The Alpha's Bride

Chapter 12 - Denial

In the guest bedroom…

Damon pushed Marcy away from him and Marcy fell on her butt unceremoniously.

”Who is that girl? ”, Damon asked while buttoning up his pants.

Marcy was confused. ”What girl? ”

”The one with towels! She left towels in the bathroom and left! ”, Damon roared and jabbed his hand into his hair. ”Damn it! ”

Marcy stared at Damon and blinked rapidly while trying to understand what happened.

Less than a minute ago…

Marcy was going down on him, and she was doing wonderfully, but then Damon inhaled the most seductive sweet citrusy scent that reminded him of delicate freesia flowers and his cock lurched in response.

’Mate! ’, Damon ’s wolf said.

’What? ’, Damon asked in disbelief while staring at Marcy.

If Marcy is his mate, why was his wolf silent during lunch? And why did her scent change? Marcy didn ’t smell like freesia. Marcy ’s scent was coconut-like, and there were traces of it everywhere, but this new scent was gentle and seductive.

His wolf growled. ’Not her. The bathroom… ’

Damon whipped his head toward that direction, just in time to see Talia disappear behind the door with a handful of towels.

Damon watched Talia as she sneaked out of the room, and he observed her small frame in oversized clothes and her coppery-colored hair that reached just below her shoulders. She was totally unaware that Damon was watching her.

’Stop her! ’, Damon ’s wolf demanded. ’She is the one for us! If you let her go, you will regret it! ’

”Stop! ”, Damon shouted, but Talia was gone, and the door was closed, and he couldn ’t get up and go after her because Marcy was still sucking him off and if he made sudden movements, she might bite him.

The girl was gone and what Marcy did didn ’t feel good, especially not while his wolf growled at Marcy while urging Damon to go after Talia.

Back to the present…

Marcy ’s eyes widened when she understood what Damon said. ”There was a girl in here? ”

Damon nodded. ”Who is in charge of towels? ”

Damon didn ’t know anything about this sneaky girl, and he was not pleased that his wolf told him that Talia is his mate, but he had an urge to understand the aching need to get close to the girl with the coppery colored hair, and for that he needed to find her.

Marcy shrugged. ”I don ’t know who handles towels. One of Omegas. ”

”Find out! ”, Damon squeezed through his teeth and Marcy lowered her head in submission.

”Yes, Alpha Damon. I will find out and let you know… ”, Marcy responded robotically and left the room with urgency.

Now that she was outside the reach of Damon ’s wrath, Marcy had space to think. She hated that he used his Alpha tone on her! But more pressing was that someone saw her going down on Damon. Yes, that ’s her future husband, but she definitely needed to do damage control and send a warning to all Omegas on how they should behave.

Marcy snorted. No wonder her father looks down on Omegas. They are useless.

Marcy glanced left and right and spotted a group of Omegas lingering at the end of the hallway.

”You! ”, Marcy called. ”I have some questions… ”

Damon paced through his room and discomfort in his crotch area got his attention.

He remembered that Marcy was sucking him off and just when it got good it stopped, and now he was left halfway, with Marcy ’s coconutty scent lingering on him.

He didn ’t think much about Marcy ’s scent before, but now he found it repulsive. Is it because of the towel girl?

Her sweet citrusy scent was addictive and he craved for more. How can a girl smell so good?

Damon saw many wolves lose themselves once they find their mates. It happened with Caden the moment he met Maya. Caden was always a carefree guy, with an edge and eagerness for adventure and to experience new things, but once Maya entered the picture, Caden ’s whole world shifted, and she became the center of his everything.

Damon and Caden grew up together, and they shared many hardships. Damon is aware that Caden will never betray him, but Damon is confident that if Caden ever needs to pick between his loyalty to Damon and infatuation with Maya, Damon will be left hanging.

Will Damon allow his world to change because of one girl? That ’s not going to happen. No way. He will fight this off.

Damon decided to shower.

Just the thought of Marcy touching him made him feel dirty and he needed to wash it off.

