TRUE NATURE (human’s curse)

Horrible Experience 3

*Commencing in 3 second *



*Fight for 10 minutes *

As the timer hit zero, Prajwal frantically started running towards the grassland, that was 50 meter away. This was going to decide his chance of coming out of this trial alive. Releasing haufty laugh he said, ”I have memorized the way to grassland along with the obstacles on the way, look how I make you monkeys run for money. ”

Trial stated that you have to fight head-on but never said from the start. Prajwal used this to formulate that, he should fight head on after the first clash else there was no way, he could fight these beast for 10 whole minutes. Trial must have had solution for 5% to survive right. This system sure was cunning. It made people focus on 95% death and then gave impossible trial, causing mental breakdown for majority. This was the very reason majority didn make it out of the trial as they couldn think straight and formulate the plan.

”I should be careful as they are agile than me ” Prajwal ran around the woods in very bizzare manner. In the way he picked branches which he had selected before start of trial. The branches were not perfect but were satisfactory with thickness that wouldn break easily and fit perfectly in hand. Prajwal looked at his status.

Health 7/11

Stamina 5/9

”My health seems to have recovered by 2 points. Is there some reason behind it? Lets think about it after this trial. ” Monkeys understood his running pattern by now and they as were adapted to the woods as well. There speed increased drastically as they ran in the same pattern as Prajwal. ”Ha…ha… Time to start next step of the plan. ” Prajwal said and looked at the timer in system. ” I seem to have ran around the woods for 5 minutes. Its nice start. I want to see if there is extra reward for extra time of battle. ”

Prajwal ran straight to the grassland. From the start he was circling it, so he could escape there if his plans fail as forest was home turf for monkeys. He searched around the pasture for perfect place to battle. As he ran his eyes around the grassland on his run, he saw beautiful pasture that seemed lonely due to absence of animals. To fight a one way battle he had to search a perfect spot. Else he will be surrounded by both baboons.

”Where is water source? There must be some lake in here. According to the water veins of tree there is underground water source in this pasture, so there is chance of an open source water. ” On his frim belief he ran around the pasture. Due to lack of any disturbance he could see far distances and same went for the baboons. Distance between him and monkey kept decreasing at alarming rate there was only few meter between them. Finally he spotted a clear lake. But he was sure he couldn reach there before monkeys could reach him. So, he made an abrupt turn and took out the branch which he had carried till now.

”l should fight from long range. ” Using branch as spear he started doing piercing attacks in awkward manner while stepping backward in the direction of lake.

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