The Alpha's Bride

Chapter 7 - Power-hungry Ex-es

Marcy ’s mind was a mess after receiving the news that tomorrow she will meet Alpha Damon, the Alpha of the notorious Dark Howlers pack, aka her future husband.

She still didn ’t recuperate from the event of finding (and rejecting) her mate, yet now she needs to think about another man. And this was not just any man. Alpha Damon has a grim reputation on the battlefield and an even worse reputation related to women.

In search of solitude that would allow her to think, Marcy went to her room.

To Marcy ’s horror, Nora was two steps behind her, cooing how this is the best thing ever.

Marcy was exasperated when she saw that Nora came into her room. Why won ’t Nora leave her alone?

”What do you know about Alpha Damon? ”, Marcy asked irritably.

Nora whipped her phone out. ”Very handsome! This one was taken two months ago when he visited the Silverburn pack. I have a friend there, so we exchange hottie-related information, and Damon is a hottie, so… I can ’t believe he is coming here! ”

Marcy looked at the photo Nora showed her. Well, he is handsome.

”I guess with you marrying him, I will have the hottest info on him. ”, Nora grinned at Marcy. ”You will be OK with me reporting things to my friends about your hot husband, right? Damon being married won ’t make him any less handsome, and we are only talking and looking. Not touching. ”

Marcy let out an exasperated sigh. ”Take as many photos as you want. It ’s not like I own the guy. This is all my father ’s doing, for the benefit of the pack. No one asked me how I feel about this. ”

Nora cocked an eyebrow at Marcy. ”How do your feelings change the fact that you are set to marry the hottest werewolf in North America? He has looks and money and thousands of warriors at his disposal. I can only imagine how lavish his mansion is. His territory is larger than ours and it has forests and lakes and mountains as far as your eyes can reach. It will be all yours. ”

”What about his womanizing? ”, Marcy asked.

Nora rolled her eyes like Marcy asked something silly. ”Hellooooo! Damon is the Alpha of the largest pack in North America. He never lost a challenge, and he is young, handsome, and single. Do you expect him to be a monk? Women throw themselves at him. If he says a word, an endless line of beauties will form and wait for him to claim them. ”

Marcy groaned. ”I was not talking about hookups. Didn ’t you hear about numerous women offering themselves as brides and Alpha Damon rejecting them? ”

Nora shrugged. ”One or a hundred, why does that matter? Do you put yourself on the same level as them? You are beautiful, well educated, and your father is the Alpha of the Red Moon pack. Even if Alpha Damon doesn ’t fall for you right away, as long as he doesn ’t reject you, you will get your chance to seduce him. ”

Marcy agreed with this, she is all what Nora said, and much more, and Marcy didn ’t meet a guy who would refuse her. No matter how many layers Alpha Damon has around him, Marcy was confident that she will be able to win him over.

At the mentioning of rejection, Marcy remembered George, the Greek God who gave her a few minutes of bliss before the harsh truth plunged her into agony.

Does Damon have a mate or someone he prefers? Marcy was confident that a guy like Damon probably has several women at home, willing to please him. What if he has a harem?

”Do you know if Alpha Damon found his mate? ”

”Maybe he did, and things didn ’t work out… ”, Nora mused. ”But you should focus on the fact that he is available. After you complete the mating ceremony, it won ’t matter if his mate is out there because the bond between the two of you will form and overshadow any others. You will be the Luna of the most powerful pack and he will adore you. ”

Marcy pursed her lips while thinking about Nora ’s words.

Luna Marcy, Luna of the most powerful pack in North America. It doesn ’t sound bad. The fact that Alpha Damon is young and good-looking is an added bonus. Only a fool would pass such an opportunity.

Marcy told herself that no matter what mate the Moon Goddess set for her, she can choose her mate. If they complete the mating process, any other bond will disappear, including this longing Marcy feels for George.

Marcy put her hand over her chest. She rejected him. Why does she still feel restless whenever she thinks of him?

