The Alpha's Bride

Chapter 20 - Hide And Seek (cont.)

Damon used mind link to confirm where Caden and Maya were.

The two of them were standing on the side and watching warriors train in a vigorous exercise of holding big logs above their heads and running an obstacle course.

Whoever tripped or dropped the log, was punished into doing pushups before being allowed to continue.

Damon was wondering where their guide (aka James) was, but then he saw him among the warriors.

”That was fast… ”, Caden said teasingly when Damon joined them.

”Shut up! ”, Damon growled. ”What ’s the status here? ”

Caden gestured toward few warriors who were monitoring others. ”Those are generals. They will finish this session in about ten minutes, and then we can meet with them before the next session starts. ”

Damon hummed in approval and pushed his phone into Caden ’s hand. ”Here. Don ’t let others hear the sound. ”

Caden tapped his Bluetooth device, connecting it with Damon ’s phone. Maya huddled closer to Caden, her good werewolf hearing allowed her to hear the sounds that were flowing into Caden ’s ear.

It took them a minute to hear Marcy saying how she wants Damon to fuck her hard while exposing all her private bits to the camera.

Maya pinched Caden ’s arm.

”Hey! ”, Caden protested. ”I was only looking at the material Alpha gave me! ”

Maya snorted and responded through the mind link, ’And getting aroused! ’

Caden smirked. ’I was aroused because you are sticking to me, hotcake. You know that only you can get me hard. ’

Damon fake-gagged. ’Please make your mind link private. Do I need to listen to this? ’

Caden grimaced. ’You made me watch a video of a naked woman begging you to fuck her. What ’s wrong in hearing how my woman makes me hard? ’

Maya ’s face exploded in a bright smile. She likes whenever Caden claims her as his. And the talk about her making him hard was a bonus.

”When did you take this? ”, Maya asked Damon.

”Just now. ”, Damon responded coolly.

Caden ’s eyebrows shoot up. ”That was quick. Normally you take at least an hour. ”

Damon made a sour face and continued through the mind link, ’I didn ’t go beyond what you saw. ’

Caden ’s eyebrows were so high that they nearly reached his hairline. ’You didn ’t go beyond this? She was willing. What happened? ’

Damon was not in the mood to explain. Actually, even he was not sure how to explain it. Yes, Marcy was hot and naked and willing, and he had a perfect opportunity to take advantage of her, but something seemed off, and that ’something ’ was more than just his hurt ego and desire to punish her.

’Let ’s focus on what ’s important. ’, Damon reminded Caden and Maya. ’With this, we got Marcy as a slut, but I want proof that she fooled around with another guy, or she can spin it how this was only for me. ’

Caden and Maya nodded in understanding.

’What do we have so far? ’, Damon asked and after two seconds of silence, he spoke again. ’Please, tell me we have something. ’

Ever since he inhaled that sweet scent of freesia, Damon was restless in the Red Moon pack and he wanted to end this farce quickly.

’Marcy is careful… ’, Caden said. ’As much as there is a word that she was getting handsy with a number of guys, there are no photos or videos. ’

Damon exhaled in frustration. ’Find those guys. Someone kept a souvenir. ’

’I ’m on it. ’, Caden assured him before adding, ’But it will take longer. ’

It was Maya ’s turn. ’The staff is talking about how their Alpha and Luna are strict, but there is nothing we can use to smear them publicly. It ’s all minor offenses. ’

Damon thought how this was odd. ’What about punishments? Anything on Marcy? ’

Maya shook her head. ’They make them come to the training ground and at most they end up with sore muscles. ’

’It doesn ’t make sense… ’, Damon said. ’Last night I saw a girl in the kitchen, looking for food. She was bruised up with a purple handprint on her neck. I ’m confident that Marcy did that. ’

’We should talk to that girl. ’, Maya suggested.

