”Its harder than i thought. ” Prajwal was panting. He didn have the intelligent look in his eyes which were there before the trial started. He looked disheaved, there were scratches all around his body. He looked in front of him, unconvinced. Both babbons were in perfect condition except they looked a bit tired. He looked at the system panel and saw that it showed *00:09:00.*

Only one minute was remaining for the end of first trial. He had fought with both babbons for 4 minutes. That was enough for him to reduce his confidence. He blamed himself for his incompetency. ”I should have formulated better plan. Shit, now all my trials are going to be affected by my condition. I was over confident. This baboons are just level 3 but there is large difference in our strength. Looks like unawakened level 0 and awakened level 1 doesn just represent numbers and little power difference. I should stop thinking as in pre-evolution earth. ”

Lets rewind time to the face-off between Prajwal and babbons. Prajwal readied the branch in front of him as the baboons drew closer to him. He slowly moved his steps backward towards lake. One of the baboon suddenly threw a punch at him, but he blocked it with the branch. He was flunged away by the force of the punch and crashed at the bank of the lake. Though he was in pain from the crash, he was smiling. His plan worked. But there was small crack in the branch. He sighed, ”Thank god, I bought more branches. ” He was happy as he eliminated the chance of being surrounded. Now he could fight with enemies in his vision range.

Both babbons walked forward with indimidating aura towards Prajwal. He felt cold shiver run down his spine. Then began the brutal face off between two team. The baboons weren intelligent. If compared to human then their intelligence was that of 4 year old child. Their attack were straight forward but didn lack in strength. Prajwal looked carefully at babbons, predicting their attack and dodging it. All of his dodges were random, sometimes he rolled on ground and sometimes he just slept on ground. But he couldn dodge all of the attacks. Many times he was punches and scratched. He did his best to keep distance and fend of bobbons attack with branches and counterattack, but all was in vain as none of his attacks did any damage.

After 4 minutes of fight, his condition was not optimal. He had scracthes all over his body, dried blood were over the scratches and below him was a puddle of blood. He had lost a lot of blood. Though he was hanging out by thread, his condition could be described as gruesome. He had already lost 5 branches.

He looked at his stats his stamina and health had decreased a lot.

*Stamina: 4/9

Health: 4/11*

”Last minute remaining. I need to think of a way. Yes! Why didn think about that. ” Prajwal showed smrik. Babbons attack were getting furious as time was nearing end. Prajwal adjusted his body and blocked the attack. He was flung away and splashed into lake. He felt a wave of pain as his wounds came in contact with water. He gritted his teeth and straightened his body and looked at baboons, ”will they come inside the lake? ” Baboons growled angrily and jumped into the lake. They surrounded him from both side and swam towards him with furious expression. ”Shit…they surrounded me. ” Prajwal panicked.

Baboons again began attacking but due to water their force was reduced a lot. Although the attacks had slowed down, Prajwal still had trouble dodging as he couldn move his body well underwater. As rule stated that he couldn avoid face-off, he had to fight them. He couldn just run underwater to avoid the baboons. Only 20 seconds were remaining for end of trial, so he just endured the pain and got beaten. He avoided their clutches, if he got caught then that would be end of him. But finally one babbon caught his hand, Prajwals face went pale. He thought that was end of him. Suddenly loud announcement was broadcasted which brought brightness back to his face.

*End of trial*

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