Under the radiant light of the full moon, the night doesn appear spooky as it should be.

A slender woman in venetian red dress sits leisurely on the railing of the fourth floor building. She is sipping a mouthful of wine from time to time from a bottle as she glares at the proud moon with hatred and disdain.

If somebody can notice her from the ground, they will think she is planning to commit suicide.

”Fuck you moon, why can you disappear from the sky? Because of you, this world is a mess. ” Samantha grumbled. ”You know what, I can understand these humans. How could they admire you? If they just know that your beauty carries a threat to their lives, I wonder how they will condemn you. ”

Samantha smirks and looks down to the bustling ground under her. Humans walking on foot and cars running rapidly fills her eyes. They are all in a hurry, but only come and go. It is a never-ending process to watch.

”Look at these silly humans, they think you are lighting their dark world. The truth is, you are sending them to their doom. Tonight is again Vampires Hunting Spree. ” Samantha said to the moon. ”Piss off! ”

Samantha moves her gaze from the moon to the ground when she suddenly catches a scent of a man coming from the convenience store across the building.

The scent is fresh to her nose.

When the sight of a man stepping out of the door comes to her view, her lips subconsciously plaster a smile, ”Hmm, finally, someone relieves my eyes. ”

The man below simply wears white shirt and black slacks, but his f

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