Caden didn ’t think that will work. ’That girl will probably be kept out of sight, at least when the guests are visiting. And even if we find her, there is a chance she will not talk against Marcy out of fear of getting punished again. ’

’We can offer her a refuge. ’, Maya said. ’So many werewolves come to our pack. One more or less won ’t make a difference. ’ She looked at Damon who had an unreadable expression. ’Let me talk to her. What ’s her name? Where can I find her? ’

Damon shook his head. ’I don ’t know. We didn ’t reach that far. I just saw that she was scared and beaten and then she ran away. ’

He didn ’t want to mention that he lost her scent. That ’s a big shame for any werewolf.

’Considering your mood lately, you are the one who scared her away. ’, Caden said matter-of-factly.

Maya giggled. ’Is this version of Damon grumpier than normal grumpy Damon? ’ She spoke to Damon, ’Don ’t tell me that Marcy is getting to you. I can name right now at least five women that were more excessive in coming onto you. ’

Damon rubbed his face forcibly. ’I ’m sick of this shit and I want to be done with it. Let ’s wrap this up and head home. ’

Damon stood up and Caden said, ”We are supposed to meet generals in ten minutes. ”

”I will be back by then… ”, Damon said and walked away, leaving puzzled Caden and Maya behind.

’What ’s got into him? ’, Maya asked Caden through mind link after ensuring that she blocked Damon from eavesdropping.

Caden shrugged. ’I have no idea. Will you try to find that girl? ’

Maya made a face. ’I don ’t have much to go with. Omegas here are extremely submissive toward Alpha Edward and it won ’t be easy to make any of them talk against him. I can ’t go and ask around if anyone saw a girl with bruises, it will only attract attention to us. ’

Caden agreed with Maya. Asking random questions might bring trouble their way.

They are here on a friendly visit that should end with two packs creating an alliance through marriage, and if they are caught snooping around, it might backfire big time.

Just as promised, Damon was back in time to meet the generals, and after that, he went to roam the place with the hope to pick up the sweet citrusy scent of freesia.

Damon knew that as a guest he can ’t go anywhere he wants, so he asked Alpha Edward to assign him an escort.

”Can Marcy accompany you? ”, Alpha Edward asked. He obviously wanted to increase the time that Damon and Marcy spent together. He immediately contacted Marcy through the mind link and after a brief pause, he said, ”Oh, sorry. She is busy right now. Can you wait a little bit? ”

Damon guessed that Marcy is sulking after he left her hanging in his room. That was one thing he felt good about.

Damon didn ’t care who will accompany him. He had no clear goal in mind and as long as that person doesn ’t get in his way, it ’s fine. ”I would like to start now if it ’s OK with you. You can tell Marcy to join me whenever she is ready. ”

Alpha Edward wondered why Damon seems to be in a rush, but he didn ’t question it. Damon wanted to walk around, and he was even considerate to ask for someone to escort him.

It took Alpha Edward two seconds to find his next candidate. A person who knows what ’s going on and won ’t embarrass him.

Nora waited for Damon in front of the study with a big smile on her face. ”Alpha Edward asked me to escort you and to answer any questions you might have. ”

Damon hummed in understanding. ”Take me to where Omegas are staying. ”

”Sure. ” If Nora was surprised by this demand, she didn ’t show it.

Damon observed the two-stories high building. The bottom floor had a kitchen, a common area that doubled as a lounge and dining room, and four bedrooms. The upper floor had ten bedrooms.

Based on the information they received about the Red Moon pack, each room had six to eight people, so Damon estimated about one hundred people in each building.

Nora didn ’t understand why Damon asked to visit this place, but other than walking through the hallways, he didn ’t stop.

”Do you want to see inside rooms? ”

Damon refused. ”That ’s not necessary. Is this the only building for Omegas? ”

”No, there are three more. ”, Nora responded.

”I want to visit them. ”

Three buildings later, Damon lost hope that he will find Talia.

There was not a single whiff of freesia, no matter how much he searched.

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