Alpha Kai

I cannot lay around with Tori all day. I would love to lay around and ** her all day, but I have obligations. I have to meet this new Beta. Ummm, but I could stay with her just a little longer. No, I cannot. I force myself out of the bed and leave her lying in it naked, and I am sure she is sore from the morning with me. Maybe I will see her again, and perhaps I will not. I grab my jeans and slide into them. She rolls over as I grab a shirt from my closet.

”Where is my Alpha off to when he could be in the bed with me? ” Tori asks. I growl at her. How dare this bitch!

”Your Alpha has shit to do, so get going, ” I growl loudly.

She jumps out of the bed and scrambles to get her clothes. I would have let her sleep it off if she would not have woken up questioning me. Who does this bitch think she is asking me where I am going and what I am doing?

”Tori, do not ever ask me a damn thing like that again, ” I growl at her.

”Sorry, Alpha, ” she says as she runs out the front door.

She is getting dressed as she walks across my lawn. I slip on my boots that are by the door. I come out onto the porch. It hits me—that scent. I can smell it again. It is close by. I have to follow it.

I begin walking toward the packhouse, but when I am almost to the packhouse, it feels as if the scent goes in another direction. I think it is in the woods.

”Alpha Kai, ” Beta Gunner is yelling at me. I growl as I run toward him and the new warrior.

”Beta Finn, ” I say as I extend my hand to shake his hand. He seems a little stand-offish, but I guess he just got here, and that is to be expected.

”Alpha Kai, thank you for taking my wife and me, ” Beat Finn says.

”Your wife is with you? Where is she? ” I ask, just out of curiosity. I really do not give a shit about where his wife is or what she is doing. I just do not think they will be here long. There are not a lot of married wolves here.

”She went for a run with some of the she-wolves toward the valley, ” Beta Gunner steps into the conversation.

”That is exactly what I am about to do. Go for a run, ” I say. I need to find that scent so I can taste it.

”I think Tori went running toward the valley to catch up with the she-wolves. She looked pissed off, ” Beta Gunner says.

I growl at him, but I cannot help but laugh at the thought of Tori mad at me. She will be over and on me by nightfall. If she is not over it, I will ** her sister, or maybe whomever that scent belongs to. Yes, I have to find it.

”I will be back. Make sure he knows everyone and how things work around here. Did you get him in a cabin? ” I ask Beta Gunner.

”Yes, Alpha Kai. The cabin is perfect. Alaska is very pleased with it, ” Beta Finn answers even though I was talking to Beta Gunner. That isn very pleasant. I do not like outsiders but if he is as good as his formal Alpha says he is then he will fit in just fine. I wonder why his Alpha wanted to get rid of him. Not the bullshit excuse he gave me but the real reason.

I start walking toward the woods. I have to find that scent. It is driving me insane. I want to get my paws on that scent and have it as mine. I begin growling as I start running faster and faster toward the wood, finally shifting into my wolf. My wolf is on fire for that scent. I do not think anyone has ever made me feel this way. I stop for a moment and growl loudly.

It hits me, the scent, it is so close. I turn to my right, nothing, and then to my left, and there she is, the wolf that the scent belongs to. I can see her. I walk toward her slowly. For the first time, the ground beneath my paws feels different, the wind tastes different, and everything around me, from sounds to taste, every sense is alive and on fire because of her. I want her.

”Who are you? ” she asks softly. Her voice is like music floating toward me, and it is golden.

”I am Alpha Kai. Who are you? ” I ask her.

”I am Alaska, ” she whispers softly. She looks down and then back up at me. She is feeling it too, but wait. Alaska is the new Betas wife. FUCK ME!

”You are Beta Finns wife? ” I ask.

She growls loudly, much louder than I would ever let someone growl at me, but I let her. I would let her have anything.

”We are not married yet. It is arranged by my parents and very complicated. Not really something I want to get into right now, but maybe later, Alpha, ” Alaska says.

We begin circling each other and watching each other. The sexual tension, the fire between us, it is more than I can stand. ”I have never met anyone like you, Alaska, ” I say to her.

”Is that line you use on all the wolves you seduce around here? ” she asks me.

”That is unfair of you. Maybe they seduce me, ” I say. Alaska laughs.

”I do not think so. You, Alpha Kai, are a dog. I can see it. Now, you got a smell of a real wolf, and you are about to lose your mind, ” Alaska says.

I move toward her. ”I want more than a scent, ” I growl.

”Well, that is not going to happen, ” Alaska says.

I know she feels it; I can see the fire burning for me in her eyes. She leans into me, licks my fur, and then runs off as fast as possible. I am about to chase her when I hear other wolves running around us. I do not need to cause a disturbance with the new warrior just yet, but I will take her from him. No matter how he feels about her or she feels about me, she will be mine.

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