As warm water caressed his body, images of the coppery colored hair flashed in front of his eyes, and he remembered the sweet citrusy scent of freesia… and he was aroused again.

”Damn it! ”, Damon cursed and gripped his shaft.

He is not the one who usually helps himself because there are always girls willing to please him, but this was an emergency, so he started pumping.

Ah, if he knew it will come to this, he wouldn ’t chase away Marcy. Not until he comes at least.

’Do you think you can orgasm with just any girl? ’, his wolf spoke.

Damon ’s hand stopped moving. ’What do you mean? ’

’Being with another girl will hurt our mate. Can you hurt our mate? ’

A mental image of Talia ’s petrified expression flashed in front of Damon ’s eyes, and he cursed under his breath.

’Great! You made me see that, how can I finish? ’, Damon grumbled.

’Maybe instead of jerking off you should go and find our mate! ’, his wolf growled.

”Shit! ”, Damon exclaimed and turned off the hot water while hoping that the cold shower will help him settle down.

Damon changed into fresh clothes and was on his way out of the room when someone knocked on the door. It was Nora.

”Alpha Damon… ”, she called his name in a singing voice when he opened the door. ”Alpha Edward and Beta Raymond returned, and Alpha Edward is in the study. He said that you can join him anytime it works for you. I ’m here to show you the way. ”

Damon frowned. Yes. Alpha Edward. Marcy. That ’s why he is here.

”I ’m ready now. Please, lead the way. ”

Nora smiled and gestured to her left.

When her father said that he will inform Alpha Damon that Alpha Edward is waiting for him, Nora offered to deliver the message instead of her father.

Nora was hoping that Damon will say how he will see Alpha Edward later, and then she would offer to wait in his room and then… ah, the possibilities.

In the study…

”Alpha Damon… ”, Marcy ’s father greeted Damon. ”I hope your trip went well and that so far things are in order. I apologize for not welcoming you personally when you arrived, but I had urgent matters to take care of. I ’m sure you understand. ”

”Of course… ”, Damon responded with a straight face.

Yes, he understood that this is how Alpha Edward showed disrespect.

Scouts found something suspicious? There should be a report and someone issuing orders. There was no need for Alpha himself to investigate. It was obvious that was a lame excuse for Alpha Edward to avoid welcoming Alpha Damon personally.

Damon knows very well what Alpha Edward thinks of him.

”How was your trip? ”, Alpha Edward asked.

Damon was not in the mood for exchanging meaningless pleasantries. ”Trip was fine. Your wife showed us to our rooms, and lunch was satisfying. Your daughter is interested in us getting to know each other better, but I wanted to talk to you first. ”

”Talk to me? About what? ”

”About what do you want. ”, Damon went to the point.

Alpha Edward chuckled awkwardly. ”I want for my daughter to have a good husband, and to be taken care of. You are available and fulfill all the criteria. At the same time, Marcy is a beautiful young lady who has all the skills to be a remarkable Luna. Did you expect something else? ”

Damon narrowed his eyes. ”When you put it that way, it sounds like you are not getting anything out of it. ”

”What would I be getting? Once you and Marcy are married, she will live with you. I only hope that you will let her visit us occasionally. Of course, I would love to visit as well, but I am busy with managing my pack and training James, and I ’m not having much free time so maybe I will visit you when James takes over. I can spend some time with my grandkids. ”

Damon clenched his teeth in irritation. How can this old fart say that he is too busy to visit, yet he requested that Damon stays with him for a few days? Shameless!

Damon stood up from the chair and stuffed his hands in his jeans pockets.

”Alpha Edward, we will leave tomorrow this time. Until then, think about all the conditions you want to attach with me being close to Marcy. I want to know all parts of the deal before I agree to anything, and I am not a man who changes the conditions on the fly. If you try to reach for anything that ’s mine, there will be consequences. ”

Alpha Edward ’s lips twitched. ”Are you threatening me? ”

”No. I am giving you a heads up. ”

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