After the bath Orquídea took a robe and put it around him, adjusting it tight around his waist, when he go out of the bathroom he saw that Rose had lied out his fit for that on the bed and was waiting by the bed, ready to help his lady with the clothes.

” did you like the bath, my lady? ”

” Yes Rose, thank you ”

Rose smiled and proceeds to help the princess with the clothes. The fit consisted of a blouse with a pink jump skirt a little bit under the knees and a corset that emphasize Orquídeas thin frame. with cotton sock laces and dark pink Mary Jane shoes that unified the fit and made it look cute. Rose smiled and really loved the way his lady looked so adorable in the costume he picked for him, and probably the lord will like it too.

Then Rose started combing the hair of the princess, trying to achieve those beautiful curls that made Orquídea much prettier than he is. He went for a style that was simple but at the same time pretty, a simple half-ponytail that was decorated with a pink ribbon around it. The princess looked in the mirror and fell in love with his look. A pretty, simple look that made him look like a pretty omega from the fairy tales his mother would narrate to him when he was a little.

” You look so beautiful, my lady ” Said Rose, clasping his hands together, proud of his work.

” Thanks to you Rose, you know how to stylize looks. Im glad to have you as my maid. ” Replied Orquídea as he twirled in front of the mirror.

” Im so happy having you as my lady too, you are so nice! ” Exclaimed happily the young maid.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

” Come on in! ” Answered Orquídea.

The door opened revealing a woman, the same woman that had called Stephan for a meeting last night, he could see her clearly. A tall, lean, dark skin woman with long, blonde dreads and bright amber eyes. He was sure her name was Camila, or that is what he heard from Stephan when he referred to her.

” His lordship wants to see you in the library ” Announced the woman while bowing.

” Okay, Ill go now thank you. ” Replied the princess, Camila bowed again and transformed into a cloud of bats. Orquídea was quite impressed with this, never thought vampires did those sorts of things.

Another thing that made the young princess question, was why the old man wanted him? wasn he sleeping? there was some sun, why would he be awake? When the princess opened the curtains he noticed that the sun had set and the night had taken his place instead, a full moon radiating the sky.

At this time Orquídea learned that in this country, the sun just rises for 2 hours and is night the rest of the day. He dismissed Rose and made his way to the library, which wasn really far. When the princess arrived, he knocked on the door and said his name.

” You can enter my little flower ” He heard the deep voice on the other side of the door, trembling Orquídea opened the door.

there was a big library, filled with a variety of books. It was so big that there was even a second floor that can be reached through some spiral wood stairs. Then he looked at the big armchair in the center, there he was, the man responsible for his despair, the one that brought everything he loved to an end, comfortably reading a book as if nothing had happened.

” My lord, what did you call me for? ” Asked softly Orquídea, bringing his hands to his chest, fearful of the vampires presence.

” Come here my precious ” Signaled the vampire.

Orquídea got close with slow and trembling steps, what did the vampire want to do with him? feed off his blood? taking him right there? when he got close he was pulled to the vampires lap, and cradled in his arms.

” You
e looking pretty today, my dear ” Complimented Stephan, his hands caressing the petite frame of his dear princess seated on his lap.

” Its thanks to you my Lord, I thank you for the clothes ” Said the young man.

” Its nothing my sweetie, I love to see you dressed as the princess you are. Wearing pink, frilled dresses. ” Answered back the old man, a smile could be seen on his padlock mustache, Orquídea couldn understand why the vampire was being so nice to him.

” Can you please tell me why am I here? are you going to drink my blood? ”

” Haha no my little flower, Im full and I don need your blood for now. But… ” Orquídea felt how the old man caressed his thigh, climbing his way underneath his skirt, feeling the soft fabric of his bloomers ”… we can do our bonding ritual, what do you think my little Orquídea? ”

” No…please, please… don do it… my lord ” Orquídea whimpered and buried his face in the chest of the old man, holding onto his peasant shirt. Stephan looked at the way his princess reacted to his advancements, so he retired his hand from the soft thigh of the young man and sweetly comforted Orquídea.

” shh.. shh, its okay my little orchid. Everything is okay, there is nothing to cry about. ” Comforted the older man, the young man still whimpering into his chest. Within the frame of some minutes, the prince started to calm himself and Stephan grabbed his chin forcing him to look into his eyes.

” My dear, I know you are afraid of bonding and partaking in intimate relations. ” Said Stephan, his scarlet eyes locked with the big, watering lavender eyes that looked at him with fear. ” But as my omega, you have to be able to bond and accept me as your alpha. At the time of your next heat, you shall get ready because we will bond, and you will be officially mine. ”

Fear increased within Orquídeas petite body, he was so afraid of giving his body to someone, and more when is forced. And he was in a difficult position because he expected his heat to come soon.

Orquídea just nodded and let the old man continue to caress his body, he just lied his head on Stephans torso and closed his eyes, waiting quietly for the time that he, as a prey, become completely owned by the predator.

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