Her eyes shutters as she was trying to comprehend things. Her lonely lifeless eyes stared at the creature whom she didn recognize. The burning sensation that was caused by the flame of the torch was blinding and irritating her. Suddenly, her killer instinct kicked in. Just like the other insects and pests whom Bal associated with for the last nineteen years of her life, she quickly crawled to the dirty floor and squick furiously. She was acting like a rat that ran around and angrily jump and hissed trying to protect herself from the sudden intruders.

”Everyone! Back down! ” the man in the torch yelled to his fellow warrior who was ready to advance. But when some of them saw her, they ran like a coward chicken. She tilted her head upon seeing their reaction. She was afraid, yet she was wondering why this weird creature looks terrified than her. They looks weird in her sight for they didn crawl or lick themselves. Thinking that they might be here to play with her, her mood quickly became elated.

”Call Alpha Kaylon. For I didn know what to do with this strange creature. ” The mans brows furrowed as he was trying to figure out what he was looking at. He was looking at her full of disgust because of her boney and ugly appearance. Her dirty long curly hair that was covered with hardened mud looked heavier than her body. Even her prominent cheekbone was showing that resembles the face of a bat.

”Hisss! ” She couldn help but greet him. She extended her little hand which was protected with heavy sharp slightly curved dirty nails. She was anticipating for a nose rub to rub but she didn expect his visitors response.

”D*mn! ” He jumped again trying to avoid the creatures deadly yet brittle claws. Who would have thought that the huge and brave warrior was afraid to get his skin scratched? He tried to swallow the built-up saliva in his mouth for if he won do it, he will shamelessly puke anytime. They were suffering not just about her looks but also because of her scorching smell.

”D*nm, bro. This creature looks so horrifying than the ugly creatures I fought before! Even disgustingly smelly the cats poop, ” the other man yelled as he was trying to scare her with the torch.

”I wish I could compel that beast right now, ” someone says before peeking at her again.

”You aren a vampire, bro. So you wish. Only Alpha Kaylon could do that, ” said the elegant one while leaning on the old dusty wall. The stairs are a little small for them which resulted in them, squeezing each other.

”I should go out so you can all have a bigger space. ”

”Shut up! Keep watching and stop being a coward. Min will be here anytime soon, ” said the leader and tap his mans shoulder.

Bal unintentionally smiled because she was entertained by the way they were acting. She could compare them to her mouse friend who always brings her some rotten animal flesh so she could feed. And playing around to keep her entertained.

Being undeniably extra happy after a long-long time, Bal took the magots rotten meat and tried to hand them the portion of her meal. She smiled again showing off her black and heavy tart teeth. She then tilted her head flapping her long dried eyelashes.

”Oh, God! ”

”I can no longer hold it! ” The mans face was turning red as his last meal was pouring out of his mouth. He could even hardly speak trying to catch his breath. He was trying to shoo her away while banging his chest.

”Ah! God! D*mn! ” All the three of them screamed while looking at her with wide eyes.

Bal put the rotten meat on the floor just next to them and started to lick the mans puke. Her face lit up and formed a satisfied smile upon tasting the mans puke.

”Oh! God! I can no longer stand it, ” said the big man and quickly rushed outside leaving the heavy wooden door with a metal frame, ajar.

While their leader is running away, the two guys exchange glances and also ran outside as fast as they could.

On the other hand. Bal who was in a curious state slowly stood up trying to mimic her visitors act. When she realized that she could do it too, she was ecstatic! She walked around and couldn believe her eyes that she discovered a new way of moving aside from crawling. She even stomped on the floor and was grateful to them. She wanted to say thank you. So she sits on the floor and was waiting for them to come back. But to her dismay, she can no longer sense or smell them.

She became agitated and confused. Wondering if she didn treat them well. So she slowly got up and curiously hold unto the wooden door when she saw the dead torch on the floor left unattended. Bal remembers that this was the stuff that caused her eyes to be badly hurting earlier. And without a word, she angrily stepped on it until it was fully destroyed. Then she smiled in satisfaction thinking that it will no longer hurt her, and also her friends.

But when she looked up, she could see a distinct light that is coming from a distance. She quickly hid at the door and slowly look at it again checking out if the light is still there.

Her eyes lit up while being curious about it. Just like a curious animal, Bal slowly approaches the light while holding and dragging her heavy hair. She moved her feet one step at a time on the stairs that leads her up to the top. In an instant, Bal shivered. She subconsciously covers her eyes and began running aimlessly while both of her eyes are still firmly closed. She could feel her toenails were broken while still quickly running from the ground that she finds interesting.

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