He helps her up, his eyes traveled down her face to what he thought was an amazing cleavage.

”I like this dress you have on, you look so beautiful. ” His hand went around her throat and he pulled her close, his mouth came down forcefully on hers.

Satisfying his need to taste her lips he released her, grinning when he saw how her chest was heaving, it was sexy and he knew she had enjoyed the kiss.

”Go over to the bed and take off your clothes and get in, ” he ordered her.

The feel of his hand over her throat and his kiss left her breathless. The tone of his voice and the dark look in his eyes she knew there was no way she could resist.

Like someone in a trance, she moved towards the bed, with her back to him she reached around and slowly pulled the zipper now, not realizing the slower she did this only added to his burning desire to have her.

As the dress fell to the floor she went to get under the covers but stopped when he called out.

”No, take it all off and face me, I want to see you. ”

His dick grew hard when he saw what she looked like, she had on panties and a bra that was so damn sexy, her nipples showed through the sheer material.

He watched as she removed the bra first, her breasts were perfect, small but so round and firm. When she slid down the panties he had to bite down on his tongue, she was perfect.

”Beautiful, ” he said softly.


As she was about to get into bed he stopped her again, saying he wanted to get a good look at her.

Her eyes moved down and she blushed when she saw the bulge in his pants growing. She silently cursed herself when she found that her core was throbbing and she felt the wetness between her thighs.

How could she possibly be turned on when she was about to do something that others would think wrong, even if it was for a good cause. Both excited and afraid she climbed into the oversized bed and pulled the covers over her.

She wanted to look away when he started taking his clothes off as he walked over. But she couldn , it was like her head was being held and her eyes wouldn close.

Her heart fluttered, sweat formed on her body when she saw his chiseled abs, his arms strong and muscular and a tattoo of a scorpion etched on his left arm.

The sound of his zipper being pulled down seems so loud to her and when his pants and briefs were off she stifled a gasp. His dick was huge and standing at attention.

A thought crossed her frazzled brain, how could she of all people have this much effect on a man. After all, she wasn a beauty by any means, she was small and in her mind was a plain Jane.

She laid there as he got into bed next to her, a shiver went through her when he then got on top of her, his warm, hot flesh touching hers.

Their eyes locked together, she felt the heat from his hand when he brushed her hair away from her face. His broad shoulders filled her vision and she looked back into his eyes, eyes that were filled with danger.

His position was pressing his hardness more intimately against that aching throb between her legs, she felt the hot, velvety length of him on her flesh.

When he lowered his mouth he took hers with a possession that rocked her to the core. She was powerless to stop his tongue from forcing its way into her mouth, the feel of it caressing her own tongue she couldn stop the small moan that reverberated against his mouth.

His mouth left hers and moved down her chin to her neck, leaving a path of feather-like kisses along the way, his hand cupped her one breast, running his thumb over the nipple.

Without meaning to she arched her back when he took her breast into his mouth sucking on the nipple, it felt so good and she ran her hands through his hair. Her breathing became raggy and choppy, his musky scent filled her nostrils.

His hand moved down to the folds of her pussy, using his fingers he slid inside, rubbing her clit in a circular motion.

Eyes closed tightly she squirmed frantically against his fingers, flashes of lights behind her lids appeared when her body spasmed and she felt herself coming.

”Oh, Oh Oh my Goodness ”she screamed.

Just when she thought he was done and would get his own release he moved his mouth down to between her legs. His tongue flickered against her sensitive folds, she jerked when his tongue entered her.

He moved inside her, going deeper and moving from side to side, his hands under her ass held her close as he continued his attack on her. She grabbed the headboard as her body shook when another orgasm occurred. She was weak and couldn take anymore, but he was not done with her.

His mouth came down hard when he kissed her mouth, she could hear his heavy breathing and his moans as the blunt tip of his manhood entered her.

He moved slowly at first but soon his thrusts became harder, filling her to the very core and he plunged in deeper and faster. The feel of his cock inside her felt so good and she began moving to the rhythm of his thrusts.


Gabriel had intended to just ** her quickly, to prove to her that he always got what he wanted. But once his lips tasted the sweetness of her mouth he changed his mind. It was obvious she was naive when it came to sex. Her scent, the taste of her soft flesh sent his head into a tailspin, he had to have more of her.

