Chapter 6 Exposed Loren -

———At the ball——–

The ball was held in Mc Loren Ryuu mansion . Mostly all of the Royalties were gathered to enjoy the luxuries of the ball and to make strong bonds with other companies. Everyone wasn allower to go inside without the invitation, You know how many people tried to kill Loren because of the success and jealous was one of it.

Miss Nan guo was also invited despite her husbands death. Mc Ryuu didn wanted the ball to turn into a funeral so he made the musicians play decent music and how cruel the world is . The death of a nobility was already forgotten and hence no trace of grief was in anyone eyes.

”Everyone ! Thank you for attending the ball~ Making time for this event , Its such a huge honor to receive! ” He bowed a little as he got downstairs and made soft glances with others , The glances weren ment for the people present there ….. They were looking for his beloved ~ Maxwell Long.

”Seems like hes not here yet ! anyways the night is still young so lets not worry … ” He mumbled to himself smiling a little. He was looking gracious as ever , his outfit was stunning and his long hairs made him look none other than a prince . That even emn were blushing looking at him.

How can we forget about our playboy Lui feng ! His partner for the ball.

”Lui feng ~ I am going to greet others … please keep a close eye if Maxwell appears and don hesitate to do as you please , you can touch any man but not him ok ? ” Mc Ryuu smiled at him befire going ahead and discussing matter with other royalties.

Lui feng was busy hooking up some cute guy not really doing what he was told to do and in an hour Maxwell made his appearance. Maxwell was like an orbit , attracting everyones attention towards him in a second after all hes hard to meet on such occasions.

Ryuu went up to Lui feng and stepped on his foot giving him a death stare ”Maxwell ! Ahem Maxwell Long ~ its such an honour to be able to see you in person . Please come and enjoy the ball~ if you prefer quite places then we can have the musicians stop the music at once…. ” He was totally concernef about Maxwell .

Maxwell –

” Its fine and thank you for inviting me ” He took a glass of wine and sat with some of his friends.

”Finally i was able to see him in the outfit made by me ! who would have thaught that he would ask Mc Luxuries to prepare his outfit ! hes such a fine man ! I wonder if he will recognise me ” Ryuu looked at his pocked watch from time to time just to get Maxwells attention. ”That man ! hes not even looking at me. ” He went up to him and looked at him smiling ”Mind if i sit with you ? The okd people talk about the mental and physical state of the world a lot and thats boring ! You already know i am the host … Mc Loren Ryuu so lets drop with the formalities kk ? Mind if the young gentlemen introduce themselves ? it will be rude if i don know you names and address you however i want ” He was referring to Maxwells friends .

—Introduction of Maxwells friends —

”I am Xiao Yun and childhood friend of Maxwell ”

”I am Tan Mian , secretary of Maxwell ”

”I am Pei Sei ! Close friend of Maxie~ nice to meet you Loren ! ”

Mc Ryuu –

”Its pleasure to meet you all~ Btw maxie ….. you look goof today~ your outfit was especially made by ne ! I even wrote your name on the collar so that it must not belong to anyone else but you ”

Lui feng looked at Loren , went up to him and placed his hand on his shoulder leaning forward and greeting them all

Mc Ryuu –

” Ah ! Can you stop sneaking on me like that !? its creepy … anyways hes my friend Lui feng and my partner of the day ”. He glanced at Pei Sei who was sitting really close to Maxwell ”So maxwell ….. who is your partner of the day ? ”

Maxwell –

” Its Pei Sei … ” Maxwell glanced at his pocked watch not interested in partners stuff.

Mc Loren –

” Lets change our partners ! I don wanna lie to begin with ~ I want to be your partner . Pei Sei and Lui Feng can become partners so i think they won be having any problem with that ! ”

Maxwell –

Maxwell raised an eyebrow and nodded a little ” Fine by me ”

Mc Ryuu –

” A man of few words ” befire he could say anything , his phone started to ring and he had no choice but to pick the call . ” Ill be right back ~ after attending the call ” He left the ball room and went outside making sure no one was following him.

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