Reopening day! Yes, people have started coming back to school. Amahle brought me some South African treats like Amadumbe and I was blown away as to how good it tasted. While I helped her in packing her luggage in her room she told me about the fun she had while I was battling my hormones anytime I found myself alone with Richard either in his house or my hostel.

According to her, Amadumbe resembles sweet potatoes. Its either boiled, steamed or grilled. It made me miss fufu a whole lot. For more than six months, I haven swallowed some fufu and groundnut soup. I need some right now and I would spare it no mercy if it mistakenly appeared infront of me.

I love the way you enjoyed your country. I really miss mine. She widened her lips in a smile, I love my country. I really felt at home. When the end of the vacation approached,I really hated time for moving so quickly.

How was your time here? I am sure you had a wonderful time here. At least you have gotten the chance to explore Boston further.

I got a special someone to hang out with over the vacation and it wasn amazing as yours but I did have a good time , I explained feeling all bubbly and excited.

Tell me who it is. It must be a boy because you look flushed, she dragged a chair and sat in front of me.

It was Richard. He is such a gentleman. I am sure if you see him, you would think he is a bad guy but he isn . He is the sweetest gumdrop.

Look I am not someone who goes about saying people are bad by just a few tattoos and piercings. However, the people you are hanging out with are trouble. You have experienced a bit of it at that party last semester.

She looked at me in a way that sent venom through my tongue and I said the worst thing I could say.

You know what, Richard was right .

About what? she enquired.

Some people come into your life just to ruin your relationships and friendships. I think you must be that person in my life , I blurted out. The problem was even though Amahle looked hurt by my words, my stubborn mouth just didn keep shut.

Where is all this coming from? I am just looking out for you. I am actually really happy that you have friends but I know Tristan and Rebecca are just crooks. I don trust that Richard guy.

Something must have infiltrated my bloodstream. I hated that she said that about Richard. He has actually proven to be a very good boy, despite the partying and tattoos on his body.

Oh I get it now. You don have a boy who treats you like Richard treats me so you want to taint him in my eyes, I scolded her.

Thats when she stood up now glaring at me with eyes I have never seen since we became friends. I almost wanted to squirm back into my shell but I stood firm.

You stupid girl. Do you know the number of men who slip through my DMs every day. Look I am not a naive imbecile like you. If thats the kind of person you think I am just because I am looking out for you then save yourself trouble and walk out of my room and don ever talk to me.

I just turned my back away and moved towards the door. Did I overreact and just ruin a good friendship for a boy? No, not in my opinion. I don know what her problem is with people and judging them by their appearance.

Deep down I felt bad because I said very terrible things but right now I feel like I did the right thing. I sat down on my bed trying to get my emotions to settle down. Becky came out from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her hair and the other covered the upper part of her body. I am happy to see you but I just got into an argument with Amahle which I may have caused and I don know if I should feel guilty or proud of myself.

What happened? she asked.

A week ago, Richard and I went out to the beach and we had a wonderful time together. As the sun set, we sat in his car and left. During the ride, I told him about Amahle and how she keeps judging any friend I make. He told me that ”some people come into your life to destroy your relationships. So when she returned from the vacation and I was welcoming her. I told her about Richard and our time together, she on the other hand was so quick to judge Richard and make him look bad before me meanwhile she hasn met him personally but just seen pictures of him. I said very bad things to her. I want to feel guilty but a part of me is telling me that she probably wants to ruin my relationship.

Well its obvious. She was so quick to judge Richard without even meeting him. She probably wants to steal him from you, she responded.

The first day of lectures came by quickly. I didn sit by Amahle during lectures today. She sat by a black boy and it was as if the two hit it off perfectly. The girl I sat next to was a talkative. She wouldn shut up so that I could pay attention to the lecturer. She is a biracial girl with brown curly hair. She has Asian eyes but her skin is a little brownish. Even though I tried to make it look like we were getting along to make Amahle seem like I can survive without her.

Do you watch movies? she asked another after a whole interview of questions. I groaned in irritation. Yes I do.

What is your…? Before she could even complete her question I felt my phone vibrate in my purse. I pulled it out but hid it because I didn want the lecturer to see me with my phone. Becky had sent me a message that read,My friends and I are planning something cool. Why don you come?

I therefore replied by typing, I am in the middle of lectures Becky.

Just tell the lecturer that you want to use the restroom and leave.

No, I don think its advisable for me to do.

It would be fun. We are going to a festival; major celebrities are going to be there, she insisted. I decided to cave in. Don blame me. I love festivals, they are a whole day of fun combined plus celebrities are coming so why not? Who knows maybe I might meet some of my American idols. Her idea worked though. The lecturer let me go without any questioning. I quickly called an Uber which took me to the place Becky had texted me.

When we started approaching, I looked around and saw no sign of any program going on. The place looked deserted and unattractive. Where have you taken me? I asked the driver. This is the place you gave me, he answered. I then paid the fare the fare and alighted from the car. The place made me feel uncomfortable and unsafe. It seemed like a junkyard. Destroyed vehicles have been abandoned here with so many pieces of broken glass and car parts on the ground. The place is very quiet, no activity at all is happening here. I picked up my phone and decided to call Becky. As I placed the phone to my ear, I heard music coming from somewhere. As I followed the music, I found Becky. She was with Tristan and three other boys. They were dancing, laughing and had cigarettes in their hand

Ehem! I cleared my throat. They turned to look at me.

Who is that girl? One guy came and started patrolling around me.

Thats the roommate I have been telling yall about, she turned to Tristan and started French kissing him. Gross.

Will you two stop kissing for five minutes, the other boy grumbled and he threw a shot of drink into his mouth m Becky what is this? You said there was some festival happening, I scolded and I wasn calm at all.

Don raise your voice at me. I just wanted to take you out of that boring class. Besides, I doubt you were busily thinking about Amahle since she is in the same hall as you.

She isn wrong though, I thought to myself. Maybe you have been right. I have been sulking over this issue. I really care about Amahle. I enjoy her company a lot. I just wish she wasn so judgemental, I sat on the bench next to Becky who picked up a bottle and gulped down a mouth full of its content straight out of the bottle.

Why are you here anyways and not at lectures? I proceed to ask.

She exhaled a large amount of smoke out of her body which coughed me to cough. The lecturer is just boring.

Don you think you might miss a test or an important assignment which could ruin your chances of graduating? She only laughed hysterically. To think she is studying law as well. I don care. Afterall, people go to school and end up poor. I am here because my parents forced me to. Here is a bottle of whiskey.

In no time I joined their little gang. Thats when things really got bad for me.

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