”Are you OK? ”, Nora asked with concern obvious in her voice.

”Yes, yes. ”, Marcy was quick to plaster a smile on her face. ”Tomorrow is a big day. Help me pick what to wear. Unfortunately, I didn ’t pack some of my favorite dresses and we might need to go shopping. ”

Nora squealed at the possibility of shopping. That ’s her favorite pastime.

~ The Dark Howlers pack ~

While Marcy and Nora were going through Marcy ’s closet, at the same time, in the Dark Howlers pack…

Damon exited the packhouse and just like every time when he leaves for longer than one day, he stopped and observed the three-story high majestic building.

On the first floor are common rooms, where pack members gather and they entertain guests.

On the second floor are offices, guest bedrooms, and Beta ’s quarters.

The third floor is reserved for Alpha and his family.

Damon remembers the time when the packhouse was lively. When he was a child, it was always buzzing with activity. His mother, Luna Violet, knew how to attract people. She was kind, with the warmest smile under the moon, and everyone loved her.

Now, it ’s just a handful of them staying in this huge mansion. Regular pack members have their own dwellings in the area, and they come to the packhouse only when they have some business or when Alpha is hosting an event, which is not very often.

It ’s quiet.

Damon turned to the car where Caden and Maya waited for him.

It was time to head to the Red Moon pack and meet Marcy, the next candidate for his Luna.

”Cheer up! ”, Caden shouted from the car at Damon. ”You look like you are going to a funeral, and not to get laid! The mental image of a fine woman like Marcy spreading her legs for you should make you happy! ”

Maya slapped Caden over his shoulder.

”What? ”, Caden asked Maya innocently and she rolled her eyes at him.

”Why can ’t you pick your words a bit? ”, Maya scolded Caden.

Caden smirked. ”Since when you mind when I talk dirty? ”

”It ’s fine when it ’s only the two of us… ”, Maya responded with a whisper and Caden chuckled before pulling her closer to give her a smacking kiss on the lips.

Damon observed this lover ’s banter, and he was not enthusiastic about the upcoming trip. It will be a long drive and he will be forced to watch the PDA between those two lovebirds.

”Wait! ”, a breathy female voice was heard from the hallway and a second later a middle-aged woman appeared at the main door with a full head of curly red hair, and food containers in her hands. ”This is food for the road. I don ’t want you kids to go hungry. ”

Damon stifled a laugh and shook his head. For her, they will always be kids.

Damon accepted food containers without complaining. ”Thank you, Steph. ”

Stephanie takes care of the packhouse, handling tasks that are usually done by the Luna, and Damon often jokes that he will marry her.

Luna of the pack takes care of the packhouse, and she ensures that the pack members are happy, while Alpha is in charge of security and everything running smoothly within the pack, and with their external relationships (allies and enemies).

To explain Alpha and Luna roles in simple language: Alpha takes care of the needs, while Luna takes care of the wants, and only when Alpha and Luna are working in harmony, the pack can grow and prosper.

Damon doesn ’t have a Luna, so those duties are split between Stephanie and Maya, with Stephanie focusing on the packhouse while Maya keeps an eye on the pack members.

Stephanie was Damon ’s mother ’s best friend, and her mate was the Beta of the Dark Howlers pack when Damon ’s father, Alpha Jacob, was the Alpha. Stephanie ’s mate died with Damon ’s parents.

Stephanie has a daughter, Lisa, who was eight years old at that time, and Damon treats Lisa like his baby sister.

With the demise of Alpha and Luna of the Black Howlers pack, the situation was unstable, and Stephanie couldn ’t leave Damon on his own, so she decided to send her daughter to her sister, for safety reasons.

It took about two years for the peace to return to the Black Howlers pack and by then Lisa adapted to the life with her aunt and uncle, and they decided that she will stay there. Lisa still visits occasionally, mostly during summer break and on holidays.

For the last decade, Stephanie is treating Damon as her child, and everyone in the pack loves and respects her.

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