Aida felt all the anger that she had bottled up for years begin to surface. Her face burned as she stared at the girls who were quivering in a corner.

”Aida please forgive us. We promise never to taunt you or in as much as show our ugly faces ever again. ” They pleaded as she moved menacingly towards them. With each step that she took, the rumbling of thunder became louder.

”People like you don deserve to be forgiven rather what they deserve is a punishment and to be used as a scapegoat for everyone to learn a lesson from. ” Aida retorted as she used her telekinesis to fling Adele with such a strong force that sent her crashing into the huge bookshelf and the books came falling on her helpless body.

Nina and Rejoice screamed as they saw blood dripping out of Adeles head as she struggled to get up. They tried their best to open the door as they called for help but none of the students got up.

Aida lifted them violently and pinned them to the wall. Using a binding spell, she bounded their hands and legs with chains that got hotter and tighter with each passing minute. The girls cried out in pain as the chains tightened and began to burn their wrists and ankles.

”Aida stop this madness at once, ” Kehlani yelled. ”You are trying to murder them because of a slap?

”Yes! ” Aida yelled. ”Ever since I stepped my feet into this institution, these three girls have been a pain in the butt, always taunting me because I had white hair or because I had pale skin. Everyone avoided me like I was some kind of freak. Do you know how it feels to be constantly reminded of your insecurities? She asked in an emotion-laden voice.

”Aida I know how you feel but you said that violence is not always the answer and there are other ways to deal with a person. So why are you doing the opposite of what you preach? Kehlani replied as she carefully moved closer to her. ”Don do what youll live to regret for the rest of your life. ”

”If anyone hurts someone very dear to me, that person will never go scot-free, ” Aida said forming a burning orb of energy as she moved closer to Adele who was writhing In pain.

”If you want to hurt Adele, then youll have to go through me, ” Kehlani said standing in front of Adele to protect her from Aida. ”Aida please calm down, youve hurt them enough. ” She tried to pacify her as she kept a safe distance from her.

”Aida, just take a deep breath and calm down, please. ”

Aida began to calm down and the orb slowly dissipated into thin air. Her eyes went back to normal and her amulet stopped glowing.

The chains disappeared and the two girls fell to the hard floor. The clouds became clear and the lights stopped flickering. As if snapped out of a trance, all the students began screaming and running out of the class. The commotion attracted the attention of the chancellor who was showing some educational officers around the school. She wondered who was causing a ruckus and decided to go have a look.

”Excuse me, gentlemen, it seems something is wrong. Ill go check it out. ” She said and hurriedly left.

As she climbed up the stairs, she saw students hastily climbing down the stairs.

”What happened? She inquired from a student.

”Ma, something strange is going on on the third floor. ” The student replied gasping for air from running down the stairs. The chancellor hastily went up the stairs and onto the third floor. Students were rushing out of a particular class so she guessed that was where something had happened.

The chancellor stared in horror at the sight in front of her as she stood in front of the door. A girl buried under heaps of books, two other girls with burn marks on their hands and ankles, and two other girls just staring at them.

”All of you to my office now! ” The chancellor yelled.

***The chancellors Office**** ”

Lupita rushed into the office. She was in a meeting with some of her shareholders when she received a call from the chancellor of the Bright university that her daughter was in trouble.

”Good afternoon Mrs. Lupita, please have a seat. ” The chancellor gestured to her and Lupita took her seat. She looked around the room, three girls were seated on a sofa. They had bandages on some parts of their bodies. Aida and Kehlani were standing in front of the chancellor. She knew what had transpired but she silently prayed that it was not what she thought.

She was distracted by the creaking of the door as it opened. A man and a woman stepped into the office and they were followed by two other women. The chancellor gestured to them to take a seat.

”Adele, what happened to you? Who did this to my daughter? Did you do this to my daughter? Adeles mum asked Aida and Kehlani but none of them spoke a word.

”Mrs. Davidson please take a seat and ill explain everything to you. ” The chancellor said and she reluctantly sat down. ”Good afternoon everyone, I apologize for calling every one of you on short notice but the matter on the round isn a trivial one. ” The chancellor spoke up. ”This student here got into a fight and Aida here ” she pointed at Aida. ”She beat up all three of them badly. Girls, show your parents your injuries. ” The chancellor instructed them.

”What injury are you talking about? ” Adele asked in a confused tone.

”Adele I know you hit your head badly when you crashed into the bookshelf so you might have lost some of your memory. You broke your head and the school nurse bandaged it for you so I want you to show that injury to your mom here. ” The chancellor explained.

”But I don have any head injury. ” Adele retorted. The vice chancellor was beginning to get irritated.

”Nina and Rejoice, please show your injuries to your parents. ”

”What injuries are you talking about? ” They asked in unison and the chancellor took a deep breath to calm herself down. Were these girls trying to mess with her?

”You both had burn injuries on your wrists and ankles, I want you guys to show that injury to your parents. ”

”You all think Im lying, wait Ill prove it to you, ” Adele said and unwrapped the bandage and showed her head to her mom.

Her mom checked her head but there was no injury. The chancellor got up and had a look, she found nothing. She gestured to the other girls to unwrap their bandages and they did and there was no sign of injuries on their wrists or ankles. The chancellor was confused.

Aida and Kehlani were as confused as the chancellor. Where were all the injuries that they had seen?

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