”Someone please explain to me what is going on here. ” Ninas father said.

”We need to know why the chancellor would call us that our children are injured when in fact they are alright. ”Rejoices Mum added.

”Even I don understand what is going on here. ” The chancellor furrowed her brows as she took her seat. ”I had walked into the class and I saw Adele under piles of books and these other two were writhing in pain on the floor from being burnt by God knows what. So I don understand why there isn any sign of injuries on their bodies. ”

”I have something to say, ” Adele said drawing everyones attention to her as they were eager to get answers to their questions. ”Aida never physically assaulted us or hurt us in any way. We were the ones who continued to bother her every day. She confessed. We devised this scheme to blackmail both of them and get them punished after Kehlani humiliated us in front of the entire class. ”

Aida looked as bewildered as Kehlani as they exchanged glances. Their confusion heightened when they heard what Adele said. She wasn someone who would openly accept defeat neither was she someone who would own up to her mistakes. So why was she acting this way? Aida had a staunch feeling that her mom had something to do with the way Adele and the girls were acting.

”Chancellor, I had come to you so many times with complaints that my daughter was been bullied by some students but youd always tell me that I shouldn worry, you would take care of it. I didn want my daughter walking about with security because I felt school is a safe and conducive place for learning, I guess I was deceiving myself. The bullying worsened with each passing day and I wanted to file a case against these students but you begged me not to. These students accused my daughter of a crime she never committed and you just believed them. ” Lupita banged her fist on the desk angrily startling everyone.

”Mrs. Lupita, I am so sorry and I apologize on behalf of these students, I assure you that they will be severely punished for their misdeeds. ” The chancellor said to pacify Lupita. ”Adele Davidson, Nina Alexander, and Rejoice Roberts you three are hereby expelled from the Bright university and you are to leave the school premises at once. ” The chancellor announced.

”Rejoice, can you see where walking in the company of bad friends has landed you? ” Rejoice mum scolded her. ”I warned you severally that Adele is a bad influence but you wouldn listen, ”

”Don you dare insult my daughter? ” Mrs. Davidson came to her daughters defense. ”Your daughter was the one who led my daughter astray. ”

”You have no right whatsoever to say such a thing. ” Ninas mom fired back. ”We all know who is the bad egg here and it is neither Nina nor Rejoice. ”

”Chancellor, you can expel my daughter, she has done nothing wrong. Adele is a sweet and innocent girl who would never do such a thing. ” Mrs. Davidson tried to reason with the chancellor.

”Mrs. Davidson, you must be joking. ” Lupita got up from her seat and turned to face Mrs. Davidson. ”A popular maxim says An apple doesn fall far from the tree, now I see where your daughter got her bad character from. ” she hissed. ”A few months back, you made headlines. Lucia Davidson, the wife of the famous oil magnate, was charged to court for brutally assaulting two female staff because she thought they were having an affair with her husband. ”

”Lupita! ”

”Don you dare call my name with that filthy mouth of yours, I could have your daughter thrown behind bars for what she has done, so don push me, ” Lupita warned her? ”You should have utilized those times you had wasted chasing after those innocent women to instill good values in your daughter, if you had done so you wouldn be receiving her expulsion letter. ”

”Mrs. Davidson, I see no point in you arguing. Your daughter has owned up to her mistake. I suggest you do so too. ” The chancellor said handing her the expulsion letter. ”Mrs. Davidson, I advise you to take her home and have a chat with her. It might be that something is bothering her which Is why she is taking it out on her peers. ”

”Don tell me how to raise my daughter. ” She snatched the envelope. ”Good day. ” Mrs. Davidson grabbed Adele by the arm and dragged her out of the office.

”We shall take our leave now. Come on girls lets go home. ” She beckoned unto Aida and Kehlani. ”Thank you, Chancellor, I hope you keep to your promise, I don want a similar issue to bring me here again. ”

”Don worry Mrs. Lupita, Ill take care of everything and I mean it this time. ” The chancellor assured her.

Lupita grabbed her bag and left the office with Aida and Kehlani following suit. The driver was waiting by the car and he opened the door. They got into the car and he gently closed the door and then hurried into the car and started the engine then drove out of the school premises.

Lupita smiled inwardly. Earlier on, while she was having a meeting with her shareholders she noticed a change in the weather. She had initially ignored it, but the rumbling of thunder and the lightning bolts were enough evidence that the chosen one had become enraged. The chancellors incessant calls also confirmed her suspicions.

When she saw those injured girls and Aida, she needed no soothsayer to tell what had transpired. She knew she had to do something. Lupita used her healing spell to heal all their injuries and used a spell to wipe every memory they has about what had transpired in the classroom. She patted herself for coming up with such a brilliant plan. She had sworn to protect Aida no matter the costs and she was going to do just that.

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