After giving it some thought, and the way he so rudely dismissed her as though she was a nobody she decided to stay in his suite. It would give her a great deal of satisfaction to rack up a huge bill in food and the other services the hotel offered.

Going to his suite she found he had left her a laptop to use, along with a note giving her instructions. Smiling she looked around, she was going to enjoy staying here, sure beats the cramped apartment she shared with the other girls.

Going home she packed a bag and got settled into the luxurious suite. Instead of cleaning it she was living in the room she had once cleaned.

When word got around that their jobs were saved and they guessed that she had something to do with it sang her praises. They had no clue as to what she sacrificed to make it happen. Except for Sandy who guessed, the one who had pushed her forward the day they all met with the boss.

As it turned out Sandy was the one who was sent to clean the suite.

”Isn it funny how you are the one given the job of doing Mr. Maestri bidding? ”

”Theres nothing funny about it, ” she answered.

”What did you do to get him to change his mind? Why I bet you slept with him which would makes you nothing more than a whore. ”

”You don know what you
e talking about, ” Paige snapped back.

”Yeah right, thats why you got this job. I bet you
e even trying to bag yourself a billionaire, ” Sandy said with bitterness.

Sandy had always been the only one who seemed to hate her and she didn understand why. It was finally getting on her nerves.

”Maybe if you hadn pushed me that first day and spoke up yourself you might be the one doing this job. But no, you were a coward and hid behind me. ”

”Just wait till the others find out you slept with him. Your so-called sweet innocent act will be blown to bits. ”

”Get out Sandy, Ill be cleaning in here from now on. ”

Once the woman was gone she sank into the chair. With Sandys big mouth word would travel fast and she would lose some of her fellow employees respect. Not wanting to think about it she threw herself into the job he had given her.


For the next three weeks she had made sure the painting got done, working around the clock and in a way not to disturb the guests. The more extensive work that needed doing they had to close off that section of the hotel.

Therefore losing some business, but Gabriel had given the go-ahead before he left. New carpets were installed throughout the hotel and the furniture she ordered in place.

Gabriel was not due back for another two days, most of the work was completed, but still, a lot more was needed to be done. She hoped he would be pleased.

She was exhausted, it took every waking minute of her time, not to mention cleaning the suite she was staying in. But what really hurt her was how some of the staff turned their backs on her, siding with Sandy.

The others choose not to listen to the gossip, and she wasn about to admit that she slept with him.

Taking a relaxing bubble bath she sipped on a glass of wine. She would miss this place with its super comfortable bed and the peace and quiet. Pulling a nightgown over her head she climbs into bed. Her body ached and being so tired she was soon asleep. The last couple of days she had a lack of energy and put it down to being overworked.

Through the night, a noise woke her up, she sat straight up in bed. Someone was in the suite, she could hear footsteps approaching the bedroom and screamed when the door opened.

”Whos there? ” she cried out, being dark she couldn see who it was.

”Its just me, ” Gabriels voice rang out as he turned on a light.

”What are you doing back so soon? ” she asked, pulling the covers up to her chin.

”Not that its any of your business but I concluded my other business and decided to come back early, ” he said as he started removing his clothes.

Jumping out of bed she grabbed some clothes to put on.

”Just give me a few minutes and Ill be gone ”. Before she could head to the bathroom he grabbed her arm.

”Its three in the morning, so get back into bed. You can leave in the morning. ” He didn ask, he ordered her.

There was no way she was staying the night in the same bed as him.

”No way, ” she shook her head. ”I won stay here with you. ”

He still had a hold of her.

”Im not in the mood to argue with you, now get into bed. Don make me tie you to the bed. Don worry Paige, I have no desire to bang you. Im way too tired. Im not asking you to stay, Im telling you. Do not disobey me or I will lose my patience with you. ”

His scowl and dark eyes scared her into obeying. She climbed in and pulled the covers over her, staying as close to the edge of the bed as she could get.

When he got in he turned his back to her and that was when she saw two long scars on his back. They were faded but still visible and she wondered how he got them. The sound of his even breathing was soon heard and she knew he was asleep. This man was a mystery to her, he was cold and distant. Yet he didn want her going home in the middle of the night.

Why? she wondered.


Morning came, the sun was coming through the drapes and he realized he had slept in. He turned around and found Paige was not in bed with him.

Had she gotten up when he went to sleep and went home even though he told her not to?

