Chapter 1 The Tragedy

”Disappearing , Darkness , faithless , worthless ” Just like that the feelings , we give our dear these names. These are nothing but emotions , yet they are scary.

”People always say….you will see some light in darkness….but from that day I stopped believing that. ”

Its not hope ~ its hopelessness

I have never seen the light wike everything in my life was slowly falling apart…

”God ” he said….

Its a name…..a person who we can see but people worship him and never blame him . They don think and they believe in what God ….. the name , their imagination wants them to think.

Someone basked me ”Who is God ? ”

He who kills…the one in the name of karma … takes life. People never believed that God kills but doesn taking someones life , known as karma includes ?

” They turn a blind eye ”

In the name of good and evil

”God once was a devil himself, God is just a name. ”


That night , the churches bell were ringing louder than ever….


An Orphan , Half British and half Chinese , Age 17

————– Flashbacks—————-

It was a stormy night

Damian Ryuu and his wife Maria Ryuu was having an argument because of the loans Damian had been piling up and mostly everyday the loan sharks will come and roam around their house like eagles which was quite frightening. On top of that Maria Ryuu was born in a rich family. She was annoyed by her husband. Cheap clothes , broken house and the bankruptcy the Ryuu Family was facing…

Loren would always sit at the corner as he heard their parents argue nearly every day. Loren would always end up being dragged in their argument and so traumatized he was by his broken family.

Two week ago , Damian and Maria murdered their own child who was crippled and on a wheelchair….. taking care of him felt like a great burden to them and to pay off their debt , they killed Lorens Twin brother and solded his organs. Everything happened before Lorens eyes. He begged and cried… He wanted to run away.

——-Back to the main story——–

Loren got up and looked at his parents with disgust in his eyes, who took his happiness and turned him into something evil. His dead eyes and and a crippled smile , a faithless desire and a dead heart…. He laughed at his parents for the first time.

”Dear parents , You look like a hunted prey in a hunting game and you know who the hunter is ? Its your dear som MC LOREN RYUU ! I will hunt you down ….. one by one~ so hold your dear lives and run. ”

That n

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