Alpha carries me into the house. We cross the threshold as he retakes my mouth. His kisses are passionate and full of life. This passion is something that is missing from my life. Beta Finn does not ** me or light a fire within me, but Alpha seems to be bringing me to life.

”You can still say no, ” Alpha Kai says as we enter his bedroom. He does not want to force me into his bed. He wants me to say yes to him and want him as much as he wants me.

I touch his face and smile at him. I lean in to kiss him as I whisper. ”I want this badly. I need this. I need you, ” I say. I mean every word. I need it, and I want it. I cannot remember the last time someone made me feel like this. Alpha makes me feel alive. Is this what a mate bond is? I will worry about the consequences tomorrow.

Alpha lays me on the bed. I remember something. I said I do not want to be his whore yesterday, but here I am. I am spreading my legs and letting him ** me. Does that make me his whore? But we are mates. I know we are mates. Stop doing this and worry about the consequences tomorrow. Today I am going to enjoy him. Today I will let him make me his whore and I will love every second of it.

Alpha joins me in the bed. His rock hard body comes down on top of me fast. He is between my legs before I can say anything. I can feel his hard cock as his lips touch my neck. ”I want you, ” Alpha says, his words sending a chill down my spine.

”I want you inside me, ” I demand.

His hand runs down my body, followed by his tongue. ”I will be inside you very soon, ” Alpha says. His words send a shiver down my spine.

His tongue slides down my body, and he takes my nipple. His teeth drag over my nipple, biting me so gentle yet so rough. My pussy is dripping as he teases me. I can feel his cock against me, and damn, do I ever want him inside me. I am not sure how much longer I can wait for this to happen.

”Please, ** me, ” I beg him. I wonder if he enjoys me begging him for his cock.

He kisses down my stomach, dragging his tongue over my body. ”I want to taste you. I bet you are sweet, ” Alpha teases me.

His tongue slides down between my legs and then invades my pussy. I moan and arch my back as his tongue sends me to a place I have not been in a long time. His tongue slides in and out of me, then up to my clit. He sucks my clit hard. I moan louder.

”I am going to cum on your face, ” I scream. My body is shaking as his tongue goes inside me again. Now I know why these women follow him around and want to be in his bed. His tongue is impressive. I wonder what his cock is going to be like.

As my body begins to release, he pulls his tongue out of me. ”You are sweet, ” Alpha says, pleased with himself. He pushes my legs apart and slams his cock into me so hard I lose my breath. ”Fucking hell, that hurt, ” I scream and moan simultaneously.

Alpha slams into me over and over, holding my legs apart. He is over me, watching my pleasure as he **s me. ”You are mine now, Alaska, ” Alpha says.

I look to see his teeth, his werewolf teeth. He is going to mark me as his. Is this what I want? As his cock buries deeper into me harder and harder, I release again. How many times will he make me cum.

”I want you to be only mine, ” Alpha Kai moans.

”I have to accept you as my mate before you can mark me, ” I say.

Alpha Kai stops, and he looks down at me. ”Accept me, Alaska, and I will make you happy, ” Alpha Kai says.

What do I do? I pull him down close to me. ”Fuck me, ” I whisper in his ear. Alpha Kai slams into me harder.

”Accept me now! ” Alpha Kai demands as his cock rams into me again.

”I can , ” I answer him.

Alpha Kai stops **ing me. ”Are you rejecting me? ” Alpha Kai asks.

I shake my head. ”No, but if I accept you now, then I have to tell Beta Finn, and he will have my family killed. I need time to get them safe, ” I say.

I begin to cry, but Alpha Kai wipes away my tears. ”Listen to me, and no one will hurt your family. All you have to do is accept me as your mate, ” Alpha Kai says.

”I will, but do not make me do this today. Can we just see where this goes? You are moving too fast for me, ” I say.

”Do you want me to leave you alone? ” Alpha Kai asks me.

I pull him to me. ”No, I want this. I want to be with you, but I must fix things with Beta Finn and my family. I know you are the one I am meant to be with, and I accept that. I accept you, but please give me time, ” I beg him.

”Say the words, and I will ensure your family is safe tonight. You will not have to fix things with Finn, ” Alpha Kai says.

”I Alaska of the Dark Moon pack, accept you, Alpha Kai, as my mate, ” I say.

Alpha Kai rams into me, and as I begin to cum again, I feel his teeth going into my breast. He marks me as his mate. Beta Finn will know and kill my family if Alpha does not protect them.

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