The Alpha's Bride

Chapter 28 - Awake (cont.)

Caden ’s mind was unable to accept that Damon found his mate, but Caden didn ’t have an alternate explanation for Damon ’s bizarre behavior. ”If that girl is Damon ’s mate, why didn ’t he say something? ”

Maya rolled her eyes. ”Because that ’s Damon. He will not admit it even if you ask him outright. But think about it. Erratic behavior. One moment he wants to leave, and the second one we are staying. Didn ’t he show us the video of Marcy naked, humping his hand while begging him to take her, and he left her like that? Since when is Damon the one who refuses a free meal? He requested a tour of the Red Moon pack, and you know that he always avoided those because when he saw things he didn ’t like, Damon never stayed quiet. And in the car, Damon was sticking to the girl and we both saw how gentle he was with her. The only explanation is that he found his mate. ” Maya pointed at the phone.

”Caden, you know better than anyone how much Damon cherishes the Dark Howlers pack. He wouldn ’t risk provoking the Red Moon pack by smuggling a random girl. She is either his long-lost sister or his mate. ”

Caden remembered how when he met Maya, the only thing he wanted was to be with her, and nothing could get in his way. Not even war.

Everything Maya said made sense and pointed to the possibility that the girl who came from the trunk is Damon ’s mate. Maya was always the smart one.

Caden chuckled with a hint of evil sparkling in his eyes. ”Damon doesn ’t want to admit that the girl is his mate? Let ’s see how long he can pull that off. ”

Maya had a bad feeling about this.

She would never consider going against Damon, even if it ’s a joke. However, Caden doesn ’t have problems with it.

”What do you have on your mind? ”, Maya asked reluctantly.

”Let ’s observe, for now. ”, Caden said while rubbing his chin with the tips of his fingers.

Caden didn ’t want to share too much with Maya, knowing that she will not approve and probably worry. But Damon is giving a hard time to Caden ever since he found Maya, and Caden thought how this is a great opportunity to get even.

Caden noticed one more oddity. Assuming that Talia is Damon ’s mate, something was not right. She was indifferent toward Damon, is it possible that she doesn ’t know Damon is her mate?

Damon said how something is off with Talia ’s wolf, but based on her scent, Caden knew she is definitely a werewolf and he concluded that nothing is wrong with her. She might be a late bloomer.

If Talia IS Damon ’s mate, there are so many things Caden could do to rile up Damon, and if Damon is hiding the truth, it will only make things easier for Caden.

Caden ’s smile widened while he thought of wicked ways to mess with his Alpha. He can try to separate them. Or to make Damon believe he has competition. Caden would pay big money to see Damon drowning in jealousy. Ha! This will be fun!

Maya observed Caden ’s expression that was changing rapidly, and she knew that Caden was coming up with something Damon won ’t like.

Damon and Caden are at the helm of the largest pack in North America, yet the two of them sometimes behave no better than toddlers.

However, that childish and playful attitude Damon shows only toward Caden and for anyone else, Damon has a nasty temper. If that girl is really his mate, Damon will only be more irritable if anyone messes with her.

Maya disconnected the video call so that Damon and Talia have privacy.

Maya was happy for Damon. Finding a mate is wonderful for any werewolf. They give each other comfort and purpose in life, and she is aware of how Damon is lonely under that grumpy fa?ade.

Will Talia be a good Luna? Well, if Damon and Talia are mates, Talia will be their Luna, regardless of her readiness for the job but Maya was not worried. Everything can be learned as long as there is a will, and Maya would be happy to hand over her current duties to Talia so that she can focus on helping Caden as a Beta.

At the same time, Maya felt sorry for Talia. Damon is not an easy man to be with, and Talia will definitely have a hard time.

”I don ’t think Damon will wake up the girl. ”, Caden said. ”That gives us probably a few hours. ”

He wiggled his eyebrows mischievously while inching closer to Maya in slow motion.

Maya ’s expression lit up when she realized that Caden was talking about carnal pleasures.

Ah, they will make good use of their time in this hotel.

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Talia dreamt that she was in a forest.

It was light and airy, despite the massive trees that surrounded her.

She picked up a delicious scent of dark chocolate, and her tummy rumbled. She was hungry.

Talia started moving about, trying to locate the source of that scent. It ’s been years since she ate chocolate the last time, and she really wanted to have some now.

She walked slowly, at first, but then she broke into a run as the scent became more potent, inviting her to enjoy the smooth sweet delicacy.

Suddenly, a tree appeared out of nowhere, and Talia slammed herself into it, just like in cartoons, with her arms and legs around it.

”Aww… ”, Talia cried softly, and her eyes fluttered open.

There was no forest and no tree. Damn it, it was a dream. A potentially tasty one.

She wished that it lasted only a few more seconds so that she can get a bite (or two) of that delicacy that called for her. Maybe if she closes her eyes, she can resume that dream and find the source of that mouthwatering scent.

Talia thought how something was not right. She ascertained that she was awake, however, she could still smell the forest and the dark chocolate, and she was definitely hugging something hard and big.

Talia blinked and her drowsy state turned into panic immediately.

She was in an unknown room and the thing she was hugging was not a tree, but a scary Alpha.

What the heck!?

Why are their legs one over the other? And why is his biceps her pillow?

Talia carefully removed her hands from Damon ’s body and tried to move away from him, only to realize that she was stuck.

Ah! His arm was around her and she couldn ’t budge!

She felt like crying. This was the third time in the same day that the scary Alpha was pinning her against him.

When Damon told her to come with him, he mentioned a room, and clothes, and food, and a doctor, and there was no mentioning of this… hugging.

Talia wondered, how did she find herself in this situation?

The last thing she remembered was dozing off in the back of a car. How did she end up in a room, in the bed, with a scary Alpha pinning her against him?

Talia wanted to go back to her attic, or maybe into the trunk of the car. Anything was better than here!

She noticed the even fall and rise of his chest and she concluded that he was sleeping, so she relaxed a bit.

Talia looked up at the man beside her and her breath hitched at the sight of Damon ’s gorgeous visual.

His unruly raven-black hair fell over his forehead… long eyelashes, full lips, strong jaw… everything about him was handsome, even the small bump at the base of his nose and a day-old stubble.

’It should be illegal to be this attractive ’, Talia thought. ’No wonder princess Marcy was raging at the thought that Alpha Damon might think bad of her. ’

Talia shook those thoughts away and chided herself. She should not think of Alpha Damon as attractive. Actually, she should not think about him at all.

Talia was painfully aware of her non-existent background and if she allows herself to see Alpha Damon as anything more than her benefactor, as someone who took pity on her, she will only deceive herself and end up hurting.

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