Gabriel Maestri grew up in Italy with his parents, Sergio and Kaia. His father was a man who expected the best from everyone, and even better from his son.

He was a man that believed showing love or affection towards anyone, even his own family was a sign of weakness and would not tolerate such things.

Throughout his youth, Gabriel was groomed to become the successful, cunning and ruthless man his father wanted him to be.

To Sergio love means weakness and women are only good for a mans pleasure in bed. A wife is just for public appearances and a mistress was for pleasure.

For ten years he had tried to get his son to choose a wife from a wealthy family. His mother, Kaia was not much better, she was cold towards him, never showed him love, and he was mainly raised by nannies until he was old enough to go to boarding school.

With his fathers backing, he started building his empire, paying him back with interest.

He had his own home built as far from his parents as he could. They never celebrated holidays together, only got together occasionally.

Paige Mosley was a young woman with simple needs. She was an orphan from birth, going from one foster home to another until she reached the age where it was considered old enough to be on her own. She never really fit in, with her delicate features, her hair blond, so light in color it was almost white.

From the age of sixteen, she worked jobs as a waitress, babysitter,

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