She tasted sweet as he savagely attacked her pussy, willing her to come, which she did. Usually, it turned him off hearing a woman making so much noise, it always sounded so fake.

But coming from Paige it excited him like never before, therefore it encouraged him to do more to her. With skill, he touched, kissed and sucked, bringing her to two orgasms. His balls were aching, his cock hard and throbbing it was the time he got his own release. She was tight when he entered her, and so wet for him, the muscles in his stomach tightened.

The heat from her when she was wrapped around his cock, he felt her clamping down on his shaft, the feeling was amazing and he groaned, letting go he took her hard, pounding into her, hearing her screams once again when they both came.

Still inside he looked down at her face that was flushed, her eyes glazed. He moved the hairs that were stuck to the sweat that she was covered in.

” You were amazing, so beautiful. ” Giving her a kiss, one that was hot, forceful he finally stopped and rolled over onto his back.


She laid there for what seemed like forever, trying to catch her breath. This was totally unexpected, she thought it was going to be a quick one. But instead, he took his time, he was so skilled in the way he made love to her.

Yes, it was making love, not just sex. Her body was alive for the first time ever, was this what making love was really about?

When she gave her virginity to Jerry at eighteen it was not like this, nor any of the other the times they were together. If what she did by agreeing to this was wrong she didn care, it was too good to feel that way.

She also knew this was a one time deal. When she heard his even breathing and knew he was asleep she slipped quietly out of bed and reached for her clothes.

”Where are you going? ”

She turned to look at him, covering herself with her clothes as best she could.

”Home, ” she answered shyly.

He put his hands behind his head, his eyes moving over her body.

”You don have to go, you can wait until morning. ”

Her eyes downcast, she just couldn bring herself to look at him.

”No, I need to leave, ” she said and made a mad dash to the bathroom.

Washing up she then puts on her bra and panties and stared at herself in the mirror. Her face had a pinkish tint to it, her lips were swollen. She ran her fingertips over them, remembering how he kissed her with such force, and yet she liked the way it felt.

As good as the sex was she still felt a tinge of sadness and regret in the way she gave her body so freely to him, and mostly for enjoying it.

Now she had to walk back into the bedroom and she could only hope that he would be asleep.

So putting on her dress and brushing her hair she walked ever so quietly as not to wake him. But no such luck, he wasn in bed. She found him in the main room, wearing pants but no shirt. God, he looked so damn hot with his hair all messed up, not to mention his muscular chest.

”I ordered a car to take you home, it will be a few minutes. ” He hands her a glass of champagne which she accepted, she needed it.

After what they had done, and being this close to him it made her nervous. He acted as though nothing had happened, as though it was a normal thing for him, which it probably was.

He took the glass from her when she finished it and using his finger put it under her chin, lifting her head so that she had to look at him.

”I really enjoyed the time we spent together, you were amazing, ” he said, brushing his lips lightly against hers.

Grabbing her purse she opened the door and hurried to the elevator, she had to get away from him.

At home, she took a long, hot shower. Her body still tingled from his lovemaking, she could still feel his tongue inside her and the way his dick felt as he moved in her, moving in and out as his pace sped up.

Throwing on a nightgown she crawled into bed, glad that none of the others were home. She tossed and turned all night, sleep did not come easily.

On her way to work the next morning she prayed that he had left and she wouldn have to face him. Again luck was not on her side. He was standing at the front desk with his bodyguard and his bags on the floor. If only she had waited a half hour. She tried to walk past him without being noticed but the clerk shouted out.

”There she is now Mr. Maestri. ”

She stopped dead in her tracks and held her breath. But he motioned her over with a wave of his finger. His eyes held no warmth or recognition of what they had done, it was like it never happened for him.

”Miss Mosley, here are some phone numbers. Call them and get started on the repairs. I have made arrangements for someone to cover your shift. I want your complete attention on the project so youll be staying in my suite while Im gone. Make sure to get the furniture we picked out. Ill be back in three weeks and expect to see an improvement. ”

”I don need to stay in your suite, ” she answered.

”Im not asking you to stay in there, Im telling you, ” he said abruptly and giving his guard a look they walked out.

Paige was furious, how dare he order her around, and yes, she was offended. He treated her like crap, and after the night they had, the way he kissed her and said it was amazing. If she didn know it before she sure did now, that he was one cold-hearted bastard.

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