Alpha Kai POV

I wake up with Tori, Veronica, and Kim in the bed with me. Tori is close to me, and I lean over to her. ”Come with me, ” I say to her.

”Yes, my Alpha, ” Tori says. She gets out of bed and kisses me, wrapping her legs around me.

”Not here, ” I whisper.

Tori follows me out of the bedroom, both of us naked and making our way through the packhouse. This place is a damn mess.

”Where are the omegas? They need to get all of this cleaned up before our new warrior gets here, ” I say. I grab a beer and walk through the packhouse with Tori following. We are playful and kissing as we make our way to the front.

”I will get them here, Alpha, ” Beta Gunner says as he gets to his feet. There are so many beer bottles you can barely walk. We really partied last night. Good thing we have a free day today. Today we welcome the new warrior. Now, that should be fun.

”Where are we going, Alpha Kai? ” Tori asks.

I pull her close to me. ”To my house for a shower and breakfast. Can I have you for breakfast? ” I ask her, pulling her close to me and licking her neck.

”Of course, Alpha Kai, you can have anything you like from me, anything, ” Tori says. I know she means it. She will give me anything I want, anywhere I want. Tori is a lot of fun for me and only me. She is another one that wants to be Luna. Sorry, that is not going to happen. I plan to be single forever.

The two of us make our way to the front porch. There are several wolves passed out on the porch. ”I will be back. I have a bone to bury, ” I say as I step off the porch with Tori. I smack her on the ass, and she jumps.

”Bad dog, ” Tori says.

”You just wait until I get you to my place. Last night you had two more to help you satisfy me; today, it is just you. Do you think you can handle it? ” I ask her, smacking her on the ass again.

”Oh, Alpha Kai, I am up for the challenge, ” Tori says.

The two of us take our wolf forms and begin to run across the field to my house. I do not stay in my house very much. I spend most of my time at the packhouse, but I shower at home, and occasionally on days like today when I have a little down time, I take a she wolf back to my place and bury my bone all day. I plan to play with Tori until this new warrior shows up. I hope it takes him a while. I could just let Beta Gunner show him around. They can stop by and see me; that way, I can have Tori all day long and maybe tonight too.

I get to the house first. It does not take her too long to make it to the house. I sit down in the chair on the porch waiting for her. She finally appears. She shifts into human form and looks ready to please me. ”Shower first, Alpha, or do you want me now? ” Tori asks.

”How about we start right here, ” I suggest.

Tori goes to her knees. I lean back my head as she begins to pleasure me. She is so good at pleasing her Alpha. She can take it deep, and her mouth is so warm. No sooner than I feel like I am about to explode right into Toris warm mouth, I hear a truck. I look up to see Beta Gunner pulling up with two people. ”Do not stop. I am close, and I want you to finish pleasing me, ” I say to Tori.

”I got the new warrior with me, Beta Finn. Do you want me to show them around or what? ” Beta Gunner asks me. What a dumbass question. Surely, he can see that I am so busy right now with Tori. Tori is a trooper. She does not stop. She keeps pleasing her Alpha, and she is doing a damn good job of pleasing me right now.

Beta Gunner gives me a stupid look. I guess he wonders if I am going to stop this and meet the new warrior. ”Come back, Beta Gunner. I am kind of in the middle of something. Show them around and then come back, ” I demand.

I raise my eyebrows and give Gunner a look to get the ** out of here. ”We will be back, Alpha, sorry, ” Beta Gunner says.

I catch a very different scent as Beta Gunner drives away. Someone in the truck, their scent is overwhelming. It makes me want to umm Oh yes Tori, oh the scent. That scent makes me want to explode. I think about that sweet scent as Tori takes me, and I release into her mouth what I want to give to the scent. That scent makes me want to mate, and …. Hell no, what am I thinking? I do not want to mate with anyone. I am single, and I like to be free. I do not want anyone in my life, maybe that scent. NO!

I look down at Tori. ”Good job, come take a shower with me, ” I say to her.

”Yes, Alpha, I only want to please you, ” Tori says.

I take her hand, and we go into my house. My house is nothing like the packhouse. It is spotless. I have one of the omegas come over, clean the house and spend the day with me at least once a week. She is a damn good housekeeper, and she is good at a few other things too. Maybe she is not a great housekeeper, but she cleans the house up enough, and we have a lot of fun.

”I cannot wait to wash you, ” I say to Tori.

”Oh, Alpha, it would be my pleasure to bathe you, ” Tori says. She walks in front of me to the master bathroom. She turns on the water, and I watch her. She is laughing and having fun. I step into the shower with her. I cannot stop thinking about that scent. I wonder whom that scent belongs to and if they belong to the new warrior.

”Take me, Alpha, ” Tori demands. I guess it is time for me to please her and not worry about that scent. I will find out later; right now, it is time for some fun.

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