, he was patient, and will wait for the day his princess gives his body to him willingly, and he knows it won take so long to for it to happen.

” Yes my lord, I would love to! ” Exclaimed the princess, he was kind of excited to see flowers, he was fond of gardens and different species of flowers, so of course, he would like to see what kind of flowers would grow in a country where there is not enough sun for them to grow. The vampire replied with a smile and offered his arm which the princess accepted, and made their way to the gardens.


The gardens were big and spacious, something to expect from this luxurious castle, their tones conformed of a variety of dark tones and there were even a lot of trees together having the layout of a dense forest rather than the standard layout of gardens.

Orquídea was kind of impressed he had never seen a castle with a garden that was more of a forest than a garden, and the plants, their leaves had a different range of colors that he had never seen in his kingdom, was it an adaptation to survive with so little sun? Probably. Then they reached a section that had impressed more the princess than before, a full space dedicated to different flowers.

There, they were flowers of different colors and types, Orquídea was so amazed looking at them that he left Stephans side to examine the flowers close, they were unique in their style, with different shapes of petals and different colors, some with thorns and some not.

” I see you love flowers, my dear princess ” Inquired the vampire, closing his distance with orquídea, looking over his shoulders.

” Yes, my kingdom was known for having lots of flowers, even my castle was adorned with gardens. So since small, I loved the colors and smell the flowers had. ” Responded Orquídea, depressed because of the sad memories this brought up. The vampire noticed this and took Orquídeas hand and led him to a loveseat of marble, where he took a seat and the princess kneeled on his side, placing his head on his lap. ”Why?… why are you so good to me? ” whispered the princess, his tears falling across his face to the lap of the old man ” you took everything from me and forcefully took me away, you treat me nice and don try to **** me. Why?… is it a way to manipulate me? To make me not think you aren a monster, and fall in love with you? ”

Stephan looked at the young boy with a perplexed look, the princess had discovered him, but he won have any reasons to be abusive towards the petite male, why would he damage his princess? the one that motivated his conquest of Los Andes country. He passed his hand through his curls, feeling the softness of his hair on his fingers.

” My dear, you have to know something. Im a conqueror, yes I feel pride in forcefully taking forcefully what I find beautiful, but that doesn mean that Im a monster that likes to **** beauties. ” Stephan took a hold of Orquídeas face and made him look at him directly ” And, its the same for you, my princess. ”

The old man cleaned the tears of the young man and made him stand up along with him. Then, Stephan returned his hand to the rounded face, which traveled from the chubby cheek to the young princesss dark red lips, the rough thumb caress the plum lips, feeling its softness. They looked so red and soft that the vampire wanted them to feel them on his lips, so he brought the princess closer to his body and slowly started kissing him. Orquídea was startled at first but slowly let himself be kissed by the vampire, the young princess hugged the old vampires neck while he had his arms around his tiny waist, holding him close to his body. The kiss went from a slow-paced kiss to a more passionate, heated one. A couple sharing their first show of passion under the moonlight with the flora being the only witnesses.

After a moment, Orquídea broke up the kiss to get some air. Stephan smiled and caressed his face bringing him into a tight hug, The princess had found a new side to the vampire while his stay in the castle, one different from the conqueror that destroyed everything on his way, a man that knows about love and compassion, and that is patient as well. Probably Orquídea has started to develop an attraction to this man, an attraction that differs from those in his happy love story.

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