But then he heard her in the bathroom, it sounded like she was throwing up so he got up and went to the bathroom and opened the door which was partly open. She was on the floor, her head over the toilet.

”Are you sick? ”

She looked over at him, grabbing the towel wiped her mouth.

”Im sorry, I didn mean to wake you. ”

”I asked you a question, are you sick? ”

”Yes, ” she nods. ”I think Im coming down with something, maybe the flu. ”

When she stood he felt her forehead.

e not hot, you don have a fever. ”

His eyes narrowed, brow lowered when a thought crossed his mind.

e not pregnant are you? ”

”Thats preposterous, ” she said and went to walk past him but had to stop when he took a hold of her arm and yanked her back.

”Tell me the truth, is there a chance you
e pregnant? ”

Not looking at him she shrugged her shoulders. That question shook her to the very core of her being. She couldn be, but what if she was.

Dizziness overtook her and her legs buckled from under her and she felt herself being lifted and carried to the bed where he laid her down. She heard him on the phone and when he got off went and got her some water.

”Drink this, ” he barked in a harsh tone.

”My guard is going to pick up a pregnancy test. I want you to take it before you leave. ” He sat on the bed next to her, anger flashing in his eyes. ”If you are is it mine? and don even think about lying to me. ”

Tears sprang to her eyes. ”Yes. ”

”Are you sure its not someone elses? ”

”Considering I haven been with anyone for over two years then it has to be yours. But don worry, Im sure Im not pregnant. ”

Her own anger flashed in her eyes when she stared back at him.

Forty minutes later Gabriel went to answer the door, coming back with the test and tossed it on the bed.

”Go take it now, ” he growled.

He paced back and forth, running his hand through his thick hair. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He was wondering what was taking so long when she came from the bathroom, the stick in her hand and she was crying.

The rage was building up inside him, his hands balled into a fist. She wouldn speak so he grabbed the stick from her hand and looked at it, it read positive.

With the tears running down her face she sat on the bed and listened as he ranted, swearing.

”God damn it girl, aren you on the pill? ”

”No, ” she sobbed.

”Why the hell aren you on the pill? In this day and age, you should be. How can you be so stupid? ”

”Why the hell didn you wear a condom? ” she yelled back at him.

He flopped down in a chair, resting his elbows on his legs he buried his face in his hands. She was right, he should have. This was as much his fault as it was hers.

Lifting his head he looked over at her.

”OK, Ill have it taken care of. ”

”What does that mean? ” she asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

”Ill make some calls, get a doctor who will take care of it quietly. ”

”Are you suggesting I abort it? ”

”Yes. I will not allow this scandal to get out. ”

Jumping up she shook her head.

”No, no way. I will not kill an innocent child. No one has to know its yours. You don have to take responsibility for it. Its my problem. ”

”You have no money, how can you afford to raise a baby on your own? ”

”Ill manage, ” she said, sniffing.

”Is there anything I can do to change your mind? What if I were to offer you one million dollars to terminate the pregnancy? You
e not far along so it won be a big deal. ”

”You bastard, you take your money and go ** yourself. ” Saying those words she sounded brave, but inside she was a wreck.

How would she care and support a baby?

She was scared to death at the very thought but she knew she could never abort a child. It was after all a part of her and was growing inside her.

He rubbed his face, suddenly feeling powerless for the first time in his life.

”Ok, if you insist on keeping it I will do the right thing for you and the baby. ”

She thought he was talking about sending child support but what he said next took her by surprise and sat back down before she collapsed.

”Well get married here and youll come back to Italy as my wife. But we will not tell anyone about the baby until later. I don want people thinking I only married you for that reason. ” He watched her, she had a look of absolute horror on her face.

”Marriage, are you out of your mind? I can marry you, I don love you and you sure as hell don love me, ” she cried out.

She had to ask herself why this was happening to her, what has she done in this life to have this happen to her?

”Love has nothing to do with it, Paige. You
e having my baby and I won allow you to raise it alone. If I am to have a child I will not allow for it to grow up in New York City, it will live with me, with or without you. ”

”What are you saying? ” She knew exactly what he meant, he was planning on taking it away from her.

His lips thinned, his brows lowered and he spoke with a firm tone.

”You know what Im saying. So whats it going to be? You really don have a choice here. I have money, power and it will be easy to get the child. You could fight me on this, but I promise you I will win. I always do. ”

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