Chapter 4 Matching pocket watches

Shi looked at Loren and without asking more questions he went back to office and started doing a background check.

”The desire to be loved~ The one who wasn afraid of me was him , who told me ….. What it was like when someone cared for tou. Now this world has abandoned me and onky he will accept bhim however I am. ” Loren smiled to himself as he walked downstairs calling his friends , Lui Feng and making some plans to throw a ball

Lui Feng –

” Haah~ Loren you have called personally , despite how busy i am right now , I still couldn leave a chance to pick your call ! So what makes you to call me ? ”

Loren –

”Lui Feng, When are you not busy with your lil play thinks ? ….. ah ! sorry sorry , I mean your so called lovers ~ ♡ and please I didn called you to hear sound effects , please tell them to shut up ! its hurting my ears ”.

Lui Fend –

” Hai~ Hai~ anything for you ” He said leaving what he was doing in the middle , excited to listen to what new stuff Loren had got to tell him.

Loren –

”Being an alpha ~ you sure are quite obedient anyways ! I am gonna hold a ball so i wanted you to pretend and play the role of an omega ~ . You know i meed someone to go with and You like me so much … hence you won reject my offer ! what do you say ? You can have anyone you want from there and thats what you will get in return. ”

Lui feng –

” You always use me and set the same reward for me and that never included choosing you …. How mean ! Anyways you will have to spend a day with me is all i want. ”

Loren –

” Fine fine ! Thats my answer to your selfish request…. Ill send you the invitation and you can decide on what day u want to spend time with me kk ? and please wear White ! Just don try to match clothes with me. That makes it hard for me to face others ” He said softly hanging up on him

” Ill tell Mr Wang Zou to send the invitation. basically the main purpose of the ball is to make Maxwell come. I clearly remember that godly appearance of his. He was wearing decent clothes and the pocket watch he gave me that night just before we were parting ways was no ordinary watch ! …. So if my prediction is correct he must be a known figure or he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. It won be difficult to find him , Shi will never disappoint his master.

*Mr Wang Zou-His Imperial Messanger*

”A man with good looks , good body …. Maybe I am being too shameless but its my imagination and i allowed it to run wild . I want to embrace my alpha and It makes me want to do so many things with him just by thinking how he will look wearing the clothes made by my company ! I have great fetishes and kinks so he won be disappointed ! It was love at first sight ! That man is just so fine !. His Purple eyes pierced through my soul …. His eyes were restless and his Black hairs made me forget what i was doing for a second and I felt the very first warmth for the first time in my heart ! Thats when i fell in Love. ”

Shi didn wasted any time as he rushed to tell him about Maxwells Background

” Master ! Maxwell Long is a very dangerous person ! Even I fear him [Maxwell Long from devils clan] I didn knew you was finding this man this whole time… Hes an important figure in public and Secretly runs ab association. His association is hidden and I couldn find more about him …. Are you sure he is the guy you are planning to- ”

” Shi ! YES YOU HAVE GOT THE RIGHT MAN ! Ahh~ just looking at him excites me ….. looks how tall and sturdy he have gotten ! he laughed as he sat down grabing a pen and paper … Ill personally invite him and lets get involved in the shit he is doing ! ”


My beloved Maxwell,

Do you remember that cold night where the flames grew stronger vand you lend me a hand …. A boy with Dark blue hairs and ocean like eyes , Do you remember him ? What shabby and Bloody clothes he was wearing ….. Nox he called himself. Do u remember that night ? Id you recognise that boy then Mc Loren Ryuu is holding a ball and that is after two days . I suppose he already sended you the invitation . Ah ! the church Bells were pretty loud that day and what an impatient man you are ! You left me alone after giving me hope.

In hope,

Your Lover,

Nox Ximen

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