”I never wanted to quit the job son. Being a soldier can be challenging but I loved it. Though I spent most of the time missing you people, I loved being one saving peoples lives and protecting them. We were on a rescue mission in Zomala. All went well through the mission until we rescued the hostages. We took them all with us to the extraction point.

As we were getting ready for the chopper to take us back home, something terrible happened. Amongst the hostages we had rescued was a villain. Suddenly, he unzipped his jacket, inside was a bomb, and took one of the civilians hostage. Tightly squeezed inside his hand was a trigger. At that point, the rest, including us soldiers, were scared to death.

Shooting him was not an option behind the human shield. We got orders from our superiors to try talking him down. The situation was worse enough, and I could feel the man was not willing to change his mind. He was determined to kill everyone. Whatever oath he had taken in his cult was very strong. I never thought we could get out of there alive. At that moment, everything I thought about was you and your mother.

Luckily enough, as we were negotiating with him, he kept moving around trying to keep himself shielded by the hostage. Luckily, he just took a wrong turn exposing himself for a shot straight to the head. It was risky but… being a sniper, I was used to taking long, almost-impossible shots.

I pulled out my Beretta M9 and put a bullet between his eyes. As he dropped dead, my spotter, Peter, grabbed tight the hand holding the trigger. Thereafter, we were able to get the explosive off him. The bullet bruised the hostage, but I had to take the shot or we could be dead in minutes.

Later, the chopper arrived and we flew back to the camp. I may have saved our lives but… I had disobeyed a direct order, and my bullet bruised the hostage on the process. That did not sound good to my superiors, hence, to punish me; they laid me off the army. That is how I ended up being jobless. I tried to salvage the situation but not hard enough I guess, ” David narrated.

Jonas felt pity for his father and felt the need to express it.

”Im sorry things turned out like that dad. All that time, I thought you just decided to walk away. What I do not understand is why they had to lay you off, and yet… you saved your partners and the hostages lives including the bruised one. ”

”In the military, the orders and mission are king… son. These were, and are the rules. Actually, I had a feeling that would happen, but I made a choice to see you and your mother again than to just hold back waiting for the obvious, painful death by a bomb. I could not live with myself if I had died and left, you people, without anyone to watch over you. As I said, you and your mother mean the world to me. ”

”Sorry about that dad. It was painful, but not as you keeping it to yourself. If you had told us, we could have understood rather than blaming you for everything. If I did, I think mom will understand better, Meaning, you should share with her as well. ”

”You are right son. No more secrets. I think it is time she knew as well. I also figured out that, you take no action about the boys pushing you around in college because of me, son. I have thought, if I share this with you, it would mean something and help you get your confidence back. ”

”I wish it was that easy dad. I just wish it was that easy. ”

”You see son, you have just told me not taking the right action does more harm and nothing is difficult. Just put yourself to it and as long as you have people that love you, we will surely understand. I would suggest you take your own advice. Whatever it is, just let it out and get over with. ”

”Im not totally sure about that but, after all, no more secrets… right? ”

”Sure son. No more secrets. ”

”I take no action towards those boys not because I am weak, small or have no courage dad, no. Instead, I am afraid of what I might do to them if I choose to act on it. So you know… my poor results have nothing to do with it but the strange dreams I have been having. ”

His father looked stupefied by those words, ”Now, why would you be afraid of what you might do to them and what dreams are these you talk about? We all have dreams son and sometimes, very bad ones, but we just need to get over them. After all, whatever that happens in the dreamland remains just dreams; its never real. ”

”I know but, am sorry; to me they seem more than just dreams dad. ”

”What are you talking about and why is that so, son? ”

Jonas hesitated for a while but decided to give reason to his father.

”Because my dreams are more of visions dad. I think something is terribly wrong with me, or, I might as well be unique. Have you heard what people are talking about… the end times… in Revelation? Well, my dreams have been about the same. I thought they were just dreams as well until, I witnessed a strange incident. ”

”Son, I know what it feels like to be in a position you consider yourself weak or not strong enough to get through. Such situations can bring things into your head. Things like, thinking of yourself as superhuman or even worse; thinking of yourself as not worthy or equal to the task. That is just your brain trying to react to your current situation. It is a good thing though, at least, you think of yourself as strong and powerful, which means, you have what it takes out of the situation. ”

”No dad, you do not get it. I am very sure of what I speak. Let me ask you dad, how is it that you read the terrorists mind before you shot him? You are as gifted too. It is just after your story that I can now make sense of everything. We are either gifted or… ”

His father cut him short by a show of hand, ”Son…please… lets not get ahead of ourselves here. My situation is very different. I am a soldier; remember? We train for that kind of stuff. To figure out what terrorists think and do as well as, out-smart them. For you, you are just stressed by being pushed around and not doing well in class. ”

”No dad, why did it have to be you and not the other soldiers? You saw it because you may also have a gift. ”

”Please son, come down and just listen to me. Did my partner Peter have the same gift? He caught the terrorists hand after I shot him to keep the bomb trigger from releasing and killing all of us. I just think your mother needs to hear this. She will tell you better; let me call her. ”

Jonas looked disappointed and appeared as one preparing to leave.

”No use dad. Do not bother. It looks like, I just wasted my time thinking you could understand and hear me out. Why did I have to waste my time talking to you about it anyway? ”

David reached to hold his hand and reason with him, ”No son, you did not waste your time. You have done well. You just need to listen to me. You have no powers. You are unique and special as my son. Moreover, the greatest gift you have is that of being a man. You just need to man-up and deal with those bullies in school. ” He shouted with a commanding and loud tone.

Jonas pulled away his hand by force, ”Thank you for wasting my time… dad, ” he expressed as he stormed out of his room leaving his father alone.

David followed behind him trying to stop him, ”I am sorry son, don go. Just come back and listen to me, ” he apologized.

Jonas turned his head around to look at his father, ”I have nothing more to say… dad. Stay away from me… go back. ”

”How can I stay away from you son? You need help and you have to let me help you. ”

”You know dad… you are right. The only way you can help me is by getting a job and transferring me out of that low-level college. I hate this place. ” Jonas answered as he picked his bike and cycled away leaving his father at the driveway.

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