”All of you, get out, ” I growl.

I sit on the side of the bed as the three women giggle and run out of my room. Fuck! What was I thinking? She will never be mine now. Wait! I am Alpha, and if I say she will be mine, then she will be mine. To hell with Beta Finn or Alaska. She will be mine one way or the other. Like it or not, she belongs to me.

”Alpha, ” I hear a voice from behind me. I turn around to see Alaska standing at the door. She is stunning. I am a fool. I might be the Alpha but I have no idea how to act toward Alaska. I am doing this the wrong way. If we are mates I should be trying to show her that and not ** her. Something inside me wants her in a way I have never wanted another wolf.

”Yes, Alaska, what can I do for you? ” I ask her.

Alaska moves closer to me. I stand up in front of her, still naked. She looks me up and down, biting her lip as she takes it all in, every inch of me.

”I appreciate the job and the chance to work with your pack. I only wanted to say thank you, ” Alaska says.

I walk past her and grab the door. I shut it and lock it. ”Come to me, ” I say to her.

She swallows hard and then does as she is told. ”I cannot defy you, ” Alaska says.

I grab her when she is close to me. ”No, you cannot defy me, ” I say. I pull her to me and take her in my arms.

”This is not right. I belong to Beta Finn, ” Alaska says.

But she feels so right. She feels so perfect. I want her. I pick her up and hold her against me. I want to mate her, mark her and marry her. Is that what I want? Me, marry someone. Maybe if I ** her, I will get her out of my system. No that is not what I want. I do not want to simply ** her. I want more. I want her as my LUNA! I am losing my mind.

I inhale her scent. ”Do you feel it? ” I ask her.

She nods her head and then leans into me. She kisses me gently, holding my face in her hands. ”I do, but I have to be with Beta Finn. My parents are depending on me to marry him, ” Alaska says.

”No, I can give you a better life, ” I say.

Alaska takes a deep breath. ”I will not be your whore, ” Alaska says. She pushes back, forcing me to drop her.

I grab her by the wrist. ”I promise you it is more than that, ” I say.

Alaska raises her eyebrows. ”Then prove it, ” she says. She opens the door and slams it as she leaves my bedroom. I sit down on the bed and contemplate what I should do.

Why is this so hard? Can I do this?

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