The Alpha Affair (The Dark Moon Pack Series)

I want him but I know it is wrong

I start running toward the clearning. As I leap into the air and then come back down in my wolf form, I hear something or someone behind me.

I keep running, not stopping. It is either one of the whores or Alpha. I am not sure I am ready to deal with either of them. I listen to the sound of my paws, I grind my paws into the dirt and I try to clear my mind.

”Alaska! ” I hear Alpha yelling for me.

I stop fast, sliding into a tree. I hit my head and fall to the ground hard. Oh ** this hurt. I look up, blinking in and out as I lose my grip on reality. ”Alaska, are you alright? ” Alpha asks me.

”Yes, ” I answer him. My head is pounding. I hit my head hard.

I look down and realize I am no longer in my wolf form. I am lying her naked in front of Alpha and he is too. He gentley touches me, pulling me close to him.

”You will be okay, ” Alpha says. I feel him pick me and carry me toward the water. I can hear the water running, and then I feel the chill from the cold water.

”This water is cold, ” I mumble.

Why is he putting me in the water? I close my eyes and feel the water and let the chill over take my body. ”Our waters here are healing, ” Alpha says.

After about thirty minutes I begin to feel normal. I stand on my feet. I remember that I am naked. I am not ashamed. He is looking me over. He touches my chin. ”You are so beautiful Alaska, ” Alpha says.

”I should go home. I should not be here with you. The she wovles with talk and I do not need trouble with Beta Finn, ” I say.

He pulls me close and takes my mouth. His tongue slides into my mouth, his hand slides down my ass and he pulls me so close to him. He grabs my ass harder and pulls me so quickly that I have no choice but to wrap my legs around him.

”I want you. Say yes to me Alaska, ” Alpha says.

”I cannot lie, I do want you, I need to feel wanted, but I cannot do this, ” I say. I push back from him, but he does not listen to me.

”Do not deny me, Alaska, ” Alpha says.

His hand goes behind my head pulling me to his lips again. I am excited and I want him, but I cannot do this. I cannot do this to my family, to Finn. But I want him. What would a little fun hurt? It would hurt because I know and the Alpha knows, and our wolves know, that we are mates. Now what? If I let him mark me as his, then what?

”Say you want me, Alaska, ” Alpha says.

”I… um…. I want you, ” I moan.

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