Earsplitting and jaring sound wave attacked

my ears. What is going on? I thought everything was over. Im afraid, things have gone wrong? I had just started appreciating life. I thought I got some enlightenment from current incident, making me turn into new leaf. Seems life I was born with ill omen. We were taught every acting has equal opposite reaction. Is the case same for life? If so then my previous life must have been quite great. Due to previous me I have to face problems in every step.

Luck sure is strange thing.It must be related to fate? I believe fate interweave dimensions. So, am I to fated to perish. Is that my destiny? Can it be changed? If so, I want to try doing it.

”Â# ťęřæ *æł æÿæ &æį ”

What was that? Is someone wishpering in my ear? I didn understand anything?

”đø2ńłøæđįń) ”

Huh….Previously I thought the sound came from hallucinating but again I heard static earsplitting noise and now some strange spell like word in fantasy movies. Something is happening for sure. I heard voice directly in my head, did others heard it as well? Has earth been invaded. Shit, I am feeling helpless.

Finally I can feel my body. *crack* ”Ahhh… ….. ”

It hurts, It hurts, ”Ughhh ”. Save me. Help, its enough. Don torture me. What did I ever do to suffer this much pain. ”hah..hah.. ”

Never have I felt such pain. All the stacked pain is being felt at the same time. Being senseless was good. Why has all the senses returned at the same time. It should have taken time to come so that I could handle the pain. I realized that sensation becomes stronger with eyes closed. Finally it stopped. Oh, that was hell. My eyes are still affected by that brightness, I should be able to see soon.

”Hello earthlings, it took some time to download data from your planet. You guys sure are interesting creatures. I had a lot fun just from learning your history. Treasures shouldn be hidden in the corner of universe, you should start career as joker in universal platform. Those guys will be interested as well. Well, I don care about others feeling.

Anyway, you guys must be wondering what has happened, some you might have noticed as well, you all just stopped for a second. It wasn just you but your whole solar system. About why that happened? Listen properly I will just say once. Dormant energy in your solar system has been released which will bring adventurous change. Fulfill your fantasy.

I can say more so I will be going try your best to survive. ”

What was that? Is it end of the world? No, thats not it. He/she whoever it was, said that energy has been released. Fantasy? Seems like new era will be starting soon. Will it be good or bad only time can say. For now my priority should be to mend my crippled body, so that I can adopt to the change which will be coming soon.

Oh. I can finally see. Huh.. what is this? Why is there a panel in front of my eyes. Is this what adventurous change mean? Lets see what it shows.

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